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Underground Horns in a Magazine

Hey bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog, and in between reading those headline news headlines of the day which can sometimes be consuming, I find myself coming across one of those facebook posts in internetland that says Underground Horns is in a magazine. And I know some good friends Underground Horns are in New York Magazine because that Underground Horns facebook post titled something like “Check out this interview/article on the underground horns in New York Magazine! The article also features many other talented underground artists” says so. And so I find myself reading about Underground Gourmet and Welf Dorr’s Underground Horns in this months New York Magazine on this day. And Underground Horns will be playing at Nublu, that cool and beyond club and bar in that seemingly trendy of a neighborhood of the Lower East Side now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe to be found in that city of New York, on Mardi Gras day, March 8th, 11pm if you happen to be in the neighborhood. And Nublu Mardi Gras Rocks. Have a great music and more day.
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