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In the end, The People’s Convoy, a website that no longer exists now, were a scam, a fake, a fraud, a corrupt controlled opposition puppet regime sponsored by The Truckers Alliance, Unity Project and Defeat The Mandates, with puppet regime leaders to speak the language of the state, or the non profit money source, and not the language of the true people, in order to pretend to be for a movement but really instead to squash a movement, usually for freedom from some sort of oppression, as in that staged and censored Defeat The Mandates photo of “V is for Vaccine” casted crisis actors holding red, white and black protest signs that finds itself posted above, the colors of Satan, or Santa, were the only protest signs allowed in front of the stage at that Defeat The Mandates rally in Los Angeles California, and any F*uck Joe Biden, FJB, Let’s Go Brandon or any signs other than American flags were not allowed in the convoy from Hagerstown Maryland to Los Angeles California or at the Defeat The Mandates Rally in California, an event pretending to be for the people but really it’s organizers interest is for the state or its money funding source.

And this control a movement formula is sort of like those grassroots civil rights groups that you hear about in the 60’s, that were bought out or co opted out by government organizations that became infiltrated with government spies of some sort, or something like that, who become puppet regime groups who run away any groups who wish to join them in support, as enemies or competitors. And this government or corporation co – optation of grassroots movements seems to be a tried and true formula that has been used since the beginning of time that still exists to this day.

And there are no words I can think of in my ranting and raving to sum up the history and story of this The People’s Convoy to DC ongoing con artists scam drama, inspired by Freedom Convoy 2022 Canadian truckers, that mostly took place in Hagerstown Maryland, part I and II, except to say, that what’s left of it, before it defrauded its followers, ditched them in Hagerstown Maryland both times after they were used up, stole all the donation money and ran, is the real People’s Convoy, who now call themselves the 1776 Restoration Movement, who are now based in Bunkerhill West Virginia, are the true people who are not on government, corporation or organization sponsored payrolls, people who speak the language of their true selves and not the narrated scripts of their non profit money sources. And the mainstream media seems to ignore and cover up this biggest scam in the history of modern time in helping to bring in the new world order beast system and great reset, whose leaders seem to be in hiding at the moment, similar to where Black Lives Matter founders stole all the donations money in the name of a cause or charity and bought themselves and their friends 10 houses in the Bahamas.

And there is this passage I came across on the internet, one of many complaints against The People’s Convoy con artists scam that reads:

@carlanpsg yep they burned thru 2 million dollars and accomplished very little. As rat rod said driving around in circles and living in a parking lot is a waste of fuel and accomplishes nothing. I expect multiple law suits as nearly $150,000 came in just days before they pulled the plug. So I expect jail time for some since this involves wire fraud and breach of contract. A convoy that does nothing but stand still is no convoy. Ottawa did it right and did what had to be done Those thousands of supporters on bridges the first trip were there because they expected that the convoy was going to DC to chew bubblegum and kick ass Instead they had a parade which is why they began to lose both supporters and drivers”

Some websites and live streamers to follow the history of The People’s Convoy con artists scam drama and other websites for convoy watch in the USA are:


Soup Mama Official

Brian Brase Official


Oreo Express



Power and authority breeds corruption. Have a great END THE EVIL CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY day and more. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.


The People’s Convoy in Hagerstown




















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And the war of Gog and Magog has started here on planet earth since I last signed in to this blog to post on it. World War III, the new world order, great reset and mark of the beast system, the Ezekiel 38 war of Israel and that sixth trumpet war finds itself upon us here in this fig tree generation that shall not pass till all things be fulfilled. And Bible prophecy, the tribulation period, the book of Revelations is unfolding right before our very eyes, in this generation. And Satan has taken over the world. Jesus is Lord. As we are still living in crazy times, as the virus has phased itself out and the war of Russia and Ukraine has phased itself in.

And so in between waiting for what seems like nuclear war, the rise of the antichrist, the end of the world and the return of Jesus Christ, that battle between God and Satan is still taking place here on planet earth, in the form of a virus and now the great river Euphrates has dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east as in that Gog and Magog Russian Ukrainian War, if you believe. And it is in Hagerstown Maryland that I find myself posting this blog post here on this day, about The People’s Convoy, The People’s Convoy Northeast RouteFreedom Convoy 2022 Protest, the Lansing Michigan Freedom Convoy and now an American Freedom Convoy. And all of these Truckers For Freedom Convoys, American Truckers and their allies convoys, all meeting at Flying J’s, Pilot’s, Loves, Sheetz and other truck stops across America that are inspired by that Freedom Convoy 2022 Canadian Trucker Convoy protest.

And there are no words that I can find to explain or describe these seemingly historical convoys that are all taking place across America and the world in the name of freedom, freedom from global tyranny, freedom from emergency powers, freedom from oppression, freedom from the CCP, freedom from diabolical entities, freedom from Satan, freedom from the globalists, freedom from the Satanists, freedom from Lucifer and freedom from demons and demonic activities. With slogans that find themselves painted on cars, RV’s, vans, campers and trucks such as “Liberty”, “We The people” “Fire Fauci the false prophet:, “End the mandates”, “Defeat the mandates”, “DC or bust”, “Live Free or Die”, and a host of other sayings and slogans.

And it is The People’s Convoy who have travelled across the country from California with Children’s Health Defense as part of their convoy. And the People’s Convoy are now in Hagerstown, Maryland doing daily convoys from Hagerstown Maryland Speedway to the Washington DC Beltway where polizei seem to be blocking the exit ramps, that I have found myself camping at the past few weeks, in the name of freedom I guess. And it is also an attempt to vend those I Will Not Comply and Freedom Convoy 2022 necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each also I guess. And it is only those few photos that find themselves posted above, and the few links I have linked to and the few descriptions that I have copied and pasted from Freedom Convoy websites that I can use to describe this event when words fail me, when every picture tells a story and because hey, it’s less writing sometimes.

And as I type this blog post, the People’s Convoy are being joined by The American Freedom Convoy, Convoys from Texax, the Midwest and Northeast convoys and it is a revolving door of convoys from different routes and departure dates I guess, though the location of the convoy is to change later this week as they mention in their daily drivers meetings and status updates that are usually led by The People’s Convoy Lead Co Organizer Brian Brase with DJ drama, security drama and other to be we the people or not to be we the people camp drama thrown in. And some people compare the convoy to the Batttle of Jericho. And there are Live Streamers of The People’s Convoy in Hagerstown for updates if one can not make it in person. Some of these live streams being:

The People’s Convoy LIVE streamers…

1. Sasnak – youtube.com/watch?v=6AjHvagms0M

2. 1st Responders Media – youtube.com/watch?v=k9GW7DwRSX4

3. Oreo Express – youtube.com/watch?v=eJB23Kxl5h0

4. ZOT – youtube.com/watch?v=ENdpv7rHlA0

5. Trucker G – youtube.com/watch?v=8xq4ZZD8HsE

6. JeffMAC – youtube.com/watch?v=N68kiWA1ins

7. FryTVNow – youtube.com/watch?v=mer1Vy1cljk

8. TodayWithJulius – youtube.com/watch?v=TOQph-DAONw

9. WYSIWYG – youtube.com/watch?v=lAJI7qtYASA

10. Virtual Road Trip – youtube.com/watch?v=yyY07dzy-MI

Though it is East Ghost Reports that I have been following in East Ghost Reportland posts for NJEG Media and East Ghost Reports tweets about The People’s Convoy.

And there is also a rally with the doctors and live Q & A this weekend, Saturday, March 26th, 3:30-6pm at Hagerstown Speedway Maryland. “Join The People’s Convoy as we host world renowned scientists Dr. Robert Malone, Chief Medical Officer, The Unity Project, Dr. Paul Alexander, Chief Scientific Officer, The Unity Project and Brian Brase, Lead Co Organizer, The People’s Convoy. “

No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.  Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.


Freedom and World War III

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“Warning! The end is near. We are living in Biblical, Prophetic and Apocalyptic times! Repent! Seek Jesus!  Only Jesus can save you from the horrible things to come.”

Those are the words to one of those flyers posted above, while there is still internet in cyberspace, because just yesterday The People’s Convoy from California to DC and that Russia Gog and Magog war both started in almost the same hour as that virus magically disappeared and phased itself out to make way for what seems like World War III. The Gog Magog war is starting. Jesus is Lord. Bible prophecy is unfolding right before our very eyes.

And so back to this post that I posted on my other blog a couple of weeks ago.

Every picture tells a story and some stories do not end as you expect. The only thing constant is change. And so this is yet another blagh post that I find myself blogging somewhere in between reading about those Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 Trucker convoys in Canada that have spawned other Freedon Convoys around the world, a possibly impending World War three Ukranian war and other headline news ot the day, most related to that plannedemic new world order and a cashless society and tribulations virus that still finds itself here with us on planet earth seemingly three years later after if first appeared for its “two weeks to slow down the spread”, and also still finding myself attempting to go to those New York Freedom Rallies whenever possible. #wewillallbethere, or at least try to be there, and also making a couple of “Cooking Wit Carrie” videos somewhere in between.

And so I found myself on another one of those road trips to Florida, that seemingly free from virus tyranny state of St. Augustine, Anastasia State Park, Hollywood, Miami, Florida Keys, Key West and back. And it was also an attempt to vend I Love Florida necklaces, key chains, magnets and pins for $2 each along the wayside at Art Deco Weekend in South Miami Beach, Duval Street in Key West and Bayfront Marketplace for one quick second in Florida during this trip, as in some of those photos that find themselves posted above. And to those good samaritans of Florida who bought out my tray at Art Deco Weekend in Miami Beach and asked me to give the jewelry away. Thank you.

In Key West there is that mile 0, 7 mile bridge and roosters are everywhere with some of these Florida tourist and sightseeing attractions being St. Augustine Beach, Hollywood Beach, Dania Beach Casino, Hard Rock Casino, Miami Beach, The shops at Mallory Square and Duval Street and that southern most point 90 miles to Cuba historical marker in Key West, Alligator Farms, The Everglades, Miami Boat Tours in Bayfront Marketplace that seem to come along with scammy Miami Aqua Tour people taking fraudulanet $20 photos of you before you booard their tour boat to Biscaye Bay to admire thie homes of the rich and famous, and it was also the land of the Bible belt of the south and Jesus Saves billboards, Flying J’s, Loves and Pilot truck stops, welcome centers, rest stops and campgrounds along the way. #vanlife #rvlife #beachlife

And it was also an attempt to vend those I Will Not Comply and Have you tried the magnet challenge? Free jewelry if you are magnetic necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each at the Washington Monument during that Defeat The Mandate, An American Homecoming at the Lincoln Memorial that has since come to pass in Washington D.C. January 23rd, with #FJB and Let’s Go Brandon flags being sold everywhere and according to Children’s Health Defense website, speakers were Robert F. Kennedy Jr., JP Sears, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Del Bigtree, Kevin Jenkins, Dr. Christina Parks, Tricia Lindsey, Dr. Paul Alexander, Rizza Islam, Rabbi Zeb Epstein, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Tramell Thompson, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Jessica Rose, Kwame Brown, Angela Stanton King, Max Blumenthal, Jo Rose, Will Witt, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Angelina Farella, Hawk Newsome, Rev. Aaron Lewis, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Dr. Richard Urso, Trahern Crews, Chris Martenson, Lara Logan, Maureen Mcdonnell, Ernest Ramirez, Stephanie De Garay, Kyle Warner, Jayla Taveras, Hi – Rez & Jimmy Levy, Joseph Arthur, Matt Brevner and Five Times August. With sponsors being Freedom of Choice, American Frontline Nurses, Airline Employees For Health Freedom and Feds For Medical Freedom.

And so back to New York Freedom Rally again where I find myself posting another going back in time recap of their freedom rallies that have since come to past up to the present day as I type this blog post, and there has been many sit ins and demonstrations at vaccinated only venues around New York City such as Applebee’s, Burger King, Panera Bread, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods, American Museum of Natural History and even  AMC movie theater where Anti-vax protesters detained after storming AMC theater in Midtown  and 10 people were arrested by NYPD about an hour ago as I type this blog post and two independent journalists were arrested, with some of those New York Freedom Rally flyers that find themselves posted above, and East Ghost Reports posting some of their events also, some of these events which have since come to pass being PROTEST OUTSIDE OF JOE BIDEN’S VISIT TO NYPD HEADQUARTERS – 2/3/2022(SHORT VERSION) ANTI MANDATE PROTESTERS ARRESTED AT AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY – 1/26/2022DEFEAT THE MANDATES – WASHINGTON D.C. – COMPILATION – 1/23/2022VAX ONLY PANERA BREAD CLOSES EARLY – UNION SQUARE NYC – 12/19/2021.and New York City Workers March over Brooklyn Bridge Against Mandates.

City workers marched across the Brooklyn Bridge February 7th, 2022. February 11th is the deadline to get the shot or they will lose their jobs. There is a Ferry To Freedom Rally February 11. 0900 roll call. March on City Hall to demand  an end to covid – 19 mandates. Sponsored by Bravest for Choice. And it was also seen while vending Black Lives Matter jewelry at Union Square Park an #fjb Lets Go Brandon flag after a Bravest For Choice Ferry To Freedom Rally yesterday.

And big tech and social media are still helping to bring in Agenda 2030 Georgia Guidestones and the satanic new world order mark of the beast system is censoring anything that goes against the vaccine narrative. END CCPFree Leeroy Press. And there is a Natural News video that I came across in my internet travels titled Ghost World 2022-2032 – Chapter 1 – The Die-Off with a description that reads, “Our world is being transformed into a Ghost World due to vaccine bioweapons causing mass death over the next decade…. here’s how to survive the global collapse that may see HALF the human beings on planet earth:. Which basically has something to do with I think, the satanic globalists elites wanting to kill us all off by the year 2030 in the name of a virus because the world is too populated. The Georgia Guidestones genocide thing, or maybe the Global depopulation Agenda 2030 thing. Or maybe it’s cyborgs and transhumanism and phasing out humanity and turning everyone into robots powered by 5g weapons and a zombievax apocalypse and a host of other conspiracy theories that seem to be coming true right before our very eyes.

And this never ending until what seems like the return of Jesus Christ virus has become vaccine segregation, a social credit score system, a warthe vaccinated vs the unvaccinatedThe stand alone sit ins at vaxxed only venues in the New York City area still seem to be happening and the Freedom Convoys, a mobilizatoin of truckers to restore our freedom are still going strong as I type this blog post, with images of the convoys which have now spread around the world inspired by Canada. And there is a Convoy To Save America Flyer in support of Truckers For Freedom that has appeared on New York Freedom Rally’s Facebook page on this day as well and a NYC stands with Ottawa Canada rally outside of the Canadian Consulate in NYC a week later as I update this blog post as well also.


OFFICIAL NJ Convoy Finale Event & Concert

Sunday, March 6, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST

In solidarity with our brothers and sisters nationwide in the People’s Convoy from California to DC, and our neighbors to the north of the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa, Canada, a peaceful, nonpartisan convoy & rally has been planned statewide in New Jersey from March 5th – March 6th, 2022.

This Salem County Fairgrounds DC Sendoff Finale event on Sunday, March 6th, will feature a live concert by New Jersey native musical artists and entertainment.

The New Jersey Convoy to DC plans also include a mid-route Welcome Rally on March 5th at the New Egypt Speedway at 6:30pm, at 720 County Rd 539, New Egypt, NJ 08533. Special guest speakers, entertainment, music, food, and fun will also be available at this event hosted by the North/Central NJ pages

Is another world possible. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a no police state.