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PROTEST! Art Exhibition

And so I came across this posting from another one of those blogs that finds itself in internetland…

And being that the title of this blog finds itself called Occupy Art that seemingly wants to support those Occupy Wall Street protests with all things Occupy Wall Street art, it seems fitting to mention on this blog that Theater for the New City will be having a “PROTEST!” art show, in addition, or at the same time, or before, or during our Occupy Art Show at Theater for the New City November 12th also. And we would like to invite you to view the “PROTEST!” art exhibition while you are at the Theater for the New City during the Occupy Art Show also. And that announcement for the “PROTEST!” art exhibition reads as follows:

Theater for the New City, Crystal Field, Executive Director, presents “PROTEST!” a visual arts exhibit curated by Carolyn Ratcliffe featuring the works of Artists:

Amy Cohen Banker , David Barish, Elliot Berke, Lois Carlo , Kathy Creutzburg, Carla Cubit, Dennis Edge, Lauren Edmond, Haim Elisha, Galante, Alan Gastelum, Susann Ferris-Jones, Randy Jones, Hieke Kerbs, Charles Krezell, Kathleen McDermott, Jerry Pagane, Carolyn Ratcliffe, Mike Rimbaud, Gene Reynolds, Bonnie Rosenstock, Morena Saenz, Suki Weston, Suzanne Wilde, Laura Zelasnic

The exhibit explores concepts and issues of Protest! in painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media and text. Demonstrations have spread across the globe as people demand changes – a refusal to accept the status quo of dictatorships, corporate greed and laying waste to the environment. Join us for our

Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 9th, 5:30-8pm

Dates: November 3-December 31, 2011

Gallery: M-S. 4-8 PM, Sun. 3-5pm (& is wheelchair accessible)

Address: 155 First Ave, New York, NY 10003

Public Transportation: Bus-M 8 &15; Subway: R, 6, F, & L

This program is made possible in part by public funds from The NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the New York City Council-(Many thanks to Rosie Mendez, NYC Councilperson)

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A Digable Arts Festival 2011

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And a 2011 Digable Arts Festival is happening in that city of Hoboken to be found in that state of New Jersey on October 15th-16th. And I know that 2011 Digable Arts Festival is happening because this facebook event says so. And according to those Digable Arts Festival postcards, Digable Arts Festival, Hobokens Independent Arts Festival is Celebrate! Observe! Interact! Dance! Dig… Art, Photography, Sculpture, Installations, Indoor & Outdoor Stages, Blacklight Art/DJ Room, Poetry, Jewelry, Crafts

The Digable Arts Festival is a Two-day Art Festival that takes place at the Monroe Center for the Arts at 720 More…Monroe Street in Hoboken, NJ.

The Digable Arts Festival will encompass the entire third floor fo the Monroe Center. The entire third floor will be converted into an art exhibition space, with a multitude or art installations.

The Exhibition will display all kinds of art, including: Visual Art, Theatrical Art, Live Mu…sic, Special poetry section, live music, live painting,

Participating artists include:
Louise Gale, Erica Resnick, Sarah Smith, Kurtis Watkins, Cara Christopher, Ceallaigh Pender, Jason Newcomb, Carla NPSG, Jonathan Fritz, Zofia Bogusz, Mani C. Price, Laura Gravenstine, Analiese Lee De Saw, Kate Hoos, Angela Pilgrim, Monica A. Chavarria, David John Calamoneri, Christian Vigoya, Jeanne Wilkinson, Sharla Hammond, Raemy Do, Susana Falconi, Michael McManus, Michael DiGiacinto, Chris Soria, Ashley Lucas,Valerie Vanone, Daniel K. Morteh, Courtney Averett, Nancy H Mace, Æres Vistaas,Jessica Nelson-Smith, Don Sichler, Sharon Harvey, Herman Martinez, Brittany James,Thomas Shelton, Stan Lindwasser, Andrea McKenna, Maribel Guerrero, Kaliptus Arts, Stephanie Guillen, Mike Lindwasser, Dogmatic Live Art, Alison Lazarus, Andrea Kroenig,Roslyn Rose, Mike Wolf, Grace Marquinhos, Tyler Mitter, Janice Ducate, Greyegg Rosemary Gonzalez, Daniel Michael Bertelli, Natalia Kadish and Uta Brauser.

Participating musicians include:
Eldad Tarmu, Cosmal, Sunflower and the Seeds, Raphael Carrasquillo, Kevin Spyker, Don Ryan, Waka Chan, Elephant Goes West, Cecilia Celeste, Dave Calamoneri, Ryan Iozzia, Christine Miller-Polselli, Ed Kaminetzer, Antoine Poncelet, Rob Nicholas,Jack thompson, Sylvana Joyce, The Micks, Khaled, Glen Coleman, Stacy and the Sky Walkers, Marc Gionatti, Anthony Daniels, and Jon D’Angelo

Sultana Maria Jewelry, Javiera Magaly

And that view of Hoboken and beyond that finds itself posted in those photos above, well it just seems to Hoboken Arts Festival Rock. Have a great Hoboken Digable Arts Festival day and more.
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A Lincoln Square Free Summer Concert

And so goes another one of those get rich internet quickless, blog your way to the bankless days that I have found myself blogging about lately every so often to where I find myself instead blah blogging about a Lincoln Square Free Summer Concert at Richard Tucker Park that I found myself attending on this blogger day. And some good friends were performing at this concert that I found myself at as in that photo and video above. And according to that flyer that was handed out at this Lincoln Square Free Summer Concert, this concert at Richard Tucker Park that is sponsored by Music Under New York and the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District takes place every Wednesday, July 6-August 31 from noon to 2pm in that city of New York in Lincoln Square that finds itself across from that arts institution of Lincoln Center. And so according to that flyer again, grab your lunch and some friends and enjoy a taste of New York’s Eclectic “Underground” music scene! With different musicians from MUNY that play in the New York City subways from the underground. And this concert subway musicians rocks. Have a great music and more day.
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A Facebook Event

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And those social media web 2.0 user generated content facebook events are happening this weekend. And I know those facebook events are happening around the world and specifically in that city of New York to be found over this July 4th patriotic flag waving holiday weekend because because all of those seemingly bazillion and more events that arrive in those pop up event invite windows each day on that facebook page says so. And some of those events to be found straight from that facebook wall are as follows. And these events facebook rock.



O.k drums 8:00-9:00

Filthy Savage 9:00-9:15

RITZ RIOT 9:15-9:30

Fiya Divine 9:30-10:30

ID Vicious 10:30-10:45

JAYMZ 10:45-11:00

Taylor Young 11:00-12:00

Cash aka Chuc Bars 12:00-12:15

Bossman 12:15-12:30

Wilson Man 12:30-12:40


Jamai Venus

Arkie Boat

Shemu Peters

Maya Thomas

and many more..



5$ Magical Brownies

1$ Cookies from Narnia


7$ Require After 7pm

but more will be cool 🙂

And also…..

3rd Annual SLF 4th of July Rooftop BBQ & Dance Party

In case you didn’t already know, our rooftop party has become the de facto place to be during 4th of July Weekend if you’re looking to avoid the tourist crowd, cheesy parties and overpriced bars.

Now in our 3rd year, we’re moving to a new rooftop in the heart of Brooklyn and will feature our good friends Pleasuremaker and Senor Oz from the notorious AFROLICIOUS party in San Fransisco. They will surely bring the dance party to a new level! People’s Champs return with their energetic live performance and the SLF DJ crew and friends Kunal Merchant and Seif al-Din of Music Without Borders and Lily Vanilli of Nana Chill will keep the vibes with their trademark eclectic blend of House, Hip-Hop, Soul, Disco, Afrobeat, Reggae and more.

NOTE: The party will be on SUNDAY, JULY 3 (and NOT on the 4th itself, so you’re not hurting on Tuesday when you go back to work, because we love you like that).

NO COVER. Bring cash for the bar and the BBQ.

Hope to see y’all there and feel free to invite friends.


** SUNDAY | 03 JULY 2011 **
6p-2a | FREE | Cash Bar

Please send e-mail RSVP for location:

/// featuring ///



( WHCR’s Impulse Travels, Sound Liberation Front, Soular Grooves, –=(] buhbOmp [)=– )

( Sound Liberation Front, Music Nerd Club )


( Nana Chill, The BRMG )

( Sound Liberation Front, Music Nerd Club )

And also…..

Rubulad Presents: A [Brooklyn] Odyssey!

Rubulad Presents

on Saturday July 9, 2011:

Odyssey! In which our heroes are buffeted by storms on the high seas of Kings County, lured by the sweet siren singers of East Williamsburg and menaced by Mayor Mike’s minotaurs, landing in a sweet loft space in Greenpoint on our way home.

171 Lombardy St. at Varick Ave.

live bands:

Lily and the Parlour Tricks

Pablo Malaurie (direct from Argentina!)

The Pendulum Swings

Poodle/Bear Love Association

with your DJs:

Repo Man

Joro Boro

Dirty Finger

Ol’ Stark


G. Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest

Light Circus Extraordinaire by Norm Francoeur

Hot F***ing Tamales

All Night Shadow Puppet Swashbuckler by Pierre Pressure and Doc Lance Boyle

10 pm doors, 11 pm show, 10 golden drachmas before 11 pm or way late. 15 golden drachmas in costume all night. 20 otherwise (come on, everybody has a bedsheet).

Dress: think togas, monsters from the deep, nautical adventures, groovy gods and goddesses, killer mermaids

20 minute walk from subway, so wear your dancing shoes, not those ouchy ones. If you must wear heels or die, get a cab from the train.

Fabulous view on that rooftop, by the way.

Please forward wildly!

This is our season closer. Last Rubulad till September. Let’s spend it together.

And the events go on and on. Have a great July 4th weekend.

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Make Music New York 2011

And that festival of what seems like the end all of the be all of free music events of Make Music New York is happening again this year. And Make Music New York is a live, free musical celebration across the city that takes place each June 21, the longest day of the year. On that day, hundreds of public spaces throughout the five boroughs become impromptu stages for over 1,000 free concerts. And I know that music and arts festival for practically everyone who is an artist, musician or anything in between is happening again this year because some friends who are playing there, that Metro New York Newspaper Program, Time Out New York and all of those Facebook invites for that Make Music New York event say so. And that program seems to read like no other program before or after it with seemingly a million, bazillion musicians, artists and any other kind of performer in between listed as playing at seemingly a million, bazillion and more places throughout that city of New York on this June 21st of a solstice day. And according to that Make Music New York website, some of those performances and events listed on that schedule include Make Music New York’s 4th Annual Punk Island curated by ABC NO RIO’s HC/Punk Collective on Governors Island with over 50 punk bands, Mass Appeal where you can bring your own instrument and join one of 17 massive concerts, Make Music Wall Street, Mass Appeal Mass, Inuksuit, Yoko Ono’s Secret Piece, Swelter: Brass on Central Park Lake, Sing For Hope Pop-Up Pianos, Second Line Down the High Line with Hungry March Band, Mike Doughty at City Winery, Hoketus, Columbia University’s Miller Theatre in an event co presented and sponsored by places like Joe’s Pub, River To River, Carnegie Hall, Jazzmobile, Central Park Summerstage, MATA, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Symphony Space, American Opera Projects, WNYC, GigMaven and many, many, many more. Have a great music, art and more day.
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Bushwick Open Studios 2011

And being that on this day finds itself another one of those bloggerless get rich internet quickless blagh your way to the bankless days, I somehow find myself blah blogging about events, events and more events lately in my attempt to maintain content for this blog whenever possible. And so on this day I found myself going my way to tour that studio tour of that Arts In Bushwick, Bushwick Open Studios that’s taking place in that neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn to be found in that city of New York, June 3rd through 5th, and even with that L train seemingly being re routed and not wanting to go that way on this day. And so it’s that neighborhood of Bushwick or is it Bushburg, or Williamswick in the latest of the trendy artist scene of the Soho’s, East Village’s and Williamsburg’s of the world that wants to find itself migrating further and further east, or something like that. And according to that Arts in Bushwick, Bushwick Open Studios catalog, festival events and map which seemingly has a bazillion and more artist studios, events and parties listed in it, some of this years artists, participants, performances, streets and venues include:
Grace Exhibition Space, Norte Maar, Factory Fresh, Brooklyn Fire Proof, East, The Bodega, NY Arts, Chez Bushwick, The McKibbin Show,Onderdonk Sculpture Garden, Junto Gallery, Camel Arts Space, Goodbye Blue Moneay, The Bushwick Starr, Palmetto Air, Nurture Art, Varet Street, Morgan Avenue, Knickerbocker Avenue, Thames Street, Varick Avenue, Jefferson Street, Troutman Street, Bushwick Avenue, Hart Street, Bogart Street,Seigel Street, Flushing Avenue, Broadway, Melrose Street, Myrtle Avenue, Morgan Avenue, Wyckoff Avenue, Starr Street, St. Nicholas Avenue, Dekalb Avenue and a whole lot more. And this event Bushwick Rocks. Have a great artist studio tour day and more.
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A Howl Festival 2011

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And so there is that annual Howl Festival going on this week to be found in that city of New York, that gives its ode to Allen Ginsberg once a year with a slew of artist and performers in Tompkins Square Park. And how do I know that Howl Festival is happening again this year? Because that Underground Howl presents Facebook invite says so. And because all of those ads and announcements in this weeks Village Voice says so. And so those announcements to be found in internetland, newspapers and beyond read something like as follows:

Underground Howl presents a Happening
@ New York Underground Museum
Saturday June 4th
221 E. 2nd St. between B and C
Open Bar: 6:30 – 7:00
Ooh La La Aphrodisiac cocktails
7:00 Larry River’s underground film “TITS” in the Project Room
Art Show:
Marcel Duchamp,Peter Beard,Alex Grey,Hoop,Barnaby Ruhe,Arleen Schloss,Hilary Knight,Phoebe Legere,Anne-Katrin Speiss,Christine Varga and many more

at 8:00 performances and poetry
Penny Arcade,Dorothy Friedman,Puma Perl,Ronnie Norpel,Ruddy Cheeks and many more

And also…..

8th Annual HOWL! Festival
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
June 3rd, 4th and 5th
In Tompkins Square Park, NYC: East Village

This year HOWL ARTS, INC brings the 8th annual HOWL! to Tompkins Square Park. That evening, the stage opens at 5pm with the festival’s traditional reading of Ginsberg’s famed poem HOWL, his impassioned words delivered by his friends and contemporaries led by Bob Holman and including Beat poets John Giorno, Hettie Jones, Ed Sanders and Bob Rosenthal. This weekend of poetry, performance art, music and dance will once again feature ART AROUND THE PARK, a two day exhibit of EV/LES artists exhibiting their work as they create it; main stage performances of HIP HOP HOWL!, HOUSE OF HOWL and LOW LIFE and this year’s brand new children’s attraction, the Great HOWL! OUT LOUD Carnival for kids of all ages.

The line up of poets lending their voices to bringing Howl to life this year includes:

Darian Dauchan,Alice Whitwham,Nicole Wallace,Curtis Jensen,Julie Patton,Fay Chiang,Miguel Algarin,Andy Clausen,Eliot Katz,Bob Rosenthal,David Henderson,John Giorno,Hettie Jones,Steven Taylor,Ed Sanders and many more.
Have a great Howl! Festival 2011 and more day.
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An Undead Jazzfest

An Undead Jazzfest. Now that’s an interesting name for a jazz festival, as I would assume that it has something to do with a jazz festival that is not dead, maybe, or something like that. And so this could be another one of those posts where I find myself blogging about music events and beyond. And so this following event invite is one of those facebook invites that seem as if they want to arrive by the bazillions in that facebook event invite inbox each day, as facebook seems as if it wants to web 2.0 social media user generated content speak for itself these days and times. And so that Undead Jazzfest event was listed as follows, and I thought to repost it on this blog because hey, it’s less writing sometimes, I think. Have a great jazz festival and more day.

Undead Jazzfest 2011 is coming!

June 23rd through 26th 2011
BOOM Collective and Search & Restore bring back the Undead Jazzfest, expanded to 4-days, in 11 venues across 2 boroughs and featuring 50+ groups

Founded in June 2010 the Undead Jazzfest is new kind of festival, bringing together an incredible array of artists from the new jazz and improvised music community currently exploding in New York City. With no headliners, affordable tickets, unorthodox venues and no drink minimums, the Undead Jazzfest aims to shake the public perception of what jazz can be today, celebrating the incredible music being made in a setting that is inviting to both the veterans and curious new fans.

With the success of the inaugural year the second Undead Jazzfest has expanded over four nights, at eleven venues, throughout two boroughs and will feature well over fifty groups.

**Also Undead Jazz is pleased to announce they curated a pre-festival concert at SummerStage on June 11th 2011 featuring Medeski Martin & Wood, Jim Black’s Alas No Axis, and Josh Roseman’s King Froopy All Stars. This is a FREE, general admission show.

June 23rd (Manhattan): Le Poisson Rouge, Kenny’s Castaways, Sullivan Hall
June 24th (Park Slope, Brooklyn): The Bell House, a late night of round robin improvised duets (a Celebrate Brooklyn after party)
June 25th (Gowanus, Brooklyn): Littlefield, Cross-Fit, Homage Skate Park
June 26th (Williamsburg, Brooklyn): Public Assembly (2 stages), Cubana Social, Cameo Gallery

Current lineup…
Alan Licht and Brian Chase, Andrew D’Angelo Big Band, Anthony Coleman with Brad Jones and Satoshi Takeshi, Aperiodic, Ari Hoenig Quartet, Bizingas, Bobby Previte Quartet, The Bradaughters with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Gary Lucas and Morrison Edley, Briggan Krauss H Alpha with Jim Black, and Ikue Mori, Ceramic Dog with Marc Ribot, Shahzad Ismaily and Ches Smith, Ches Smith’s Congs For Brums, Clark Gayton, Darius Jones Trio, Dave King Trucking Company, David Fiuczynski with berklee microJam, David S. Ware, David Torn Trio with Tim Berne and Ches Smith, Dean Bowman solo, Doomsayer, Elliott Sharp plays Thelonious Monk,
Erik Friedlander solo, Gene Lake, Gerald Clayton, Harris Eisenstedt’s Canada Day, Jamie Saft’s New Zion Trio, Jeff Lederer’s Sunwatcher, Escreet / Binney / Krantz / Gilmore, John Irabagon and Mike Pride, Kris Davis Trio, Logan Richardson with Ben Williams and Nasheet Waits, Marc Ribot solo
plus more TBA!…

Tickets & Information:

Undead Jazzfest

The full Undead Jazzfest schedule will be announced soon.
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Squat Or Rot

Squat or rot. The squatters are your neighbors. Housing is a human right. Squat the world. Free the land. If you need a home, take one. Whose right is it to say the land is for sale anyway. No one is free when others are oppressed. And so goes a host of other sayings and philosophies when it comes to that word squatting and living rent and tax free, or something like that. And so I found this email that arrived in my email inbox the other day that I thought to repost on my blog for those squatter, housing and beyond events, because hey, it’s less writing sometimes, I think. And what if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State?

Three upcoming events on squatting in NYC‏

Hello all –

I wanted to let you know about three quite different events coming up, all about squatting in NYC. Full details below

1. Panel on squats, social centers, and autonomous spaces at the NYC Anarchist Book Fair, Saturday April 9, 11-12:30

2. I am giving a paper on adverse possession and historical documentation, based on the 13th st case, at a conference at CUNY on Monday, April 11, from 1:30-3:00

3. Matt Metzgar and Peter Spagnuolo are giving a talk about The LES Squatter Homesteader Archives Project at Pete’s Candy Store on Monday, April 11, at 7:30

1. Squats, Social Centers and Autonomous Spaces.

Saturday, April 9, 2011 @ the Anarchist Book Fair. 11 am – 12:30 pm

55 Washington Sq. New York, NY 10012

Squatting is a key activist tactic to address the needs for housing and space for political action. Together with occupation, this kind of organized trespass is becoming increasingly important in our repertoire of direct action tactics today. What is the present-day experience of squatting as a political act? In other countries, occupied social centers organize political activity in the cities. Is U.S. squatting hopelessly disorganized and decentralized? What have been the challenges of opening new spaces? What have been the challenges and rewards of passing on knowledge from one generation to the next?

These are some of the questions we will address and this is the people who will respond to them

Alan Moore: Co-founder of both ABC NoRio and Colab. *Live from Paris @ La Generale.

Howard Brandstein: Homesteading organizer and Director of Sixth Street Community Center.

Frank Morales: Episcopal priest, squatter and housing organizer.

Marta Rosario: A long time resident at Umbrella House Squat and an exceptional vocalist.

Ryan Acuff: Housing organizer and member of Take Back the Land.


Amy Starecheski: Oral historian, doctoral student in Anthropology at the CUNY Graduate Center, and former squatter.

Sebastian Gutierrez: Teaches in the Film & Media department in CUNY’s Hunter College and documents testimonial video events in NYC squats.

2. Mini-conference: “Producing History: Place, Memory, and Documentation”

Monday, April 11, 2011
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Graduate Center, CUNY

365 Fifth Avenue, Room 9205

11:00 – 12:30 PANEL: Producing History at Sites of Memory
“Sites & Reflexivity: Narratives at the Manzanar WWII Camp NHS”
— Rachel Daniell
“Exhibiting Atrocity: Memorial Museums & the Production of the Past”
— Amy Sodaro
Commentator—Dr. Vincent Crapanzano

12:30 – 1:30 BROWN BAG LUNCH

1:30 – 3:00 PANEL: Archives, Property, & the Production of Heritage
“Futures Entombed: Properly Historical Subjects, Living Human Treasure, & the Incorporation of History in Salvador, Brazil’s World Heritage Center”
— Dr. John Collins
“Squatting History: The Documentary Practices of Adverse Possession”
— Amy Starecheski
“The Affect & Effect of UNESCO World Heritage”
— Andrew Hernann
Commentator—Dr. Katherine Verdery

Coffee, Cookies, and Conversation

sponsored by the CUNY Graduate Ctr Anthropology Dept and the Doctoral Students Council

with Matt Metzgar of the Lower East Side Squatter Homesteader Archive Project and Peter Spagnuolo, co-founder of the Lower East Side Squatter Homesteader Archive Project.

Monday, April 11 7:30pm
Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St. Brooklyn)

In the 1980’s and ’90’s the squatter-homesteaders of New York City’s Lower East Side created an urban movement attempting to answer directly the housing needs of low-income and homeless persons by seizing abandoned tenement buildings and improvising their own homes and culture. The evening will address current efforts by squatters and homesteaders to create a research archive “from the ground up”-collecting, preserving and organizing the evidence of underground, insurgent movement-as well as the significance such a collection may have for scholars and the public. With reference to other American cities, the pro’s and con’s of strategies of direct methods of housing, the predominance of squatting as a global phenomena, and the specific cases of “Social Center” squatting in Europe, and its lack in the USA–the evening hopes to make palpable an overlooked, yet palpable legacy that boldly proclaims: Homeless/Artist/Activist: House Thyself, Socialize the Community!
Have a great squatting and more day.
And in other blogger thoughts….
Looking for a degree where you can make a difference and help people in your community? Check out social work online degree.
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A New Orleans Jazz Festival

And hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog, and in between reading all of those headline news of the day, somewhere between that Japan crisis, the middle east and now Israel and Jerusalem unrest, all of which seem to give me religious and apocalyptic thoughts with images of the world going to hell in a hand basket, I still somehow find myself blogging about a New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. And how do I know that New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is happening during that month of April and May? Because that advertisement for that festival in that issue of the New York Village Voice says so. And even though that festival still seems to be a ways away, it seems as if it could be one of those New Orleans mardi gras kinds of events. And according to that Village Voice ad, some of this years performers include: Arcade Fire, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Buffet, Kid Rock, John Mellencamp, The Neville Brothers, The Strokes, Lauryn Hill, Trombone Shorty, Cyndi Lauper, Wyclef Jean, The Decemberists, Arlo Guthrie, Fantasia, Kenny G, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Rebirth Brass Band, and a whole lot more. And this festival New Orleans Rocks. Have a great music and more day.
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