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A Digable Arts Festival 2011

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And a 2011 Digable Arts Festival is happening in that city of Hoboken to be found in that state of New Jersey on October 15th-16th. And I know that 2011 Digable Arts Festival is happening because this facebook event says so. And according to those Digable Arts Festival postcards, Digable Arts Festival, Hobokens Independent Arts Festival is Celebrate! Observe! Interact! Dance! Dig… Art, Photography, Sculpture, Installations, Indoor & Outdoor Stages, Blacklight Art/DJ Room, Poetry, Jewelry, Crafts

The Digable Arts Festival is a Two-day Art Festival that takes place at the Monroe Center for the Arts at 720 More…Monroe Street in Hoboken, NJ.

The Digable Arts Festival will encompass the entire third floor fo the Monroe Center. The entire third floor will be converted into an art exhibition space, with a multitude or art installations.

The Exhibition will display all kinds of art, including: Visual Art, Theatrical Art, Live Mu…sic, Special poetry section, live music, live painting,

Participating artists include:
Louise Gale, Erica Resnick, Sarah Smith, Kurtis Watkins, Cara Christopher, Ceallaigh Pender, Jason Newcomb, Carla NPSG, Jonathan Fritz, Zofia Bogusz, Mani C. Price, Laura Gravenstine, Analiese Lee De Saw, Kate Hoos, Angela Pilgrim, Monica A. Chavarria, David John Calamoneri, Christian Vigoya, Jeanne Wilkinson, Sharla Hammond, Raemy Do, Susana Falconi, Michael McManus, Michael DiGiacinto, Chris Soria, Ashley Lucas,Valerie Vanone, Daniel K. Morteh, Courtney Averett, Nancy H Mace, Æres Vistaas,Jessica Nelson-Smith, Don Sichler, Sharon Harvey, Herman Martinez, Brittany James,Thomas Shelton, Stan Lindwasser, Andrea McKenna, Maribel Guerrero, Kaliptus Arts, Stephanie Guillen, Mike Lindwasser, Dogmatic Live Art, Alison Lazarus, Andrea Kroenig,Roslyn Rose, Mike Wolf, Grace Marquinhos, Tyler Mitter, Janice Ducate, Greyegg Rosemary Gonzalez, Daniel Michael Bertelli, Natalia Kadish and Uta Brauser.

Participating musicians include:
Eldad Tarmu, Cosmal, Sunflower and the Seeds, Raphael Carrasquillo, Kevin Spyker, Don Ryan, Waka Chan, Elephant Goes West, Cecilia Celeste, Dave Calamoneri, Ryan Iozzia, Christine Miller-Polselli, Ed Kaminetzer, Antoine Poncelet, Rob Nicholas,Jack thompson, Sylvana Joyce, The Micks, Khaled, Glen Coleman, Stacy and the Sky Walkers, Marc Gionatti, Anthony Daniels, and Jon D’Angelo

Sultana Maria Jewelry, Javiera Magaly

And that view of Hoboken and beyond that finds itself posted in those photos above, well it just seems to Hoboken Arts Festival Rock. Have a great Hoboken Digable Arts Festival day and more.
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