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Question of the Day

I was reading todays AM New York daily newspaper and there is an article that reads: “Troops lose access to MySpace, YouTube”. Apparently the Pentagon says service members can no longer use the military’s computer system to socialize and trade videos on MySpace, YouTube and nine other Web sites. What does this mean and what does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great day.

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Army Recruiting in a No Police State World

Yesterday I received a mass email asking for jail support in a call for solidarity for 23 people arrested at a recruiting station. Apparently nearly 100 students from area universities marched to the armed forces recruiting station on 157 Chambers Street. Twenty-three members of Students for a Democratic Society entered and occupied the recruiting station shutting down recruitment activity for nearly two hours. Outside dozens more protesters supported those being arrested with chants including, “Troops out now,” “No justice, no peace. U.S. out of the Middle East,” and “Stop the war. I noticed the recruitment office is located next to the College I once attended, BMCC, a predominantly low income minority school. Military recruitment offices seem to thrive around poor and low income neighborhoods. Would these poverty pimps send their own children to the war? Why can’t there be a better financial support base , more income and retirement opportunities and free education for individuals of a recruitment age so that they will not have to consider being fodder for the canon as their only option? And what does this have to do with the No Police State?