Pinc Louds at Tompkins Square Park




















Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And so I found myself attempting to vend those DecorForU #blacklivesmatter #S#!tJustGotReal #notmypresident #occupywallstreet #nopolicestate #yoga #morus #theshadow #squat #tompkinssquarepark #brooklyn #eastvillage #lowereastside and #iloveny necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each and handing out Fly Orr PANicDEMIC flyers at Tompkins Square Park again, and I came across Pinc Louds playing there again this past weekend. And there was dancing and dancing and even more dancing in that big circle at that park. And in case you don’t know who Pinc Louds is, I didn’t either until I saw them playing there every weekend this past month. And so I found myself taking a bunch of photos of them playing music, music and more music and photos of people holding Fly Orr’s PANicDEMIC flyers again. And I can never figure out where to post all of those photos and videos except here on this blog sometimes. And not only was Pinc Louds playing at Tompkins Square Park this past weekend, the cops showed up with what seemed like an army of police to guard a statue that has been graffitied, I guess as part of those Black Lives Matter protests that seem to be taking place around the world, along with that scary virus that came from out of nowhere. And as Chris Flash of The Shadow wrote:

“Did someone crank call the NYPD to tell them that the Samuel. S. Cox stature in Tompkins Square Park is coming down?? Since 4pm today, “Strategic Response” and 9th precinct cops have been posted at the statue, after surrounding it with barricades!!”


And ditto, I just came across this above photo in facebookland that there is a Tompkins Square Park Police Riot 32nd Anniversary (1988-2020) in Tompkins Square Park this weekend, August 1st-2nd.

And the text for that Tompkins Square Park Police Riot 32nd Anniversary photo reads like:

“First Show of the Season !
Finally.. A 2 Day Special Acoustic Chapter .. First Ever Acoustic Show in over 30 years.. Acorn Slim Scott Newman and John Lane Dean Rane Gass Wild
Rew Starr Dead Dean Chris Iconicide Spike Polite. And SEWAGE and Direct From Long Island.. The Beautiful
Karen Bella.. Its Saturday and Sunday Friends.. ( This Weekend ) So Lets All Show Up.. Like we Always do, Support Our Locals. And have a Great Time ” ….. 🖤😎😷😈🤘
Taking Over- “OUR PARK ”

Tompkins Square Park, August 1st-2nd, 1pm
Both Daze ….”

No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State. Occupy Wall Street. Black Lives Matter. #defundthepolice





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