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A Grate Performance

And so I found myself at Times Square this past Memorial Day weekend listening to their “Grate Performers – Best of the Buskers” entertainment series of The Underground Horns, The Colin Huggins Show, Xylopholks, NYC Transformerz, some serious break dancers with a gymnastic ability worthy of the Olympics themselves and other buskers who were busking away and entertaining indeed. And what a theater district, street fair and festival that was to behold indeed in all of its neon lights and glory. And that entertainment series of musicians, magicians, dancers, singers and other performance artists is coming and is here this summer to the new Father Duffy Square, 46th and Broadway at the Crossroads of the World in the Great White Way of that city of New York. And Times Square is going green, it’s the new thing with its Green Light for Midtown program and will be closed to vehicle traffic, seemingly a first in history as far as I can remember in my New York Days. And the Naked Cowboy was and seemingly is there in all of his Naked Cowboy, boots and guitar glory. And a fixture he can be as synonymous with the name of Times Square itself these days and times. And lo and behold what a sight to behold, the sight of seemingly an oasis beach complete with lounge chairs and palm trees, all in the middle of the street of Broadway between Times Square and Herald Square with its car free pedestrian walkway plaza. And that pedestrian plazas will be having events and concerts throughout the summer. And so I thought to post that photo and video above of that busking above ground and under ground band The Underground Horns on that Memorial Day and at the Times Square Promenade. And that music, hot dogs and free bar b que ribs rocked that day of a memorial. Have a great Times Square day.

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MTA polizei and musicians

Is the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority becoming the New York City Metropolitan Terrorizer Association? Can someone remove all of the NYC MTA polizei from the subway system? Can the NYC MTA just make its subway fares free? Can the MTA free its riders and its subway musicians from its system of harrassment? And those “If you see something say something” messages and random bag searches are a terrorize the people campaign in itself. Yesterday I learned that now I should attend this Saturdays April 14th Earth Day event, the National Day of Climate action, http://stepitup2007.org just to help protect my friends saxophone in case the MTA polizei policy issue my friends a summons for playing their music in the subway. The National Day of Climate Action will be rallies and gatherings across the country to call for action on global warming and climate change and MUNY joins the National Day of Climate Action in a marathon concert at Times Square from 10am to 6pm, celebrating mass transit as a major solution to reducing carbon emissions and I should be there to help save their horns from becoming a New York City subway statistic. Since when did my job become horn saver? My friend Welf, from the Underground Horns , a brass band, performs with “Drumadics”, drummers. They have been playing their music in scheduled weekly performances as part of the MTA Arts for Transit/Music Under New York, http://mta.info/mta/aft series . Their music is fun and spiritual. And there is this policy officerial who keeps shutting them down with his volumnmeter who has now threatened to issue them a summons the next time they show up to play which would be this Saturday as part of the April 14th Earth Day Event at the Times Square subway station. So what does one do? Maybe subway musicians get complaints and get tossed out of the subway all of the time. Can one not tolerate art? What ever happened to freedom of speech? Since when did art and music in public spaces become a crime?
For more information about these musicians, you can view the Underground Horns YouTube video at http://concretebeat.blogspot.com , and the Drumadics page at http://myspace.com/drumadics .
And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Happy Earth Day. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.