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Occupy Broadway

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And today finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 77. And Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together are still moving fast. And on this day also finds itself as Occupy Broadway to be found in that city of New York on that Street of 50th and Broadway in Times Square. And I know that today is Occupy Broadway because this Occupy Broadway Facebook event invite and that Occupy Broadway website says so. And that facebook event invite and website reads something like:

On Dec 2nd at 6pm, hundreds of performers and artists will occupy a privately owned public space in Times Square with 24 hours of non-stop free performances.

On December 2, 2011 New York artists will introduce tourists and New Yorkers going to Broadway shows or shopping themselves into debt to the idea of occupation as CREATIVE resistance with non-stop free performances. We will set up in a privately owned public space (POPS) near Times Square, turning once blandified space into a space for cultural production.


6pm Rude Mechanical Orchestra Meet at Duffy Square and lead to location

6pm-7pm carnival performers for opening ceremonies- Kate Brehm puff on stilts, magician, hoopers, Juggler unicyclist, clowns

6pm-7pm Ben Shepard MC Welcome, manifesto, First Amendment

6pm-7pm Reverend Billy sermon

ongoing from 7:00 PM WashMachine Productions


7:15 PM The Civilians

7:30 PM The NY Labor Chorus

7:45 PM Penny Arcade

8:00 PM Dzieci

8:30 PM Five minute song interlude- Beau Borrero

8:35 PM Hungry March Band

9:00 PM HERE Arts Center/ Kristin Marting/ Jenny romaine MC

8-10 or 10-12 TBD short pieces Adam Ende Puppetry

9:30 PM Urban Research Theater company

9:30 PM tiana hemlock 7 min dance

9:50 PM Great Small Works

10:10 PM Jay stolar

10:30 PM The Living Theater

11:00 PM Bread and Puppet Theater/ Reno MC

11:30 PM jandthe9s

12:00 AM Mike Daisey

12:30 AM Kenny Wollesen’s Sonic Massage

1:00 AM Dramatic Karaoke

1:00 AM Descent Artists- Gravity

1:30 AM Jesse Ricke 5min, UZIMON 10min, Tent Peg Theater 20min

2:00 AM Corporate Scary ghost stories

3am-5am The People Staged

5am- sunrise Kim Fraczek and tango dancers at dawn

7:30 AM Consensus Dance Jazzercise

8:00 AM OWS Puppet Guild

8:30AM reed mcgowan puppets

9:00 AM Open mic/ peoples staged

9:30 AM General Assembly

10:00 AM Aaron Landsman from Elevator Repair Service

10:30 AM Project Girl performance

10:30 AM Antigone

11:00 AM Tony Torn Family Show!

11:30 AM Radical Faeries and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence morning ritual

12:00 PM Music Working Group

1:00 PM Kathleen Chalfant and Elliot Crown

1:10 PM Marina Tsaplina solo

1:20 PM Elliot Crown – Occupy Clown show (w/Marina, Mike deSeve, Elliot)

1:30 PM Marionette -Cosmic Bicycle Theater

1:30 PM Lopi LeRoe’s student Debt performance piece

2:00 PM The Yes Men


2:30 PM Iron Falcon

3:00 PM The Big Bank – A Musical

3:20 PM Adam Rapp one act and 10 min plays

4:00 PM Heelz on wheelz

4:15 PM April Yvette Thompson, Jessica Blank

4:30 PM Carlo Alban/Spanish songs-juggling

5:00 PM Judith Sloan, Yo Miss!

5:20 PM Yolanda Kay, Neo-Futurists

5:40 PM grand finale!Rocha dance/ Church of Stop Shopping sing the First Amendment

6:00PM END!

Occupy Wall Street art and performance worldwide.

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An East Village Story

Hey Bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. The Villager, that local newspaper to be found in that neighborhood of the Lower East Side now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe, has an article in this weeks newspaper titled “New blog on block as N.Y.U., Times, team to get hyper”. And I know that article is in this weeks paper because that copy of that newspaper I got out of one of those yellow boxes on the street corner in that East Village neighborhood says so. And this article goes on to say something about the gentrification and genocide of that neighborhood the East Village, which seems as if it could be a reflection of a gentrification and changing of times around the globe maybe. And they say the only thing constant is change. And New York and beyond is ever changing. And so gone are the days of long lore ago from that squat or rot, bohemiaville, live free or die, anarchy, John The Communist and his save the word banners, Tompkins Square Park riots to save the world everywhere days from a seemingly war torn zone for freedomsville era of the East Village to what now seems as if it has become the era of hipsterville chi chi cafeboutiqueville, gentrification genocide of rent increases to where even the yuppies can’t afford the rents anymore, socialmediaholics, cellphoneaholics, computerholics everywhere days. And this article goes on again to say something about that web 2.0 social media user generated content phenomenon to where it now seems as if everyone, or at least every other person has one of those blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube pages, MySpace pages, Twitter pages, MyFace, MyPlace, SpaceBook, SpaceFace, SpacePlace, MyBook websites and so on and so on and so on. And so welcome to the world of high tech technology and internet everything, so much that these days and times seems as if it could be the generation of the ten second attention span of me, me and more media overload with all of these social media and communications advances. And maybe it could be that video killed the radio star who killed the television star, who killed the cassette tape star, who killed the CD Star, who killed the eight track star, who killed the VHS star, who killed the vinyl records star, who killed the I am not sure what the latest invention of popular culture communications device will be next star thing. And so back to that East Villager Newspaper article. And this article went on to say something like New York University, that University that seems to own all of New York, is starting a blog to be called the Local: East Village, or LEV with the New York Times, and that NYU told those bloggers Bob Arihood, John Penley, Clayton Patterson, Eden Brower, EV Grieve, as in East Village Grieve and other people from that neighborhood the East Village so. And this article also goes on to say that some of those people from that neighborhood are not so keen on this idea of New York University and the New York Times starting a blog to cover that news of the East Village for some reason or another, or something like that. And I guess maybe this has something to do with journalism, gentrificationicide and beyond, maybe. And those NYU students are to maintain this blog. And so welcome to the world of the blah blogosphere cyberworld where the list of blogs seems as if it can become a bazillion blaghs bloggers and more endless. And what was the world like before the invention of cyberworld. Have a great web 2.0 social media user generated content blogging day.

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Time Out New York Style

And on this day finds itself another one of those Sundays that has rolled around. That day of rest, the Sabbath. Or is that Saturday. And yet I find myself blah blogging away in my blogaholicness for some reason or another. And Time Out New York, that really cool all New York all the time magazine, has a really cool issue titled Most Stylish New Yorkers in their last weeks edition. I know, because that copy of it I came across says so. And it seems to be a stylish and coloforul tabloid like fashion plate of people around town dressed up in fashion statements indeed. So much, that I thought to blah blog about it on this blog. And in particular somewhere on page twelve through page twenty six or something, there they are, or at least most of them are according to Time Out New York. The stylish New Yorkers of Eleanor Friedberger, the musician in the Fiery Furnaces, Rio, financial analyst, Starrett Zenko, marketing director for Jonathan Adler, Victor Vazquez, musician in Das Racist, Elizabeth Spiridakis, style blogger, Ill Will, actor, artist, promoter and member of the Retro Kidz, Miss Frankie Rose, musician, Kid Cudi, musician, actor, vampire, Jeralyn Gerba, Daily Candy editor, Cale Parks, musician, Zewiditu Jewel, blogger, student and store owner, Michael Macko, fashion consultant, Chuck Guarino, proprietor and designer for TheCast, Cheryl, disco shamans, Christian Joy, costumer-fashion designer, Coco, makeup artist, Heidi Rosenau, head of PR for a museum, Shien Lee, founder-event producer for Dances of Vice, Josh Peskowitz, freelance editor, writer, stylist and consultant, Jared Joseph, actor in Dreamgirls, Golden Triangle, Brooklyn Band, Frank Tell, fashion designer, Robert James, owner, designer and creative director of By Robert James, Mary “MZ.Skittles” Seats, rapper-singer, student, fashion guru and stylist, Ryan Turner, menswear designer, Ouigi! “The Bearded Man” Theodore, DJ Cassidy, DJ and producer, Rajni Lucienne Jacques, fashion features editor at Nylon, Justin Reese, Topman sales adviser, Kelly Framel, stylist, jewelry designer and fashion blogger, Leah Taylor, managing editor of Flavorpill New York, Ruben Sanz Ramiro, sommelier,Jessica Delfino, twisted minstrel and subversive artsy lady, Louise Ingalls Sturges, photographer, painter, blogger and vintage vendor, Cats Mcdaid-Kelly, M.F.A. student at Parsons, Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein, fashion designers for Timo Weiland and a host of about fifteen or so other most stylish New Yorkers dressed up or down stylish. And sometimes that city of New York seems as if it can be all about fashion, style, trends and more style, fashion and trends. Have a great fashion Sunday day.

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The Buskers

Hey Bloggers, and I have been reading and hearing about buskers and the best of the buskers lately. Maybe it’s because those friends I know of play underground as part of that Music Under New York Program, or maybe it could be because a lot of those busker websites such as The Saw Lady or that blog that seems to devote itself to all busking all the time Undercover New York or maybe even because The Naked Cowboy, another one of those buskers, is running for Mayor. And for those of you who happen to be wondering what busking even is, that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia says it has something to do with the practice of performing in public places for tips and gratuities. People engaging in this practice are called buskers or street performers, and also that the word busking derives its name from the Spanish root word buscar, meaning “to seek, to look at”. And Wikipedia has this list of famous buskers such as Joan Baez, Edith Piaf, Roni Benise, The Blue Man Group, Pierce Brosnan, Jimmy Buffett, George Burns, Cirque du Soleil, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Stephane Grappelli, Woody Guthrie, Bob Hope, Jewel, Steve Martin, Joni Mitchell, Jimmy Page, Penn and Teller, Gerry Rafferty, Simon and Garfunkel, Pete Seger, Rod Stewart, Joe Strummer, Stomp, and Robin Williams. And in addition to that Wikipedia list there seems to be many busking bands and performers to be found in that city of New York and beyond that go by the names of Dagmar, Theo Eastwind, Natalia Paruz, Susan Cagle, The Jazz Collective, Yaz Band, Thoth, Quintet Tarantino, The Collins Huggins Show, The Xylopholks, those horns under ground, The Positive Brothers, Tin Pan Blues Band, Yogi Laser and the list is long and beyond. And so I thought to post a photo of one of those busking bands in New York City above. Have a great busking day.
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A Grate Performance

And so I found myself at Times Square this past Memorial Day weekend listening to their “Grate Performers – Best of the Buskers” entertainment series of The Underground Horns, The Colin Huggins Show, Xylopholks, NYC Transformerz, some serious break dancers with a gymnastic ability worthy of the Olympics themselves and other buskers who were busking away and entertaining indeed. And what a theater district, street fair and festival that was to behold indeed in all of its neon lights and glory. And that entertainment series of musicians, magicians, dancers, singers and other performance artists is coming and is here this summer to the new Father Duffy Square, 46th and Broadway at the Crossroads of the World in the Great White Way of that city of New York. And Times Square is going green, it’s the new thing with its Green Light for Midtown program and will be closed to vehicle traffic, seemingly a first in history as far as I can remember in my New York Days. And the Naked Cowboy was and seemingly is there in all of his Naked Cowboy, boots and guitar glory. And a fixture he can be as synonymous with the name of Times Square itself these days and times. And lo and behold what a sight to behold, the sight of seemingly an oasis beach complete with lounge chairs and palm trees, all in the middle of the street of Broadway between Times Square and Herald Square with its car free pedestrian walkway plaza. And that pedestrian plazas will be having events and concerts throughout the summer. And so I thought to post that photo and video above of that busking above ground and under ground band The Underground Horns on that Memorial Day and at the Times Square Promenade. And that music, hot dogs and free bar b que ribs rocked that day of a memorial. Have a great Times Square day.

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North Side

Hey Bloggers, and that North Side Festival is happening this year. I know because that ad I took out of this weeks Village Voice so that I can have something to blah blog about says so. And this festival is four days of music and art in Brooklyn June 11-14. And one can know the weather is getting warmer when outdoor music festivals, upon music festivals upon more music festivals arise. And so another music festival in that City of New York has arrived. And oh, you can friend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter also if you happen to find yourself as one of those twitterholics these days and times during that web 2.0 user generated content era. And so back to that music festival again, according to this Village Voice ad, some of their performers include Sunset Rubdown, The Hold Steady, The Dodos, Bishop Allen, Brightblack, Morning Light, The Vivian Girls, O Death, and lots, lots more performing at those Brooklyn venues of Zebulon , Rose Live Music , The Knitting Factory, Black Betty, Europa, Union Pool, Glasslands , Monkeytown, Studio B, Public Assembly, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Pete’s Candy Store and more. And according to this Village Voice ad again, there will be showcases curated by Brooklyn Vegan, KEXP, Insound WFUV, French Kiss Records, Sound Fix Records, Gothamist and more. And according to that North Side Festival website, Free Williamsburg,, Nublu Records, Music Snobbery, Eclipse Booking, 1928 Recordings, record labels, radio stations, independent promoters and more music musicers will be having music showcases as part of this event as well. And this festival North Side Festival Rocks. Have a great music festival day.
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Make Music New York

And Make Music New York is happening again this year. I know because that email they sent titled “Make Music New York is Back, Register now to participate” or something like that says so. And according to their website, Make Music New York is described by city officials as “One of the largest musical events in the city’s history,” returns for a third year of free concerts in public spaces throughout the five boroughs of New York City, all on Sunday, June 21st the first day of summer. MMNY takes place simultaneously with similar festivities in more than 327 cities around the world, a global celebration of music making. From 11 in the morning to 10 at night, musicians of all ages,creeds, and musical persuasions, from hip hop to opera, Latin jazz to punk rock, perform on streets, sidewalks, stoops, plazas, cemeteries, parks and gardens. From high school bands to marquee names, MMNY is open to anyone who wants to take part, enjoyed by everyone who wants to attend. And so I thought to sign up again to perform No Police State Girl’s No Police State song in some garden in the East Village as part of this years event. And whether anyone will come to hear that No Police State song, who knows. And some of those other performers that are listed on the Make Music New York website so far include Bluegrass & Beyond, Harry Lime, Koby Hayon Trio, Gospel City, Mass Appeal: Free Jazz Saxophonists, Bob Wright and Harbortown, Elissa Weiss, chantilly, They Gypsy, Eula, Serge Negri, Ian Rock, Benicio and the Del Toros, Oxygen Mobile Unit, The Jazz Collective, Open Music Ensemble, an open jam with Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Mayumi and friends Yazband, Straphangers, Iconicide, Jonathan Houghton, The High Lows, Any Day Parde, Sarah Riley, Urban Sun, Bowery Poetry Club Follies, at venues like LaGuardia Corner Gardens, Sara Roosevelt Park, Charlie Parker Residence, Staten Island Museum Courtyard, City Hall Park, Astoria Park, Flushing Farms, Central Park Great Hill, goodbye blue monday, Cafe Orwell, C-Town Food Store, Heavenly Crumbs Boutique Bakery, Aperitivo Cafe, Battery Park, Christopher Street, Bedford Avenue, Duane Park, Sheridan Square Garden, Dyker Park, Orchard Beach, Dante Park, LIttle Italy, Frederick Douglass Playground, Seward Park, Tribeca Park, pommes frites, Dias, y Flores COmmunity Garden, Punk Island, Think Coffee, Brooklyn Historical Society, Bushwick Music Studios, Bowery Poetry Club and many, many more performers and venues to come before that schedule is filled up. And this event seems to rock citywide on this day. Have a great Make Music New York day.

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14th and 1st

Hey Bloggers, or anyone who happens to be in that neighborhood of the East Village in that city of New York around that street of 14th street and 1st Ave, whats up with 14th and 1st? What’s up with those policy officers who have seemingly appeared out of nowhere on horseback just standing there, I mean sitting there on some horses, five in a row, right there in the middle of the street, well, not exactly the middle of the street, though the intersection of the street to be seen for all to see on display indeed. And where did that big NYPD New York Police Department policy bus with the words “Command Unit”, or was it “Communications Division” appear out of nowhere. And this is the sight I beheld yesterday. And are those official office officers there today? I am not exactly sure. And so I asked these officers, as I assume a lot of other passerbys did yesterday also, “Why are you here?”, and that answer was something like “Oh, this famous actor is filming a scene around the corner and we’re in it…”, “So you are actors?”, the response was, “Yeah, the response was again”. And so in my questioness I just thought to ask that other official officianiating officer two horses down, “So, why are you here, are you actors part of a film?”, “Film, what film, we’re just doing patrol”. “Oh, so its a police state for the people?”. And so I found myself continuing on my way before this conversation went where I preferred it not to. And what are, were those barricades for at that intersection of fourteenth and first ave in that neighborhood of the East Village in that city of New York, where I find myself wandering every so often there for yesterday and maybe today I am not sure. And what is that “Mounting Unit” bus for those horses doing on that street around the corner from that intersection of 14th and 1st in that city of New York. Is someone expecting a parade, a riot, to intimidate a passerby? Is this all reality or a scene from some film. And so those passerbys continued to gawk at this spectacle in that intersection of fourteenth and first for all passing by to see and gawk at, and take photos of with ones portable camera as if a tourist, those portable cameras that have become a fixture of everyday life with the invention of technology. And are those command post people there at this moment I find myself blah blogging away. And what is a post to be commanded. And who is officer friendly anyway. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Rivington Street

What happened to Rivington Street and how long have I been gone that this street where I cross Delancey has changed so fast from neighborhood mom and pop stores to the chi shi cafe, bar and lounge scene that it now appears to be. And the articles on gentrification in New York must be endless by now, to where the yuppies, or is it young urban professionals, can’t even afford the rent. And does this street reflect the state of New York and the rest of the world when it comes to gentrification and genocide with its population and change of real estate scenery. And I want to say some sort of prayer in memory of for this street in the Lower East Side of that City of New York. As this street looks like a wrecking ball has went through it within the past day or seemingly a week. And every decade in New York seems to have its era when it comes to real estate. And that apartment from 1960 that was $160.00 is now $1,600.00. And the 99. cents stores are now $9.99 cents stores. And there are now skyscrapers where nothing has stood before. And places where farmland once stood, are now concrete jungles. It is no longer the year 1800 anymore. And there seems to be what seems like boat loads of people to accompany this genocide change of scenery in the real estate development scene. And what is genocide anyway? And the only thing constant is change. And is the world overpopulated with that j bell curve thing, to where there are now 6.66 billion people on planet earth and the population is expected to double in the next twenty years or something like that, resulting in urban sprawl and over development. And what is urban sprawl anyway? Is that a whole another blog entry. And so I thought to post this poem:

Long Live the Lower East Side
Long Live The Revolution of the Pseudo Anarchist Hippy Bohemian Squatter Revolutionary Lower East Side In Alphabet City where God Bless America becomes God F.. America and red white and blue becomes red and black and where the capitalist capitalize off the capitalism of the capital.
With your gentrified glorified tenements and artists coffee lounge lounges riddled with the blood of the long lost past that had the horses running through it, the pigs running round it, and the helicopters hoovering over it. The bandshell that stood as a symbol of freedom for all long torn down, lost and forgotten. NO POLICE STATE, NO HOUSING NO PEACE, F.. THE CURFEW, FREE THE LAND, free that park, that park everywhere. Freedom and utopia a thing of the past.
So now in Alphabet City I walk down your streets conformed to the conformity of the conformed and the conformist. Class War Class War on the poor run into the river and running to the river.
Flight of fight, sink or swim. Can you swim or will you die. Your skeletons of the war torn survivors walking the streets, your ghosts and their spirits scattered abroad and the ashes of your people who have come and gone in the struggle, of the struggle, from the struggle and the ashes of your people some dead some alive and some who have survived to shed their blood and skin and to tell the tale and conform to this thing called conformity.
Yeah, first it was them and then it was me. Whose gonna be left when big brother comes. Naked I have come from my mothers womb and naked shall I return thither to the dust where I come from.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Long Live the Lower East Side.

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New York


I’ve been reading enough about those Con Edison manhole covers and steam pipe explosions and electric surges in the papers lately enough to make me not want to walk around the streets of New York City and its aging infrastructure. And that’s not including all of the other hazards of walking around the streets of New York, like falling through grates or something falling out of the sky. I see the steam from miles away sometimes coming up through those orange cones in the middle of the street and of course I walk around them. But how many manhole covers can one dodge just to get around town. Life can be like the lottery sometimes. Hey, you never know. Have a great day.

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