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A Different Calendar Year

Hey Bloggers, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and those other holy days this time of year are here and according to that Gregorian calendar New Years Eve and New Years Day is just around the corner. I know because the calendar, the date on this computers clock, and all of those advertisings and listings in all of those newspapers says so. And with that New Years days usually comes what seems like a ton of New Years Day parties and celebrations to celebrate the ringing in and coming of the new year. And from what I recall, according to that Chinese New Year zodiac 12 year cycle calendar, it is also the year of the ox, I think. And its New Years Eve party time for another calendar year. And the admission prices of some of those New Years Eve events are usually priced well beyond my go to a party or an event budget sometimes to me and can be enough to have me just hiding out under a rock and going nowhere that day. And some of those New Years Events that are to be found in that City of new York are as follows:

Kwanzaa – It’s a Family Affair

University of the Streets, an oasis in the Lower East Side founded by the late visionary Muhammad Salahuddeen in 1967, which has promoted, encouraged and nurtured artists of all disciplines presents its First Annual Kwanzaa Festival “It’s a Family Affair”, a fundraising event to support the organization’s efforts, on December 26th, 27th and 31st, 2008, and January 1st, 2009, at Headline performances include The Timelessness Project, Indie Recording Artist, Nhojj, Tony Award Nominee and Blue Note Recording Artist Ms. Elizabeth Withers and Jay Rodriguez’s Saxophone Choir. And there is an artist reception as part of this event December 28, 3pm, that I have a few pieces of artwork in also.

New Year’s Eve

Winkel and Balktick Present Mysteries of Creation

Earth-shaking audio black magic on the dancefloor from DJs: D Juice, Time trotting dubstep and and techno; Dhundee – Beats, breaks and house from beyond; Reza, Primordial bouncing house and techno; Timeless troubadour and minstrels shows from live musicians: Djibouti, Brassy funk from the age of the Pharaohs. Zack Hagan & 1050, Legendary live electronic trip hop dance trio. Miss Angelina, Celestial sassy female rapper lady. Miraculous future primitive feats and spectacles from: The Modern Gypsies. Art, installations, activities, games and assorted wizardry from: Brian Bucher, The Jellie Collective, Joe Che, Miss C Spot, Ms. D Pak Kei Mak, Tara McManus, Meghann Plunkett. Performance by Betty T Kao, Evan Cairo, Gregory Skolozdra, the Jellie Collective, Justin Lange, Joe Che, Laura Sheedy, Liz Latona, Miss C Spot, Ms. D, 0h1o M1ke, Pak Kei Mak, Tara McManus, Meghann Plunkett, Yung Oh Le Page, and Zoe ShihZaru.

New Year’s at Jivamukti

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Sharon Gannon and David Life and special kirtan with Sura and the Temple Bhajan Band. There will be a Special Class and Dinner, a special, Last Jivamukti Class of 2008 with founders Sharon Gannon and David Life followed by a vegan dinner at our JivamukTea Cafe. Also a Kirtan Dance Party with Sura Das and The Temple Bhajan Band Featuring a live performance by Sharon Gannon. Jivamukti opens its doors to provide a yogic place of refuge for Free to all. Mauna, the yogic practice of silence, will be observed from 9:00pm-12:00am. All the practice rooms will be open and available to provide a space for individual reflection on this special evening. At midnight we will break the silence with chanting and elevated messages lead by Sharon Gannon and David Life. The Famous Jivamukti New Year’s Eve Yummy Vegan Chai will be served free of charge during this time. 12am – 12:30am: New Years’ message with Sharon Gannong and David Life. Programs Open to all.

New Year’s Eve at Cosm @ CoSM

Experience the grand finale. Chapel of Sacred Mirrors last party in NYC. This is the last party where the entire art exhibit including the Sacred Mirrors will be on view. In MicroCoSM gallery, Alex Grey’s 40 year self portrait retrospective. 9pm. Raw organic food by Gabrielle Brick. 10pm-3am, Chapel: Mz Imani & The Rhythm Shamans, HuDost, experimental Eastern fusion, Ray Ippolito, Transcendental soundscapes, Steve Booke, Cosmic guitar. 10pm-4am, CoSMosis: Live Painting: Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Sharon Fulcher, Percept, Black Snow, Collyn Gold. DJ Cloud CoSM, NY electro tech-house. Mikio & Blacklight CoSM, Freek Factory NY Soulful dub breaks & visionary MC. Satchi Om CoSM, Jungle, NY, LA, Miami dance hall & breaks. Abai vs. Sleepyhead All original Cali street ritual dubstep/hiphop dubstep/basshop. Midnight Om Ceremony led by Allyson & Alex Grey, Sera & Solstice/East Coast Tribal bellydance, Satchi Om. 12-4am, Hall of Spirit: Primate down-tempo psytrance, Satchi Om psydub, Environmental Deco by Phantomine.


Easy Lover Loft New Year’s Special

The New Yearís Eve plans have been hatched. Easy Loverís taking REFUGE in Bushwick for the evening, and Justin Carter and DJ Probus are ringing in 2009 with their special friend Dex from Underground Resistance. The views from the roof are expansive, the space is cozy, the sound is sweet, and weíll be dressing it all up just for you. To boot, the champagneís on us from the time the door opens until the clock strikes 2009, and if you donít have someone to kiss when the ball drops, chances are youíll be able to find someone. It is called Easy Lover after all. Easy Lover Loft: New Yearís Special with Justin Carter, DJ Probus, and special guest DJ Dex from Underground Resistance. Open champagne bar from 9pm until the midnight toast.


Also again…

December 30

Great Small Works Plus Spaghetti Dinner End of the Year Bash

With Flight, shadow theater created and performed by Erik Ruin with Leslie Rogers and live violin score by Katt Hernandez. Great Small Works Festival of Lights shadow show. Special New Year sonic massages by Wollesonic. Exerpts from Bread and Puppet Theater’s Dirt Cheap Opera, after Bertolt Brecht. And Michael Winograd’s Infection party music: skeleton mambo with a twist at Judson Memorial Church.

And also again..

A Surreal New Years Eve

Share your New Years celebration at the warmest community-run building in Brooklyn, Surreal Estate. We’ve got it all folks, on four fabulous floors: a variety show starring J Lyn from Decadancetheater, a contortionist, a tall unicycle rider, jugglers, a breakdancing troupe, the neighborhood bottle collector playing such sweet harmonica music with his nose. Or check out our D.I.Y. Winter Fashion Runway Drama, a puffy and passionate demonstration of self-made fashion. Playfully projected on multiple walls with help from The Glass Bead Collective.
Also, Talibam! back in NYC after six European tours, Whack, reggae hip-hop artist Melodic hyping the crowd, Shamari Rockca and the Prosulas Band, Kashawn, Zoe’s Band, Jared’s bluegrass, and a Balkan brass band. DJs spin tropical Afro Caribbean, Latin, Chicano-electro-punk, hip hop, dubstep. Cheap beer, fancy beer, homemade pomegranate wine.
Stay all night and eat our yummy pancakes early in the morning. Yoga and meditation to celebrate the New Year on our secret floor tucked away from the noisy crowd. Please come support our six community organizations where we’ll be donating funds raised.

And then there are those L Magazine events that are listed for this “Last Look at 08” week for New Year’s Eve 2008 for Sutra Lounge, S.O.B’s, Sin Sin, Mehanata Bulgarian Bar, Soho Grand Hotel, Sapphire, Webster Hall, Pacha, Cipriani, Duvet and more.

And there seems to be many, many more party on a New Years Day events going on around town on this day and time.

Happy New Year
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