Tofurky Soda

Tofurky Soda from IZEA! Now that’s an interesting title for an email I received in that email inbox today from IZEA, that attempt to get rich internet quick pay you to blog social media marketing company also known as Pay Per Post. And I have heard of Tofurky before, as in tofu turkey maybe. And aren’t they that company that makes all of those vegan and vegetarian fake meat products to be found in those health food stores and beyond. And Tofurky Rocks. Though Tofurky soda? What’s that all about? Soda that tastes like turkey? Hmmmm….. Is that somewhere along the lines of Silks pumpkin flavored soymilk or maybe something like hamburger flavored tea? And so this email went on to say, read, “Hey there! Are you interested in receiving a fun Thanksgiving package from IZEA?? If so, please send me back your complete mailing address so I can ensure you are included! You’ll even get to try your very own Tofurky Jones Flavored Soda!! And so I replied to that email in hopes of receiving that tofu turkey flavored soda in the mail one day. And so I gather by the approaching holiday of Thanksgiving, that it’s that time of year again, that time that eventually rolls around each year for those scheduled American holidays and beyond. And what better time to try a turkey flavored soda than Thanksgiving. Now that’s interesting. Remember the Indians, eat more tofurkey and have a great Tofurky Thanksgiving day.

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The 4th of July Again

And here on this day is another one of those holidays that seem to repeat itself each year as if to say same holiday, different year, so much that I find myself reposting those holiday blog entries again, as this blog seems as if it wants to repeat itself sometimes over the days, months, years, centuries and infinity, maybe:

It’s July 4th again. Another one of those national American patriotic holidays that is celebrated and observed only in America and nowhere else in the world. And what does the word “Patriotic” mean anyway? And for what reason does the word patriot have the word riot in it. And that “Parens Patriae” government as parent, father of a country sovereign guardianship of property thing, what’s that all about? And for what reason does the phrase Parens Patriae have the word patriot in it. That could be a whole another blog post of isms of some sort. And it’s that time of year again when the image of the American flag is worshiped and honored for whatever the reason may be and more patriotic songs are sung and more pledging of allegiance to the flags are pledged. Didn’t the flag waving just end last month with Memorial May, the other ultimate patriotic American holiday? And what is being celebrated this time? I can’t remember the meaning of July fourth. Doesn’t it have something to do with freedom or the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia? I am not sure if anyone is free when others are oppressed and civil liberties are disappearing at the speed of light in the name of “Security and terrorism” and now, the latest trend “Plots”. Although the showbusiness of fireworks for pyrotechnics of peace and war for this day can be really cool to look at and the rooftop parties can be fun. Again, I should consult Wikipedia, the ultimate internet bible to understand the meaning of this holiday. Happy July 4th, great travels, fireworks, barbecues, beachgoing and picnics.

And this one also…..


Today is July 4th. The fourth of July. It’s a day when there will be lots of events, celebrations, parties, barbeque’s and outdoor activities going on. Have you ever thought about the amount of plastic that will be disposed of today in all of this activity? Have you taken time to think of where that plastic cup or bag goes when you throw it in the garbage. As most of the parties today will most likely not be contributing to the recycling program. There are countries in Europe that impose a plastic bag tax, PlasTax of .5 cents for every plastic bag you receive to discourage the frivolous use of plastic. Ireland has reduced their consumption of plastic bags by 90 percent as a result. As New York City is contemplating a plastic ban, the plastic pimper corporations are not. America is drowning in plastic. As I have mentioned before, the evils of plastic are many. It is a non biodegradable object fueling the petroleum oil industry. The health hazards of plastic are many. Greenhouse gas emissions have run amok. Drains are being clogged and drain flooding is increasing. The birds of the earth are dying and choking from it and people are suffocating from it. For what reason is not a more natural material and product being created to replace plastic? If you are at a party today, consider the environment. Consider reusing your cup or your bag today. Go Green. And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Happy July 4th.

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A Day of Memory

So what’s going on this Memorial Day holiday. I know something must be going on because all of those events listed in this weeks Time Out New York says so. And I also know it must be Memorial Day tomorrow according to that Gregorian calendar because all of the those beginning of summer advertisements in the papers and displays in the stores says so. And I have found myself blah blogging about this topic on my blog before as it seems to be another one of those holidays that rolls around each year like clockwork. And some of those events that I found listed throughout my Timeout New York Magazine and beyond for this Memorial Day weekend internet travels are::

Beats and BBQ at Art Land in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with house music, barbecue and DJs including Ali Coleman from Voice of Voice, Pre Party Radio’s Jose G, Takaya from the Shanti shindig, Lion 1 Music’s Go Kiryu, Soul Fire’s Dawn Anesta and Save the Robots’ Siren.

and then there’s

That 14th Annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts that seems to happen at Theatre For the New City each year with poetry, readings, dance, music, theatre, cabaret and more. And those festivals theatre and street festival rock. And try and check out those murals on their downstairs basement wall while you are there as those are the coolest artwork done by some cool artists. And some of their artists, performers and groups for this years festival include Stan Baker, Amy Barronei, Steve Cannon, Judith Caporale, Peter Carlaftes, Gil Faliani, Ellen Farber, Kat Georges, Robert Gibbons, Robert Harris, Gary Heidt, Karen Hildebrand, Matthew Hupert, David Lawton, Brant Lyon , Lois Kagan Mingus, Lissa Moira, Larry Myers, Ronnie Norpel, Linda Reeves, Slim Russell, Susan Scutti, Jackie Sheeler, David Vernon, George Wallas, Richard West, Jeffrey Cuphers Wright, Beau Allillu, Jeanette Arnone-K, Joseph Arbo, Deborah Aslanian, Amy Cohen Banker, Brian Benson, Margret Birns, Kathryn Bloss, Lois Carlo, Carlos Cevallos, Victor Cevallos, Kathy Creutzburg, Onno de Jong, Dennis Edge, Lauren Edmond, Haim Elisha, Kris Enos, Millie Falcaro, Susann Ferris Jones, Walter Fitzgerald, Kathy Jennings, Randy Jones, Sonja Hofer, John Kohan, Angela La Monte, Elodie Lauten, Phoebe Legere, Len Leone, Brookie Maxwell, Patricia McGovern, Marlis Momber, Lissa Moira, Megan Murtha, Ronnie Norpel, Jo Pendola, Rolando Politi, Jacqueline Rada, Carolyn Ratcliffe, Bonnie Rosenstock, Morena Saenz, Gene Schull, Shell Sheddy, Barbara Slitkin, George Smol, Anne Stanner, Leslie Tanner, Robert Varkony, Richard West, Joe Franklin, Rosie Mendez, Reno, Tammy Grimes, Penny Arcade, Phoebe Legere, Judith Malina, Katherine Adamenko, Zero Boy, Joe Bendik, The Love Show, William Parker and Patricia Nicholson, Bina Sharif, Joe’s Pub, La Mama,The Living Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop, CAVE Gallery, Franklin Furnace, Crystal Field, Barbara Kahn and more.

And there’s also

something going on in Times Square for Memorial day. Times Square is going green and will be closed to vehicle traffic for its new pedestrian walkway. And there will be a Memorial Day movie, street performers and musicians to celebrate this event throughout the summer also. And this event seems like it’s going to go green, it’s the new thing, rock.

And there must be more, lots more of Memorial Day events going on in that city of New York that are passing me at the moment. And so let me take this web 2.0 social media user generated content opportunity to post that Memorial Day blog entry that was written on this blog some time a while ago:

Honoring The Fallen?

And Memorial Day is almost near in a couple of days or so according to that Gregorian calendar and all of those street festivals that are to be found everywhere in the streets today. And I thought to blah blog about this patriotic flag waving holiday. And this also leads me to realize that I have been blahging on this blog for over a year now and that these holidays seem to be a recurring event and same day, different year when that same ole Gregorian calendar date roles around. And then I thought, hey, I can just post the same blog entry from a year ago that I posted on this blog a year ago because it almost seems like it’s the same day, different year. And besides, it’s less writing sometimes. So the following is a passage that I posted on this blog a year ago:

And today is Memorial Day in America. A celebration of the war day. Another one of those patriotic holidays. The flag wavers are out and yellow ribbons, badges of honor, medals, parades, marches, prayers, patriotic songs, tributes and ceremonies are being broadcast everywhere. The headlines read “Honor the dead soldiers, honor the fallen soldiers and comrades”. Today is the ultimate patriotic fanatic holiday. My question of the day; for what reason is it an honor to volunteer to be fodder for the canon. For what reason is it an honor to die for nothing, to fight for reasons that do not exist, to fight against the flesh for powers that be that one cannot even see. For what reason is it an honor to be so poor that one will volunteer their life in exchange for money after one leaves the service, if one leaves the service. For what reason is it an honor for persons to be brainwashed with propaganda, theirs or mine. For what reason is it an honor to become a violent person and pick up a gun and kill another person for no reason at all. For what reason is it an honor to be a veteran who now make up the majority of the homeless population. For what reason is it an honor to attend one of those military sponsored funerals and cry over the image of a flag that propagates violence, the same flag that caused ones death. For what reason is it an honor to fall and die for nothing. For what reason is it an honor to promote this ideology. What is heroic about all of this? And why does the word “Patriot” have the word “Riot” in it? And why does the word “Military” militant militia have the word “Mal” in it? “Parens Patriarch, Father of our country”, that phrase seems to be the basis of endless deaths of the world. I saw Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary. It is nineteen eighty four and Orwellianism is everywhere at its best today. Is it written somewhere that this must all come to pass? Happy beach bar b queing Memorial day. Peace on earth. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Holy Week

The Holy Week of Easter is upon us again. And I know this because all of these newspapers I have read lately with their advertisements from churches for Palm Sunday, Liturgy of the Palms and Solem Mass, Maundy Thursday, Solemn Mass of the last supper, Good Friday, Easter Eve, lighting of the new fire, the great vigil, the first mass of Easter, Easter Day, procession and solemn mass of the resurrection says so. And aren’t there seders for this holiday to be found around town for this week. And I think I remember blah blogging about this topic on this blog before as after many days of blogging on this blog, those holidays of the year seem to roll around at the same time each year. And each time those holidays seem as if they want to repeat themselves, I sometimes find myself repeating that same blog entry all over again as follows:

Holy Dayze

Easter must be getting nearer, and I would forget sometimes if it weren’t for the newspapers and advertisements telling me so. For this weeks newspapers are full of ads reading “Join us during Holy Week”, “Holy Week and Easter 2008”, and the schedules for the Church Palm Sunday, Blessing of Palms and the Holy Eucharist and watch through the night, Good Friday, liturgy of the passion, Holy Saturday, in celebration of our lord’s resurrection and children’s Easter egg hunt, Saturday anticipated mass, Sunday masses, morning prayer, closing of adoration, stations of the cross, solemn Easter vigil, Good Friday Blues, Peace Now Concert, Easter Day: the day of resurrection, procession with strings, brass, piano, organ, full bands, handbells, children’s choir and the list of church events goes on and on. And this Holy Week thing is making me wonder, are churches the most segregated congregated places on planet earth? I just realized that every time I want to go to church, I have to find a church mass, communion and religious worship service for my “Demonination” my nationality. For what reason can’t all churches welcome everyone regardless of your race, color or creed. The one place where one goes to find God and be free is not free, it’s segregated by nationality and denominations. It’s either all Christian, all Protestant, all Jewish, all Episcopalian, all Catholic, all Muslim, all Buddhist or all something else. This Tower of Babel confusion of the languages, cultures and nations thing has got me confused. And what if I want to go to church with someone who is not my nationality? We’d have to look around really hard to find a church that would accept both of our nationalities. I do believe there are some free, liberal, multicultural and diverse churches who welcome everyone such as Interfaith, Unitarian and Universalist churches who approach faith, religion and spirituality in a non traditional, creedless and non dogmatic way and have no creedal requirements imposed on their members. Times Square Church in Manhattan is an example of this. But for the most part, churches have always remained segregated. I am losing faith in the churches for this reason, they seem Saint Hypocritical and Saint Elitist in their God loves you for who you are speeches. Where can I go to find God and not be judged by the color of my skin? Should I just become an Atheist? Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. Happy Easter.

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Holy Dayze

And another holiday has come and gone. New Years Eve is here on this day and Christmas has came and went. And I can barely even remember it was Christmas as for looking at that TV Guide listings schedule, there was not a single Christmas movies, show or reference to be found on Christmas day. Except for paid programming. And it was regularly scheduled programming as usual from what I saw. And what’s that all about, the idea that on Christmas, there are no free Christmas programs to be found on TV. Or maybe I just overlooked them in that tv guide. And “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. ” ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce. And that is an awesome saying to me that I ran across in my internet travels on this day of that Gregorian calendar year. And there are many parties to be partied at, many resolutions that are to be made, and many Auld Lang Syne’s that are to be sung on this day from what I recall. What lies behind at years end and what lies ahead before at New Years Day for humanity and the world. Do we all go to that same place eventually, where ever that may be. And it is old long ago. Happy New Years!

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A Different Calendar Year

Hey Bloggers, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and those other holy days this time of year are here and according to that Gregorian calendar New Years Eve and New Years Day is just around the corner. I know because the calendar, the date on this computers clock, and all of those advertisings and listings in all of those newspapers says so. And with that New Years days usually comes what seems like a ton of New Years Day parties and celebrations to celebrate the ringing in and coming of the new year. And from what I recall, according to that Chinese New Year zodiac 12 year cycle calendar, it is also the year of the ox, I think. And its New Years Eve party time for another calendar year. And the admission prices of some of those New Years Eve events are usually priced well beyond my go to a party or an event budget sometimes to me and can be enough to have me just hiding out under a rock and going nowhere that day. And some of those New Years Events that are to be found in that City of new York are as follows:

Kwanzaa – It’s a Family Affair

University of the Streets, an oasis in the Lower East Side founded by the late visionary Muhammad Salahuddeen in 1967, which has promoted, encouraged and nurtured artists of all disciplines presents its First Annual Kwanzaa Festival “It’s a Family Affair”, a fundraising event to support the organization’s efforts, on December 26th, 27th and 31st, 2008, and January 1st, 2009, at Headline performances include The Timelessness Project, Indie Recording Artist, Nhojj, Tony Award Nominee and Blue Note Recording Artist Ms. Elizabeth Withers and Jay Rodriguez’s Saxophone Choir. And there is an artist reception as part of this event December 28, 3pm, that I have a few pieces of artwork in also.

New Year’s Eve

Winkel and Balktick Present Mysteries of Creation

Earth-shaking audio black magic on the dancefloor from DJs: D Juice, Time trotting dubstep and and techno; Dhundee – Beats, breaks and house from beyond; Reza, Primordial bouncing house and techno; Timeless troubadour and minstrels shows from live musicians: Djibouti, Brassy funk from the age of the Pharaohs. Zack Hagan & 1050, Legendary live electronic trip hop dance trio. Miss Angelina, Celestial sassy female rapper lady. Miraculous future primitive feats and spectacles from: The Modern Gypsies. Art, installations, activities, games and assorted wizardry from: Brian Bucher, The Jellie Collective, Joe Che, Miss C Spot, Ms. D Pak Kei Mak, Tara McManus, Meghann Plunkett. Performance by Betty T Kao, Evan Cairo, Gregory Skolozdra, the Jellie Collective, Justin Lange, Joe Che, Laura Sheedy, Liz Latona, Miss C Spot, Ms. D, 0h1o M1ke, Pak Kei Mak, Tara McManus, Meghann Plunkett, Yung Oh Le Page, and Zoe ShihZaru.

New Year’s at Jivamukti

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Sharon Gannon and David Life and special kirtan with Sura and the Temple Bhajan Band. There will be a Special Class and Dinner, a special, Last Jivamukti Class of 2008 with founders Sharon Gannon and David Life followed by a vegan dinner at our JivamukTea Cafe. Also a Kirtan Dance Party with Sura Das and The Temple Bhajan Band Featuring a live performance by Sharon Gannon. Jivamukti opens its doors to provide a yogic place of refuge for Free to all. Mauna, the yogic practice of silence, will be observed from 9:00pm-12:00am. All the practice rooms will be open and available to provide a space for individual reflection on this special evening. At midnight we will break the silence with chanting and elevated messages lead by Sharon Gannon and David Life. The Famous Jivamukti New Year’s Eve Yummy Vegan Chai will be served free of charge during this time. 12am – 12:30am: New Years’ message with Sharon Gannong and David Life. Programs Open to all.

New Year’s Eve at Cosm @ CoSM

Experience the grand finale. Chapel of Sacred Mirrors last party in NYC. This is the last party where the entire art exhibit including the Sacred Mirrors will be on view. In MicroCoSM gallery, Alex Grey’s 40 year self portrait retrospective. 9pm. Raw organic food by Gabrielle Brick. 10pm-3am, Chapel: Mz Imani & The Rhythm Shamans, HuDost, experimental Eastern fusion, Ray Ippolito, Transcendental soundscapes, Steve Booke, Cosmic guitar. 10pm-4am, CoSMosis: Live Painting: Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Sharon Fulcher, Percept, Black Snow, Collyn Gold. DJ Cloud CoSM, NY electro tech-house. Mikio & Blacklight CoSM, Freek Factory NY Soulful dub breaks & visionary MC. Satchi Om CoSM, Jungle, NY, LA, Miami dance hall & breaks. Abai vs. Sleepyhead All original Cali street ritual dubstep/hiphop dubstep/basshop. Midnight Om Ceremony led by Allyson & Alex Grey, Sera & Solstice/East Coast Tribal bellydance, Satchi Om. 12-4am, Hall of Spirit: Primate down-tempo psytrance, Satchi Om psydub, Environmental Deco by Phantomine.


Easy Lover Loft New Year’s Special

The New Yearís Eve plans have been hatched. Easy Loverís taking REFUGE in Bushwick for the evening, and Justin Carter and DJ Probus are ringing in 2009 with their special friend Dex from Underground Resistance. The views from the roof are expansive, the space is cozy, the sound is sweet, and weíll be dressing it all up just for you. To boot, the champagneís on us from the time the door opens until the clock strikes 2009, and if you donít have someone to kiss when the ball drops, chances are youíll be able to find someone. It is called Easy Lover after all. Easy Lover Loft: New Yearís Special with Justin Carter, DJ Probus, and special guest DJ Dex from Underground Resistance. Open champagne bar from 9pm until the midnight toast.


Also again…

December 30

Great Small Works Plus Spaghetti Dinner End of the Year Bash

With Flight, shadow theater created and performed by Erik Ruin with Leslie Rogers and live violin score by Katt Hernandez. Great Small Works Festival of Lights shadow show. Special New Year sonic massages by Wollesonic. Exerpts from Bread and Puppet Theater’s Dirt Cheap Opera, after Bertolt Brecht. And Michael Winograd’s Infection party music: skeleton mambo with a twist at Judson Memorial Church.

And also again..

A Surreal New Years Eve

Share your New Years celebration at the warmest community-run building in Brooklyn, Surreal Estate. We’ve got it all folks, on four fabulous floors: a variety show starring J Lyn from Decadancetheater, a contortionist, a tall unicycle rider, jugglers, a breakdancing troupe, the neighborhood bottle collector playing such sweet harmonica music with his nose. Or check out our D.I.Y. Winter Fashion Runway Drama, a puffy and passionate demonstration of self-made fashion. Playfully projected on multiple walls with help from The Glass Bead Collective.
Also, Talibam! back in NYC after six European tours, Whack, reggae hip-hop artist Melodic hyping the crowd, Shamari Rockca and the Prosulas Band, Kashawn, Zoe’s Band, Jared’s bluegrass, and a Balkan brass band. DJs spin tropical Afro Caribbean, Latin, Chicano-electro-punk, hip hop, dubstep. Cheap beer, fancy beer, homemade pomegranate wine.
Stay all night and eat our yummy pancakes early in the morning. Yoga and meditation to celebrate the New Year on our secret floor tucked away from the noisy crowd. Please come support our six community organizations where we’ll be donating funds raised.

And then there are those L Magazine events that are listed for this “Last Look at 08” week for New Year’s Eve 2008 for Sutra Lounge, S.O.B’s, Sin Sin, Mehanata Bulgarian Bar, Soho Grand Hotel, Sapphire, Webster Hall, Pacha, Cipriani, Duvet and more.

And there seems to be many, many more party on a New Years Day events going on around town on this day and time.

Happy New Year
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An Athens Christmas

And from what I can tell by looking at the clock on the lower right hand corner of the screen on this computer is that it is 1:02am eastern daylight saving time in that country of America, and that must mean that it is officially Christmas according to that Gregorian calendar, Christs birthday in that EST time zone. And there must be many midnight masses and holiday travelling going on on this holy day. And those photos above are from Athens, Greece, a city with protesters in the streets on behalf of the shooting death of a teenager at the hands of the Greek police. And guns are the worst invention of a death industry ever. If only guns could be banished from every human being on the face of planet earth. If only guns could be banished from every form of advertising, marketing and media campaigns. Is another world possible. And these photos are from a website BagnewsNotes. And this is a website that was sent to me from a friend who sent me some images of Christmas. And that is an interesting website to read. O Christmas Tree. And these photos, which do not exactly seem like holiday greetings, seem to speak for themselves. And what does this have to do with a No Police State.

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A New Years Day

And New Years Day must be coming up soon, I know because Christmas is near, almost here, and usually New Years Day is to be found soon after. And besides, Village Voice New Year’s Eve Event Guide says so. And as sure as one can say New Years Eve, one can almost say The Poetry Projects 35th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Reading, an annual event that is held at St. Marks Church in that city of New York every year. And this event seems to be synonymous with the new year to me each year in New York City. And this years participants include:
Bruce Andrews, Sally Silvers,Ernie Brooks, Steven Hall, Peter Zummo, Vyt Bakaitis, Jim Behrle, Martine Bellen, Anselm Berrigan, Edmund Berrigan, Barbara Blatner, Justin Bond, Donna Brook, Franklin Bruno, Tisa Bryant, Peter Bushyeager, Reuben Butchart, John Carroll, Steve Cannon, Yoshiko Chuma, Todd Colby, John Coletti, Corina Copp, Brenda Coultas, Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle, Mónica de la Torre, Katie Degentesh, Barry Denny, Maggie Dubris, Douglas Dunn, Marcella Durand, Steve Earle, Will Edmiston, Marty Ehrlich, Joe Eliot, Laura Elrick, Avram Fefer, Bonny Finberg, Jess Fiorini, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Foamola, Merry Fortune, Tonya Foster, David Freeman, Ed Friedman, Joanna Fuhrman, Cliff Fyman, Drew Gardner, John Giorno, John Godfrey, Abraham Gomez-Delgado, Sylvia Gorelick, Stephanie Gray, Ted Greenwald, John S. Hall, Janet Hamill, Diana Hamilton, David Henderson, Bob Hershon, Mitch Highfill, Bob Holman, Erica Hunt, Brenda Iijima, Lisa Jarnot, Hettie Jones, Patricia Spears Jones, Pierre Joris, Erica Kaufman, Lenny Kaye, Evan Kennedy, Aaron Kiely, Paul Killebrew, David Kirschenbaum, Bill Kushner, Paul La Farge, Susan Landers, Denize Lauture, Joseph Legaspi, Joel Lewis, Rachel Levitsky, Brendan Lorber, Filip Marinovic, Susan Maurer, Gillian McCain, Tracy McTague, Taylor Mead, Jonas Mekas, Jennifer Monson, Rebecca Moore, Tracie Morris, Gina Myers, Eileen Myles, Marc Nasdor, Murat Nemet Nejat, Jim Neu, Richard O’Russa, Akilah Oliver, Geoffrey Olsen, Dael Orlandersmith, Yuko Otomo, Ron Padgett, Julie Patton, Yvette Perez, Nicole Peyrafitte, Wanda Phipps, Kristin Prevallet, Arlo Quint, Chris Rael, Lee Ranaldo, Citizen Reno, Frances Richard, Renato Rosaldo, Bob Rosenthal, Douglas Rothschild, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Tom Savage, Michael Scharf, Harris Schiff, David Shapiro, Elliott Sharp, Frank Sherlock, Nathaniel Siegel, Samita Sinha, Hal Sirowitz, Patti Smith, Christopher Stackhouse, Stacy Szymaszek, Anne Tardos, Cecil Taylor, Steven Taylorm, Debra Salvo, Susie Timmons, Rodrigo Toscano, David Vogen, Anne Waldman, Nicole Wallace, Jo Ann Wasserman, Phyllis Wat, Karen Weiser, Dustin Williamson, Max Winter, Don Yorty, Emily XYZ and more.
And this event poetry rocks.
Have a great New Years poetry Day
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Santas In Town

Hey Bloggers, it’s that Christmas time of year again. I know because the holiday decorations that are to be found everywhere and all of the advertisements that are to e found everywhere, and all of the toys and Christmas items that are to be found in all of the stores says so. And I’ve been seeing Santa on the streets a lot lately, hailing cabs, hanging out on street corners and attending parties and celebrations. And where does Santa Clause get his costume for this Christmas holiday season I wonder. Well, if you happen to be looking for santa costumes for the Christmas season occasion or any other occasion, you can find them at Eastern Toys. Easter Toys sells Christmas costumes, Halloween Costumes,
cheap costumes, Easter costumes, Disney costumes, Thanksgiving costumes, pet costumes, children’s costumes, adult costumes, infant toddler costumes, costume accessories, toys, and just about every kind of costume one can think of for many occasions. You can dress up to be just about anyone you want to be with the costumes from Eastern Toys. And that Santa Beard and Wig Set Costume they have on their website looks just about right for walking around town in about now. With Eastern Toys, dressing up has never been funner.

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Black Friday

And that day on the morrow must be Thanksgiving. I know because the supermarket lines that are out the door an the restaurant menus that are posted on their doors says so. And remember the Indians, who were seemingly betrayed for a bag of beads, as this country of America may have been founded on violence. And what the heck is a Black Friday, as that day must be the next day son after that holiday of Thanksgiving. And I know Black Friday must be this Friday because the cell phone conversations on the streets with subjects like “Friday is payday”. They got Black Friday this Friday”. And the tons of advertising headlines that read “Sample Sales, Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Black Friday Sale: Nov 28, IKEA’s Black Friday Sale: Nov 28, H & M’s 24 Hours Of Black Friday Savings: Nov 28, Black Friday Wine Special At Burke In The Box At Bloomingdale’s, Housing Works Thrift Shops Wine Saturday Event?, what’s a White Saturday?, Best & Co’s Black Friday Sale, Muji’s New Chelsea Store Giveaway, and the Black Friday advertising sale headlines seem to be endless. And this buy as much as you can spendaholicness could be interesting with that impending recession depression going on. And I must have blah blogged about this Thanksgiving Day holiday before on this blog, as this blog seems as if it wants to repeat itself another year that I have been blaghing about blogatopics. And then there’s that make up another name to go shopping and spend money holiday called “Cyber Monday”. What the heck is that all about? And that could be a whole another blog posting. Oh, and there’s also Buy Nothing Day this week also, as in buy nothing in ones consumerism. Have a great remember the Indians day and eat more tofurky.

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