Tofurky Soda

Tofurky Soda from IZEA! Now that’s an interesting title for an email I received in that email inbox today from IZEA, that attempt to get rich internet quick pay you to blog social media marketing company also known as Pay Per Post. And I have heard of Tofurky before, as in tofu turkey maybe. And aren’t they that company that makes all of those vegan and vegetarian fake meat products to be found in those health food stores and beyond. And Tofurky Rocks. Though Tofurky soda? What’s that all about? Soda that tastes like turkey? Hmmmm….. Is that somewhere along the lines of Silks pumpkin flavored soymilk or maybe something like hamburger flavored tea? And so this email went on to say, read, “Hey there! Are you interested in receiving a fun Thanksgiving package from IZEA?? If so, please send me back your complete mailing address so I can ensure you are included! You’ll even get to try your very own Tofurky Jones Flavored Soda!! And so I replied to that email in hopes of receiving that tofu turkey flavored soda in the mail one day. And so I gather by the approaching holiday of Thanksgiving, that it’s that time of year again, that time that eventually rolls around each year for those scheduled American holidays and beyond. And what better time to try a turkey flavored soda than Thanksgiving. Now that’s interesting. Remember the Indians, eat more tofurkey and have a great Tofurky Thanksgiving day.

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