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Occupy This Event

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And besides those political conventions that seem to be in the headline news these days, a whole lot of other events seem to be going on. And I know that a whole lot of other events are going on, specifically in that city of New York because all of those Facebook events and email announcements that find their way into my inbox says so. And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 356, a week or so away from the #S17 anniversary of that global revolution. And Occupy Wall Street is still moving fast. And so in my social media web 2.0 user generated content attempt to maintain content for this blagh and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible, some of those events are as follows because hey, it’s less writing sometimes, I think.

Commemorate 9/11/01 Concert: Sunday, September 9th, 2012, 2:00pm. Wombat In Combat, Comrades, Alien, Mans Gin, Atruth, Carla Npsg, David Peel. Tompkins Square Park, 7th Street Ave A, New York, New York. And from what I Carla Npsg blogger know for this event, more bands and speakers to be announced. And I think the title of that event and the history of that park speaks for itself.

Go: a community-curated open studio project : On September 8–9, 2012, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, artists across Brooklyn will open their studio doors, so that you can decide who will be featured in an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. And I just know #gobrooklynart is happening this weekend because I have received what seems like a million come look at my art in my studio emails and announcements from what seems like a bazillion different artists in a million different locations who will be showing their artwork as part of this event.

Spectra Showdown: And in case you haven’t heard, some big oil company is looking to blow up the ground in New York and New Jersey to run a fracked pipeline through it, or something like that. Frack is wack.

Thursday, September 6th at 8:30am until December 31 at 10:00am

Upcoming Calendar of Events!


Join Us for an Early Morning Show of Non Violent Resistance to Spectra Pipeline Construction THURSDAY from 8:30- 11am
Expect Hijinks!
Evening Rally starts at 6pm
We will take it to the streets to Make Some Noise Against the Machines of Death
Meet at Gansevoort and Hudson River Parkway!

Sunday Afternoon Picnic Blockade Training and Teach In at the Kids Playground to the left of the Spectra Construction Site. Gansevoort and Hudson River.
Look for the Playground Pier. And the banners.
located left to the disturbing new man made island barge.
Come out! Bring Your Kids
Times Up! Bike Riders will arrive at 3:30
Picnic starts at 3pm
Bring your favorite dish!

Occupy Town Square in Washington Square Park.
Come check it out! Stop by and say hi at our table!
11 am – 5pm

Blast Perimeter Parade! Meet Up at 10am at Gansevoort and Hudson River Greenway as we march the potential blast zone, marking it with our presence. Guitarmy, OWS Puppet Guild and others will be joining us as we parade the blast zone. We will then make our way down to Foley Square for the Occupy Wall Street one year anniversary concert. Join Us!

Polar Bears on Bikes! Eco Blockade at the Museum of the American Indian! Stay tuned for details!

for a visual uprising!
10 am
Gansevoort & Hudson River.
we will rise up
against Fracking


The right of all NYC citizens to be free from a radioactive pipeline coming into our city and into our homes with our cooking & heating fuel.

Texas Gas vs. the People of NYC

Spectra, you’ve been warned. Get out of Town, We don’t like your kind around here.

They’ve been laying the infrastructure and groundwork to move in. They’ll be importing hydro-fractured gas (using this most toxic type of extraction method) into the West Village, thereby creating more demand for this gas, thereby creating more hydro-fractured sites across the country, including our very own upstate New York and Catskills, and thereby endangering our water supply. It looks definite that Spectra will break ground next week.
We are going to prepare ourselves to shut them down on arrival. It’s Showdown time! Put on your toughest Clint Eastwood face, bring your signs, noisemakers, snacks, puppets, instruments, songs, chants and prepare to tell the dirty extraction industry, “Go ahead. Make my day.”

Wear a costume! Bring a sign, an instrument, anything to help spread the word to the people most affected by this, the residents of the NYC and NJ.

The “New Jersey-New York Expansion Project” is a proposed high-pressure gas pipeline, varying in diameter from 42-30″ and slated to travel up the New Jersey shoreline, through the edge of Staten Island, under Jersey City and across the Hudson River, entering Manhattan at the Gansevoort Peninsula in the West Village. It is known more commonly by the name of its builder’s parent company, Spectra Energy.

We must take a stand to defend our communities; upstate, NYC, New Jersey, all places where hydro-fracking rears its ugly head. The gas industry thinks they can sneak in and set up shop in NY and we’ll just lie there and take it while they destroy our farmland, water and air quality, expose our homes to radon and put us in a blast zone. They’re dead wrong.
Monday night we follow in the footsteps of our brave climate justice comrades and we fight back. Please join us.

Gansevoort and Hudson River Greenway – You can cross over the West Side Highway at 14th St., at Horatio St. or at W.12th St. to get to the Greenway. Look for the Department of Sanitation Building, and adjacent to this is a HUGE crane. This is the site. This is Spectra Energy.


Fun Fact: Spectra Energy is excluded from regulations of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Fun Fact: Radon Gas, according to the Surgeon General, is the 2nd leading cause of Lung Cancer in the nation today.

Radon Gas is what they want to pipe into your home via your cooking and heating gas. Thanks, but no thanks!!

Location is at the end of Gansevoort St and Hudson River Greenway.

for more information on Spectra Pipeline and others planned for NYC and upstate NY, please visit this website:

Donate to the War Chest to fight this in Court:

Tell the Texas Gas Men to Frack Off!

And the list of events goes on and on…. Occupy Wall Street Worldwide.

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An Occupy Wall Street Art Event

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And in case you have been stuck in the stone age or hiding out underneath one of those rocks, you may have heard by now that on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 166. And as far as I blagher know, Occupy Wall Street and that global revolution of a movement Occupy Together are still moving fast. And so somehow I came across this LOW LIVES: OCCUPY! Facebook event throughout my internet travels on this day. And this Occupy With Art event seems to be one of many, seemingly a bazillion and beyond occupy events that are happening each day in that occupy wall street worldwide movement. And that Facebook event invite reads something like:

Event Date: Saturday, March 3, 2012
Event Time: 6:00 – 10:00 pm (EST)
Stop by any time between 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics , New York University – 20 Cooper Square, Fifth Floor (and online)

Low Lives has partnered with Occupy with Art and The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics to present “Low Lives: Occupy! a unique one-night-only program of live performance art, happenings, and public actions, simulcast to presenting host venues around the world. Low Lives: Occupy! partner Mark Read of the 99% Bat Signal / The Illuminator, will contribute a special projection and performance in conjunction with Low Lives: Occupy! in New York City…..

and there is also a

Call to Create! Public Art in City Streets, May 1 that OWS May Day Arts plans to have. And that Facebook event invite reads something like:

Call to Create! Public Art in City Streets, May 1
Tuesday, May 1, 2012. 9am until 11pm.


Participate in massive, simultaneous public displays of art all over New York City and around the world on May 1, 2012.

On May 1st, Occupy Wall Street and our partners in the May 1st coalition and labor unions will bring tens of thousands of people into the streets to participate in a celebration of a better world. Performances and displays of public art will create a living, moving exhibition that will converge in three places at three different times during the day.


Create the world you want to see. On May 1st, we want to put the beautiful potential of that world on display, to encourage and excite others to work towards a new future.


Submit your idea, and we will help you make it happen. Or, if you don’t need our help, please, go ahead, just do it.

We want to make this process as reciprocal as possible. If you have an art project ready to go, whether it is two-dimensional art, a performance or musical piece waiting for a public venue or audience, we would love to help you début it in the streets on May 1st. If you need supplies, space, special skills, printing, or volunteers for your project, we will work to help you find those resources. Please be specific when asking for help and resources. What do you need? How much? When?


You. We need you.

Right now: Spread the word, in every way you can. Help us open minds to new possibilities. Forward this call to create.
For May 1st: Dream something big and bring it to the world. We will help.
On May 1st: Show up. Celebrate with us.

Occupy Art Worldwide.
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An Occupy Hoboken Art Show

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And today finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 129. And Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together are still moving fast. And there will be an Occupy Hoboken Art Show to be found in that city of Hoboken that is to be found in that state of New Jersey that is to be found across the river from that city of New York, January 30th – March 17th. And I know that there will be an Occupy Hoboken Art Show in that city of Hoboken because this Occupy Hoboken Art Show Facebook event invite and all of those artworks that I am trying to make for this Occupy Hoboken Art Show and also that flyer that finds itself posted above says so, I think. And that facebook event invite reads something like:

Greetings all’

I will have a solo show of my artwork, paintings and mixed media assemblage, January 30th – March 17th @ Sovereign Bank, 86 River Street, in Hoboken, New Jersey, one block from the Hoboken PATH station if you happen to be in the neighborhood. This exhibition is inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests and sponsored by Hob’ Art Cooperative Gallery. Hope to see you there. Occupy Art Worldwide.

Opening Reception with refreshments: February 2, 2012 (5-6pm)

There will also be a hob – art’s “Celebration” Exhibit

This will be the first show at their new gallery: This event will be a group show of Celebratory work in honor of the new space.

OPENING RECEPTION: February 10, 2012 hours: 6 – 8 p.m
CLOSING/CLOSING RECEPTION: February 25, 2012 hours: 5 – 8 pm

The gallery is located at E 208 at 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ. (2nd floor just a short walk from the 9th Street Station elevator)

Come out and celebrate with us.

Have a great Occupy Art day and more.

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An Occupy Wall Street Drum Circle

Hey yet again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 67. And Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together are still moving fast. And there was an Occupy Wall Street drum circle in that city of New York a couple of days ago. And I know there was a OCCUPY BLOOMBERG’S MANSION DRUM CIRCLE PROTEST / ANTI-DICTATOR ART SHOW drum circle near that Central Park the other day because this facebook event invite and all of these OWS Protesters Bring Drum Circle To Mayor’s Home news articles says so. And that Mayor Bloomberg’s Assistant: EPIC FAIL YouTube video that finds itself posted above, well that just seems to Mayor Bloomberg’s Assistant: EPIC FAIL drum circle performance art speak for itself. And that Occupy Wall Street drum circle near Mayor Bloomberg’s house YouTube video that also finds itself posted above, well it just seems to Occupy Wall Street drum circle near Mayor Bloomberg’s house rock. And so that Facebook event invite read something like “OCCUPY BLOOMBERG’S MANSION DRUM CIRCLE PROTEST / ANTI-DICTATOR ART SHOW. November 20 at 2:00pm until November 21 at 2:00pm. SHOW UP/ARRIVE AT 17 EAST 79 STREET AT 2PM TODAY!
BRING DRUMS AND OTHER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND FOOD SLEEPING BAGS BANNERS ART AND ART SUPPLIES / LET’S OCCUPY THE PARK AT 79ST AND HAVE A LOVE-IN AND SERENADE MAYOR MIKE.” We are the 99%. No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. 2012. An awakening. A Time for change. Occupy wall street drum circles worldwide. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.
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PROTEST! Art Exhibition

And so I came across this posting from another one of those blogs that finds itself in internetland…

And being that the title of this blog finds itself called Occupy Art that seemingly wants to support those Occupy Wall Street protests with all things Occupy Wall Street art, it seems fitting to mention on this blog that Theater for the New City will be having a “PROTEST!” art show, in addition, or at the same time, or before, or during our Occupy Art Show at Theater for the New City November 12th also. And we would like to invite you to view the “PROTEST!” art exhibition while you are at the Theater for the New City during the Occupy Art Show also. And that announcement for the “PROTEST!” art exhibition reads as follows:

Theater for the New City, Crystal Field, Executive Director, presents “PROTEST!” a visual arts exhibit curated by Carolyn Ratcliffe featuring the works of Artists:

Amy Cohen Banker , David Barish, Elliot Berke, Lois Carlo , Kathy Creutzburg, Carla Cubit, Dennis Edge, Lauren Edmond, Haim Elisha, Galante, Alan Gastelum, Susann Ferris-Jones, Randy Jones, Hieke Kerbs, Charles Krezell, Kathleen McDermott, Jerry Pagane, Carolyn Ratcliffe, Mike Rimbaud, Gene Reynolds, Bonnie Rosenstock, Morena Saenz, Suki Weston, Suzanne Wilde, Laura Zelasnic

The exhibit explores concepts and issues of Protest! in painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media and text. Demonstrations have spread across the globe as people demand changes – a refusal to accept the status quo of dictatorships, corporate greed and laying waste to the environment. Join us for our

Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 9th, 5:30-8pm

Dates: November 3-December 31, 2011

Gallery: M-S. 4-8 PM, Sun. 3-5pm (& is wheelchair accessible)

Address: 155 First Ave, New York, NY 10003

Public Transportation: Bus-M 8 &15; Subway: R, 6, F, & L

This program is made possible in part by public funds from The NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the New York City Council-(Many thanks to Rosie Mendez, NYC Councilperson)

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"Occupy Art" Show At Theater For The New City

Hey again Bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And an Occupy Art Show at Theater for the New City is happening on November 12th in that neighborhood of the Lower East Side now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe, to be found in that city of New York to be found in that country of North America. And that “Occupy Art” Show at Theater For The New City is happening on a date so far away as I blah blog this post, that I can’t even think that far, I think, sometimes, maybe. Though that event seems to be happening amongst a seemingly bazillion other Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together events. And in case you have been stuck in the stone age or under one of those rocks and haven’t heard of Occupy Wall Street by now, the description of that movement or revolution reads something like “All day occupation (possibly longer) of Wall Street to oppose in numbers the corruption, financial treachery, oligarchy, and forced debts imposed on us by an irresponsible and unapproachable Wall Street (world financial center) sister protests may also take place in similar California Financial Centers if enough interest is shown. This is a peaceful protest and violence will not be tolerated.” And also another Occupy Wall Street Facebook event that reads something like “The Occupation Has Begun. Join us at Zuccotti Park (Liberty St & Trinity Place) in NYC beginning on September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices”. And those Occupy Art photos that I posted above, well they just seem to Occupy Wall Street Occupy Art speak for themselves. And so that Occupy Art or is it Occupy Art NYC post that I came across reads something like:

We will have an art, performance and exhibition pop up party called ” Occupy Art” to be held at Theater For The New City on Saturday, November 12th from 4 pm on.
This event is inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests. We are looking for art, performance and video to install during the event.

Please come join us to continue the discussion in a variety of media: performance, painting, sculpture, drawing, graffiti, etc.

4pm – Artists Reception
6pm – Performances
8pm – Open Mike

John Penley

Jessica Danse, Allison Jones

Video Projectionist
Brent Felker – “the 99”

Slide Show/Documentary Video
Duke and Dutchess Creation
Cynthia De Moss, vocals

Short Film and Photography
Anne Hanavan

Poetry Slam
James C. Matthews

Participating artists include:
Galinsky, Duke and Dutchess Creations, Hip Hop USA artists and MCs, Scott-Free, Lisa Moira, Richard West, Cheryl Parry, Layla Merritt, live visual art by Marthalicia Matarrita, Darryl LaVare, Chris Lee aka Shadow, James Top grafitti art, Duke Nine and more tba..

Participating musicians include:
Welf Dorr from Underground Horns, No Police State Girl, Meg Montgomery, more tba…


I am/we are the ninety nine percent. Have a great Occupy Art, Occupy Art NYC, Occupy Art Worldwide day.

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"No Comment" Art Show

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And as far as I blagher know, Occupy Wall Street is still happening and it’s Occupy Wall Street Day 20. And a No Comment Art Show is happening amongst a seemingly bazillion other events as part of that Occupy Wall Street worldwide event. And that description for that event reads as follows. And that photo that finds itself posted above, well it just seems to Occupy Wall Street speak for itself. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State. Have a great Occupy Wall Street, art events and more day. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

We will mount an open art performance and exhibition party called ” No comment” to be held at the historic JP Morgan building at 23 Wall Street on Saturday Oct 8th from 2 PM on.
This event will support the Occupy Wall Street protests. We will hold a silent auction of the art to raise funds to support the protests. We are looking for art, performance, video, to install during the event. Stand for art against power and have a great time doing it.

We have a beautiful building right at the corner of Wall and Broad Street at 23 Wall Street . It is known as the JP Morgan building . It is the most capitalistic corner on Earth. It is a 25,000 square foot historic space in a very contested area. The show preceding the Pop-up show that will take place on Saturday October 8th is called ‘No Comment”. Marika Mairorova created “Loft in the Red Zone” an exhibition that exhibited artists responses to Sept 11th- ten years later. The Occupy Wall Street movement can be considered a healing for the contentious wound of 9/11. Many have objected to business as usual, Wall Street , capitalism as practiced. The fanatics that destroyed the World Trade Center and other targets had ideas about Western Society that had some relevance, despite their methods. This year the power of oligarchs has been transformed by people meeting and holding space. Where this movement is going is anyone’s guess. Governments have fallen, secrets revealed, revolutions started, evolution occurring in real time in public view. it is such a difference from hidden cabals of the past. secret meetings hidden from public view. Process is visible as art and public truth. The Pop-up show supports the process that has been visible in Occupy Wall Street movement has invigorated thoughtful ideas about society, power and political process.
We, at Loft in the Red Zone, are very much looking forward to this collaboration….. Please help spread this call to creative action !!!
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A Digable Arts Festival 2011

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And a 2011 Digable Arts Festival is happening in that city of Hoboken to be found in that state of New Jersey on October 15th-16th. And I know that 2011 Digable Arts Festival is happening because this facebook event says so. And according to those Digable Arts Festival postcards, Digable Arts Festival, Hobokens Independent Arts Festival is Celebrate! Observe! Interact! Dance! Dig… Art, Photography, Sculpture, Installations, Indoor & Outdoor Stages, Blacklight Art/DJ Room, Poetry, Jewelry, Crafts

The Digable Arts Festival is a Two-day Art Festival that takes place at the Monroe Center for the Arts at 720 More…Monroe Street in Hoboken, NJ.

The Digable Arts Festival will encompass the entire third floor fo the Monroe Center. The entire third floor will be converted into an art exhibition space, with a multitude or art installations.

The Exhibition will display all kinds of art, including: Visual Art, Theatrical Art, Live Mu…sic, Special poetry section, live music, live painting,

Participating artists include:
Louise Gale, Erica Resnick, Sarah Smith, Kurtis Watkins, Cara Christopher, Ceallaigh Pender, Jason Newcomb, Carla NPSG, Jonathan Fritz, Zofia Bogusz, Mani C. Price, Laura Gravenstine, Analiese Lee De Saw, Kate Hoos, Angela Pilgrim, Monica A. Chavarria, David John Calamoneri, Christian Vigoya, Jeanne Wilkinson, Sharla Hammond, Raemy Do, Susana Falconi, Michael McManus, Michael DiGiacinto, Chris Soria, Ashley Lucas,Valerie Vanone, Daniel K. Morteh, Courtney Averett, Nancy H Mace, Æres Vistaas,Jessica Nelson-Smith, Don Sichler, Sharon Harvey, Herman Martinez, Brittany James,Thomas Shelton, Stan Lindwasser, Andrea McKenna, Maribel Guerrero, Kaliptus Arts, Stephanie Guillen, Mike Lindwasser, Dogmatic Live Art, Alison Lazarus, Andrea Kroenig,Roslyn Rose, Mike Wolf, Grace Marquinhos, Tyler Mitter, Janice Ducate, Greyegg Rosemary Gonzalez, Daniel Michael Bertelli, Natalia Kadish and Uta Brauser.

Participating musicians include:
Eldad Tarmu, Cosmal, Sunflower and the Seeds, Raphael Carrasquillo, Kevin Spyker, Don Ryan, Waka Chan, Elephant Goes West, Cecilia Celeste, Dave Calamoneri, Ryan Iozzia, Christine Miller-Polselli, Ed Kaminetzer, Antoine Poncelet, Rob Nicholas,Jack thompson, Sylvana Joyce, The Micks, Khaled, Glen Coleman, Stacy and the Sky Walkers, Marc Gionatti, Anthony Daniels, and Jon D’Angelo

Sultana Maria Jewelry, Javiera Magaly

And that view of Hoboken and beyond that finds itself posted in those photos above, well it just seems to Hoboken Arts Festival Rock. Have a great Hoboken Digable Arts Festival day and more.
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Urban Artists Collaborative

Okay Bullet Space isn’t really having an art opening tomorrow as far as I blogger know, and this following event has already come to pass. It’s just that this blog wants to confuse me sometimes and this is yet another one of those Orwellian news speak posts with its times, dates and histories in that attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible.

Bullet Space is having an art opening tomorrow. They are one of the eleven remaining squats that have survived the gentrification and genocide of a neighborhood and have been bought out or sold out in the Lower East Side that is now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe. And they are now homesteaders or something like that. Bullet Space is a really cool place that has had many theater, art and performance events over the years. And the only thing that seems to be constant is change. And there is a poem that I once remembered:

Long Live The Lower East Side

Long Live The Revolution of the Pseudo Anarchist Hippy Bohemian Squatter Revolutionary Lower East Side In Alphabet City where God Bless America becomes God Fuck America and red white and blue becomes red and black and where the capitalist capitalize off the capitalism of the capital.

With your gentrified glorified tenements and artists coffee lounge lounges riddled with the blood of the long lost past that had the horses running through it, the pigs running round it, and the helicopters hoovering over it. The bandshell that stood as a symbol of freedom for all long torn down, lost and forgotten. NO POLICE STATE, NO HOUSING NO PEACE, F… THE CURFEW, FREE THE LAND, free that park, that park everywhere. Freedom and utopia a thing of the past.

So now in Alphabet City I walk down your streets conformed to the conformity of the conformed and the conformist. Class War Class War on the poor run into the river and running to the river.

Flight of fight, sink or swim. Can you swim or will you die. Your skeletons of the war torn survivors walking the streets, your ghosts and their spirits scattered abroad and the ashes of your people who have come and gone in the struggle, of the struggle, from the struggle and the ashes of your people some dead some alive and some who have survived to shed their blood and skin and to tell the tale and conform to this thing called conformity.

Yeah, first it was them and then it was me. Whose gonna be left when big brother comes. Naked I have come from my mothers womb and naked shall I return thither to the dust where I come from.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Long Live the Lower East Side.

And if you are in this New York City neighborhood tomorrow, this event may be worth checking out.

Bullet: Urban Artists Collaborative

Construction Brigade

December 8th-January 11, 2008

Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 1pm-5pm Monday – Thursday: By appointment

Opening Reception:

Saturday December 8th, 6pm-8pm

With poetry reading by John Farris

292 East 3rd Street, New York, New York

Curated and organized by Alexandra Rojas

Artists: Steve Salvatore, Patou, Erik Von Ploennies, Regina Bartkoff, Joshua Starcher, Rolando Politi

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Make Music New York 2011

And that festival of what seems like the end all of the be all of free music events of Make Music New York is happening again this year. And Make Music New York is a live, free musical celebration across the city that takes place each June 21, the longest day of the year. On that day, hundreds of public spaces throughout the five boroughs become impromptu stages for over 1,000 free concerts. And I know that music and arts festival for practically everyone who is an artist, musician or anything in between is happening again this year because some friends who are playing there, that Metro New York Newspaper Program, Time Out New York and all of those Facebook invites for that Make Music New York event say so. And that program seems to read like no other program before or after it with seemingly a million, bazillion musicians, artists and any other kind of performer in between listed as playing at seemingly a million, bazillion and more places throughout that city of New York on this June 21st of a solstice day. And according to that Make Music New York website, some of those performances and events listed on that schedule include Make Music New York’s 4th Annual Punk Island curated by ABC NO RIO’s HC/Punk Collective on Governors Island with over 50 punk bands, Mass Appeal where you can bring your own instrument and join one of 17 massive concerts, Make Music Wall Street, Mass Appeal Mass, Inuksuit, Yoko Ono’s Secret Piece, Swelter: Brass on Central Park Lake, Sing For Hope Pop-Up Pianos, Second Line Down the High Line with Hungry March Band, Mike Doughty at City Winery, Hoketus, Columbia University’s Miller Theatre in an event co presented and sponsored by places like Joe’s Pub, River To River, Carnegie Hall, Jazzmobile, Central Park Summerstage, MATA, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Symphony Space, American Opera Projects, WNYC, GigMaven and many, many, many more. Have a great music, art and more day.
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