A New York Department Of Police

Okay and so it is not so often every so often that I find myself blah blogging about those New York Police Department officers to be found in that city of New York to be found in that country of North America here on planet earth who seemingly are more numerous on the streets of that town than the people themselves with no end in sight of a scene that wants to repeat itself over and over to where even though the names may change, the game wants to stay the same, I think. Or something like that. And so this is one of those times where I thought to blagh one of those YouTube videos to be found in that seemingly endless YouTubeland of endless videos that I came across in my internet travels as posted above that has me wanting to ask myself, so what’s up with those NYPD Polizei? As this is one of those videos that seems to want to speak for itself. And what if anything does this have to do with a No Police State?
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