Images of a Boarded Up New York City











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And in addition to that Images of an NYC Protest Aftermath for George Floyd blog post that I posted on my other blagh last week with images of boarded up buildings, the aftermath Black Lives Matter protests and riots, I thought I would post a few more photos of a surreal New York and seemingly a nation of boarded up windows, doors and buildings that one can see just walking around Manhattan and that city of New York. And so I guess I’ll just post that same text that I posted on my other blog last week because hey, it’s less writing sometimes.

“At first it was the Coronavirus, the coronapocalypse, the control a virus, the pandemicthe plannedemicscamdemic or whatever you want to call that scary virus that came from out of nowhere in the year 2020. And now it is nationwide and seemingly worldwide protests that have seemingly turned into riots for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality. And whatever happened to social distancing for a virus in the middle of a protest? And so now that Facebook and Instagram feed has changed from all things coronavirus to all things George Floyd and Black Lives Matter literally overnight. And words are passing me by in commentary in what seems like a revolution similar to those Martin Luther King marches during the civil rights movements era. And both this coronavirus and now these Black Lives Matter protests, riots and rebellions against racism and police violence seem to be somewhere in between a new world order, a police state and martial law to me. And the images of these protests and marches in protest of police brutality seem to be met with even more horrifying images of police brutality and the horrifying images of police brutality seems to be global. And words are passing me by again to comment on everything that is happening in the world now, except to post these images of an aftermath of fires and broken windows and burned out police vehicles, looted stores and boarded up buildings in New York City for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality. And there are more images of this aftermath of a protest to be found at evgrieve.com. And today is Blackout Tuesday in solidarity against all forms of racism, violence and discrimination. Stop Killing Black People. Is another world possible. And as I type this blog post there seems to be curfews, also known as martial law, in New York City and other states, as a result of these riots. Babylon has fallen. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State. #blacklivesmatter

And then there is this video of a boarded up nation across America.


And then there is this End of the world: Mayan doomsday resurgence after ‘we are technically in 2012’ claim mayan conspiracy article , (two photos above..), that I came across today in internetland that caught my attention, that says something about:

END OF THE WORLD fears have resurged after online users wildly claimed the Julian calendar, which was used until the 1500s, would place Earth in the year 2012, not 2020, potentially meaning the Mayan’s doomsday prediction could still unravel.

““When the world switched to the Gregorian calendar in the 1700s, we lost around eight years in translation. So yes technically this year is 2012.”

Can we fact check the Mayan calendar?

And what again, does any of this have to do with a No Police State.


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