A Howl Festival 2011

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And so there is that annual Howl Festival going on this week to be found in that city of New York, that gives its ode to Allen Ginsberg once a year with a slew of artist and performers in Tompkins Square Park. And how do I know that Howl Festival is happening again this year? Because that Underground Howl presents Facebook invite says so. And because all of those ads and announcements in this weeks Village Voice says so. And so those announcements to be found in internetland, newspapers and beyond read something like as follows:

Underground Howl presents a Happening
@ New York Underground Museum
Saturday June 4th
221 E. 2nd St. between B and C
Open Bar: 6:30 – 7:00
Ooh La La Aphrodisiac cocktails
7:00 Larry River’s underground film “TITS” in the Project Room
Art Show:
Marcel Duchamp,Peter Beard,Alex Grey,Hoop,Barnaby Ruhe,Arleen Schloss,Hilary Knight,Phoebe Legere,Anne-Katrin Speiss,Christine Varga and many more

at 8:00 performances and poetry
Penny Arcade,Dorothy Friedman,Puma Perl,Ronnie Norpel,Ruddy Cheeks and many more

And also…..

8th Annual HOWL! Festival
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
June 3rd, 4th and 5th
In Tompkins Square Park, NYC: East Village

This year HOWL ARTS, INC brings the 8th annual HOWL! to Tompkins Square Park. That evening, the stage opens at 5pm with the festival’s traditional reading of Ginsberg’s famed poem HOWL, his impassioned words delivered by his friends and contemporaries led by Bob Holman and including Beat poets John Giorno, Hettie Jones, Ed Sanders and Bob Rosenthal. This weekend of poetry, performance art, music and dance will once again feature ART AROUND THE PARK, a two day exhibit of EV/LES artists exhibiting their work as they create it; main stage performances of HIP HOP HOWL!, HOUSE OF HOWL and LOW LIFE and this year’s brand new children’s attraction, the Great HOWL! OUT LOUD Carnival for kids of all ages.

The line up of poets lending their voices to bringing Howl to life this year includes:

Darian Dauchan,Alice Whitwham,Nicole Wallace,Curtis Jensen,Julie Patton,Fay Chiang,Miguel Algarin,Andy Clausen,Eliot Katz,Bob Rosenthal,David Henderson,John Giorno,Hettie Jones,Steven Taylor,Ed Sanders and many more.
Have a great Howl! Festival 2011 and more day.
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