A MySpace Comment

Hey bloggers, and as I found myself MySpaceing along on my MySpace page the other day in my MySpaceaholicness, I found myself coming across this following comment that was posted on my page from Charles Wallace’s MySpace page. And this poem is the lyrics to one of his songs. And that is an interesting lyric to me. So much that I thought to post it on this blog. Have a great MySpace songs and lyrics day.

Little Jimmy Dean was lookin kinda lean
dropped out of school at only Fifteen
He need order, uh-huh, since he was born
then he met a man in a uniform who said:

“C’mon Jimmy, join the U.S. Military,
make your momma real proud”

So he signed on that dotted line
The National Guard it sounded pretty fine
He never dreamed upon that very day
they’d ship him off to Guantanamo Bay

Where they teach ya to torture and treat ’em so bad
to protect your very way of life
Oh, and to hide it, abide it cuz someday soon
They’ll be cashing in your bill rights

So he ruled on that prison block
He took his orders down from the top
He did his duty, down to the T
even the murder of a detainie

And now they want ya, they want ya, they want ya back
even though you thought you did your time
cuz the judge and the jury from the U.S. Army
want to prosecute ya now Jimmy, for your war crimes

Oh no, oh no now the General on the phone,
he swears you acted upon your own.
Someone’s got to pay the price they say
a violation of them human rights

Human rights Jimmy, remember those?
must have been all that death and torture

Death torture, Jimmy, goin’ down
Some violent torture comin’ back around
If you confess they’re gonna cop you a plea
Death and torture’s gonna set you free

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Question of the Day

I was reading todays AM New York daily newspaper and there is an article that reads: “Troops lose access to MySpace, YouTube”. Apparently the Pentagon says service members can no longer use the military’s computer system to socialize and trade videos on MySpace, YouTube and nine other Web sites. What does this mean and what does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great day.

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Blogging in a Web 2.0 World

Hey Bloggers, what’s everyone writing about these days? Again I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs wondering what to write about. I’ve always had an interest in journalism so it’s great this new web 2.0 format has enabled independent wanna be journalists like me to write about whatever random thoughts that come to mind. And now that I’ve discovered that linking to other websites helps to promote your website, I’ll probably be mentioning topics and websites just for the purpose of adding a link. Wow! Some subjects that come to mind are some of the great websites and companies of the web 2.0 internet information age; Youtube, MySpace, CD Baby, Napster, EBAY, Wikipedia, Diggs, WordPress, Opensource, Craigslist to which I am also addicted to, Blogger and a host of others. So if anyone knows of any other great topics to write about, let me know. This new social media, user generated content thing has really got me going. Todays question of the day: Why doesn’t more of the world use Biodiesel fuel? And what does that have to do with the No Police State? Have a great day.


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Blogging in a No Police State World

Hey Bloggers, I spent all day yesterday pinging. I discovered a blogger must ping from the website and I discovered Blog Explosion from Googleing and bangng around on the keyboard at random. And registering your blog in those blogger directories, that’s a whole another story. But I suppose a blogger should do these things if they want to promote their site. I have been addicted to MySpace ever since I signed up to their site a few months ago and now my MySpace page is being neglected these past few days as a result of my blogging frenzy. For more information on my MySpace page, you can visit it at . And oh, todays topic was suppose to be about prescription drug advertising and how psychiatry kills. Abolish Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment. Or was it abolish guns from everyone on planet earth that was supposed to be todays topic. Guns feed crime that feeds the media that feeds the people that feeds more crime. And what do these topics have to do with the No Police State? But those topics are a whole another entry. I’ve been seeing webpages on the internet in my dreams, for some reason my eyes are blurry from this computer frenzy. Todays Sunday, a day of rest. I should take a break. More news soon. Have a great day. Peace on earth.