East Village, New York, police

14th and 1st

Hey Bloggers, or anyone who happens to be in that neighborhood of the East Village in that city of New York around that street of 14th street and 1st Ave, whats up with 14th and 1st? What’s up with those policy officers who have seemingly appeared out of nowhere on horseback just standing there, I mean sitting there on some horses, five in a row, right there in the middle of the street, well, not exactly the middle of the street, though the intersection of the street to be seen for all to see on display indeed. And where did that big NYPD New York Police Department policy bus with the words “Command Unit”, or was it “Communications Division” appear out of nowhere. And this is the sight I beheld yesterday. And are those official office officers there today? I am not exactly sure. And so I asked these officers, as I assume a lot of other passerbys did yesterday also, “Why are you here?”, and that answer was something like “Oh, this famous actor is filming a scene around the corner and we’re in it…”, “So you are actors?”, the response was, “Yeah, the response was again”. And so in my questioness I just thought to ask that other official officianiating officer two horses down, “So, why are you here, are you actors part of a film?”, “Film, what film, we’re just doing patrol”. “Oh, so its a police state for the people?”. And so I found myself continuing on my way before this conversation went where I preferred it not to. And what are, were those barricades for at that intersection of fourteenth and first ave in that neighborhood of the East Village in that city of New York, where I find myself wandering every so often there for yesterday and maybe today I am not sure. And what is that “Mounting Unit” bus for those horses doing on that street around the corner from that intersection of 14th and 1st in that city of New York. Is someone expecting a parade, a riot, to intimidate a passerby? Is this all reality or a scene from some film. And so those passerbys continued to gawk at this spectacle in that intersection of fourteenth and first for all passing by to see and gawk at, and take photos of with ones portable camera as if a tourist, those portable cameras that have become a fixture of everyday life with the invention of technology. And are those command post people there at this moment I find myself blah blogging away. And what is a post to be commanded. And who is officer friendly anyway. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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11 thoughts on “14th and 1st

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    hi , Maybe the filming was use as an excuse i wasnt around but i do live in the lower east side and close by and i have seen a lot of new police movements gettting ready for the april 15th protests . The new york tea party it migth end being somethign you migth want to look in to see if this police movement was just getting rdy for it, who knows … – bayfin

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