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Day of the Earth Again

Some stories do not end as you expect and the only thing constant is change. And so I find myself posting this earth day post again that was posted on this blog some time a while ago. Happy day of the earth.

And on this day finds itself to be Sunday, that day of the sun that has rolled around again in the week of seven days here on planet earth. Sunday, that day of rest, that day of god. Or is that Saturday, the sabbath. And yet I find myself blah blogging again on this blog again for some reason. And so the following is one of those posts that was written on this blog some time a while ago and posted on my other blog last week or that finds itself on this blog again form some reason. As my attempt to maintain more than one blog wants to confuse me sometimes:

And so it must be earth day again this year, I know because all of those headlines on this day says so. And how long has this day been around on the calendar anyway I am wondering, as is this some new invention go to along with the go green it’s the new thing global warming climate change concept. And so what can I blah blog about this day that has not already been said. And so I thought to post something that I already could have posted about this day on my other blog, or at least about global warming because hey, it’s less writing sometimes when those holidays roll around each year as scheduled:

And it seems as if the world is spinning out of control these days and times when I look around me and turn on the news of the day. So much that I start to wonder about those top ten prophetic signs of the end of the world that I blah blogged about some time ago. And the world is ever changing, and the only thing constant is change. And then there is the mortgage meltdown crisis where half of America seems to be becoming homeless at the moment and homeless shelters, tents, shantytowns and soup kitchens are becoming overcrowded with working class people, and maybe squatting and squats may rise and come to life and everyone can be free and live off the land for free, and then there is the oil crisis, created by some creator and plundering the earth for more oil, and the impending doom of the stock market down jones bear market economy collapse crisis, and the depression recession era, and the United States dollar and Uncle Scam going broke with the European Union, and the ecosystem collapse crisis, and the bees that are dying, the bats that are dying, the fish that are disappearing and whole species of animals dying off crisis, and then the corn is disappearing, the rice is disappearing, and food prices are increasing, and food is disappearing and the weather is extreme, floods are flooding, wildfires are firing and earthquakes are quaking. And then there is global warming, the go green it’s the new thing thing and climate change. And there are famines, and wars, and nations against nations, and kings against kings, and guns are the worst invention of an industry ever, and there could be way too many people on planet earth, and the population is projected to double and go straight up in twenty years or something with that j bell curve thing. Is the earth running out of space for humanity yet? And who are those survival plan survivalist people. And technology is ever advancing. And who or what is Sodom and Gomorrah. And could this be the story of the rise and fall of a nation or the world or something, or anything. And is this just the beginning of birth pains? Is the end yet to come, if ever? What days and times are we on planet mother earth living in. What does the future hold, is there hope for the world. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

and this one…….

An Auto Bailout

So what’s that thing that has been in the news a lot lately that along with the economy and the Wall Street stock market exchange seemingly going out of business and having one of those everything must go sales, the three big automakers of Ford, general Motors and I forget the other one, is it Chrysler, are asking for bailout of their debt in I guess the latest of companies to succumb to the domino effect of businesses that seem as if they want to go out of business. And I guess they are asking for a bailout to basically make more cars. And isn’t the world already chocked on enough cars already. Shouldn’t those automakers see this as a sign to stop making cars that seem to be speeding up global warming, climate change and 2012 on track with their carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions. And those auto maker employers who are having sit ins from being layed off as a result of this going out of business sale, can’t they just be given severance pay and the automobile industry close down altogether or switch to environmentally clean fuel such as electric, solar or other alternatives fuels sources that are not contributing to the war for oil, oil and more oil. Isn’t it possible to just recycle cars and automobiles, as it may look cool to have a bunch of retro looking cars on the road these days from eras of days past ago. Wouldn’t it be safer for the environment for those oil guzzling automobiles to just disappear. And those presidential policies in that country of America seem all the same as if the demoncratics seem to be speaking the language of the republicans who seem to speak the language of the state, and the state of what I am not exactly sure. Isn’t it possible to help save planet mother earth instead of asking for more money to harm it and the environment. Is another world possible. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

And this one…..

Plastic Nation

And I was watching this program called “Strange Days On Planet Earth” the other day, well actually the other month ago on Channel 13 and it was very interesting as their programs usually are. And I tried to take notes for this program to post on my blog in my blogaholicness and those notes became something of a garbled gibberish without complete sentences like this: human contaminants along the coast, coral reefs disappearing, the Sonate underground rivers from the Mayas are disappearing. From the human population trash is getting dumped and releasing pollution from a world of concrete and steel. Protect the rivers, save planet mother earth. The stripped bass are sick with lesions, humans are trashing the planet, the coral reefs are turning pale, fish are being found with bacteria, the sea gulls are starving to death. From overpopulation, action creates reaction. Protect the coral reefs, developers are draining mangroves, the ocean is being over fished and the fish are disappearing. Save the fish, save the sea, save the water, save the planet. The ecosystem is all connected with global change. The restaurant industry and cater waiter dispose of tons of fish going down the drain and into the trash on a daily basis. The fish industry is over farming and depleting life in the ocean. There is global warming, the food chain and the ecosystem is out of balance, there is an ecoapocalypse of the bees, frogs, bats, rice and wheat dying. Maybe we should all stop eating fish to save the oceans and environment. And those stripped bass lesions could be the canary in the coal mine as stripped bass do not like warm waters where there is no oxygen creating stress on the body from chemical fertilizers washed into rivers. No oxygen waters become dead zones. Humanity becomes the enemy of the earth from chemical run off in streams from urban areas, water contamination, car auto oil, the Valdez Exxon oil spill from cars. Pollution is plaguing the seas with trash. Sea birds are dying from chemicals, albatross birds are dying from plastic trash and there is a plastic continent twice the size of Texas with a toilet bowl vortex effect somewhere out there in the middle of the ocean,a plastic soup that does not biodegrade or go away. The Albatross bird species are dying and disappearing from the plastic ocean and from plastic pellet food. One person produces 1500 pounds of plastic per year that finds its ways to the rivers, seas and oceans as the tide of the ocean reverses. And then there was that scary topic of plastics ill effects on human beings. Plastic actually leaches into the water and mimics estrogen in animals producing gender benders, reproduction and health problems amongst humanity. There is some poly carbon resin plastic hormone called phthalates, bisphenol A and BPA’s that are FDA approved and leach into the water pipes, containers that hold food, baby bottles and the like. And those chemicals get absorbed into our bodies. Now that is enough to make me not want to buy that plastic bottle of mile, water, juice and soda anymore. And what other container is there left then? It is a plastic poly carbon, hormone, time bomb in the genes of humanity and the Japanese do not use this phenol product. And then there is the ocean again,the heat and light causing coral reefs to bleach. lose their pigmentation and turn pale like the skeletons of the rainforest, trapping carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere,changing the chemistry of the sea water making it acidic to where nothing can live in it, which mimics and imitates the sea water of the blood of humanity as nothing can live in an acidic environment. And then there is that go green its the newest thing slogan of these days that asks one to make smart choices to protect planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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Go Green

The earth is on fire. Planet mother earth is dying. It is being pillaged and plundered. Antarctica is disappearing. The polar bears are floating away on ice. Global warming, the greenhouse effect, Babylon on fire, overpollution, overpopulation, overoilism, overconsumerism, overcapitalism, overeverything. Here is a Hopi Indian Prophecy: There will come a time when the Earth grows sick and when it does a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the world who believe in deed and not words. They will work to heal it…they will be known as the “Warriors of the Rainbow”. Go Green, it’s the newest thing. Let us shine together to make our earth more beautiful. Here’s wishing you a Happy Earth Day!

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MTA polizei and musicians

Is the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority becoming the New York City Metropolitan Terrorizer Association? Can someone remove all of the NYC MTA polizei from the subway system? Can the NYC MTA just make its subway fares free? Can the MTA free its riders and its subway musicians from its system of harrassment? And those “If you see something say something” messages and random bag searches are a terrorize the people campaign in itself. Yesterday I learned that now I should attend this Saturdays April 14th Earth Day event, the National Day of Climate action, just to help protect my friends saxophone in case the MTA polizei policy issue my friends a summons for playing their music in the subway. The National Day of Climate Action will be rallies and gatherings across the country to call for action on global warming and climate change and MUNY joins the National Day of Climate Action in a marathon concert at Times Square from 10am to 6pm, celebrating mass transit as a major solution to reducing carbon emissions and I should be there to help save their horns from becoming a New York City subway statistic. Since when did my job become horn saver? My friend Welf, from the Underground Horns , a brass band, performs with “Drumadics”, drummers. They have been playing their music in scheduled weekly performances as part of the MTA Arts for Transit/Music Under New York, series . Their music is fun and spiritual. And there is this policy officerial who keeps shutting them down with his volumnmeter who has now threatened to issue them a summons the next time they show up to play which would be this Saturday as part of the April 14th Earth Day Event at the Times Square subway station. So what does one do? Maybe subway musicians get complaints and get tossed out of the subway all of the time. Can one not tolerate art? What ever happened to freedom of speech? Since when did art and music in public spaces become a crime?
For more information about these musicians, you can view the Underground Horns YouTube video at , and the Drumadics page at .
And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Happy Earth Day. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.