Black Lives Matter Art Show at Northside Festival 2017

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Everybody wants to get on the Van Gogh boat. I think, as in that Basquiat movie quote from that Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat mural that finds itself posted above that was found on the streets around 10th and Bedford Avenue during that BLOCK PARTY at Northside Festival in New York City this past weekend.  And Northside Festival gave me the opportunity to drag that Black Lives Matter artwork out of the closet again to do another one of those Black Lives Matter Went To Northside Festival art shows, or part of it, or some version of it as I did at their festival last year and to post on this blog that Black Lives Matter Art Show went to another event, or something like that. And the rain held off and the sun felt as if it was a thousand degrees on this Northside Festival 2017 weekend in New York City.
And this years BLOCK PARTY at Northside Festival read something like as follows:
June 10 – June 11
Bedford L Stop
1PM to 6PM
Northside Block Party // Williamsburg Walks 

On June 10th-11th, Williamsburg’s main drag – Bedford Avenue will transform into a public park (from Metropolitan Avenue to N.12th Street). Temporary wall units for live painting, interactive installations and workshops, and engaging sculptures will be staggered throughout the blocks for the community to enjoy! See you at the Block Party! 

Come see the work of these talented artists and exciiting business!

Nyssa Frank @nyssa_art

Black Lives Matter Art Show https://nopolicestategirl.net/

Chinon Maria Studio & Maven Murals @chinonmaria

Stickymonger and Andrea Kang @stickymonger & @harlow_bear

El Museo de Los Sures & Taiwanese American Arts Council

Niizeki Hiromi @niizeki_hiromi www.niizekihiromi.com

Kelly Denato @nopunchbacks

J.H.S. 291 Roland Hayes

Brooklyn Draw Jam @ brooklyndrawjam

John P. Dessereau @johnsville.studio

Francesca Marguerite Maximé @francescamaxime

Jason Heuer @ jason_heuer
133 Design Collective @133designcollective

Williamsburg Charter Highschool www.thewcs.org

Seth Failla www.sethfailla.com

Scott Walker @scottliamwalker

James Orchard-Hays @jamesorchardhays,

Hiraku @Hirakunyc

Suerpchief Gallery NY @superchiefgallery

Mumbot @mumbot

Ian Ferguson @hydeon

Stephen Faillace @stephen_faillace

The Strangers Project @StrangersProj

Jacob Thomas jacobthomasart.com

Natalie Lucre @cultofshe

Christine Stoddard/The Collage Forest http://www.quailbell.com/

Zoey Hart www.zoeyahart.wordpress.com

Mad Gleam Press https://www.madgleampress.com/

Natalia Zamparini www.facebook.com/natybynature

Bown-Osborne Studio

Scott Chasse @scott__chasse

The Art Rising https://www.theartrising.com/

WTLMS www.wtlms.com

KPISS. FM www.kpiss.fm

Stage of Aces @StageOfAces

IncrediPole http://www.incredipole.com/

Hosh Yoga http://www.hoshyoga.org/

Brooklyn Fox Lingerie http://brooklynfoxlingerie.com/

Twenty Sided Store http://twentysidedstore.com/

Artists & Fleas https://www.artistsandfleas.com/

Turkey’s Nest

Gibson http://thegibsonnyc.com/

Soft Spot Bar http://softspotbar.com/

Brooklyn Charm https://www.brooklyncharm.com/

Sweet Chick http://sweetchick.com/

The Meatball Shop https://www.themeatballshop.com/

HeadCount https://www.headcount.org/

Freelancers Union https://www.freelancersunion.org/

North Brooklyn Angels http://northbrooklynangels.nationbuilder.com/

And someone said to me on this day as they pondered those thoughts on Black Lives Matter, a particular thought that stuck in my mind, that “Black means evil and white means good”, and that this thought has been instilled in us since the beginning of time and can this ever be changed?
And I seemed to have taken a photo of everything but those Your Thoughts on Black Lives Matter thoughts that were written on the banners themselves on this day, though some of those thoughts in addition to other Your Thoughts on Black Lives Matter thoughts written on banners on this day if I were to read them were:
1.  We are alive
2.  Yes, Black Lives Matter, sktop the diversity chatter!
3.  life is a gift, a black person life is just as important as anyone else!!!
4.  Beyond the race on life is on life.
5.  ALL Lives MATTER!!
6.  All lives can’t possibly matter until Black Lives, animal lives are not being slaughtered every day.  Black lives, black justice are 5 times likely to a longer sentence that white & black women are in terms. Research!
7.  (In response to 6), America forgot what it stood for!  We will get this back! RESIST!
8.  It’s a shame we even have to say it!
9.  Black lives Matters isn’t just about black people. it represents every culture & every minority that is the underdog. – Vi2
10.  The Black Lives Matter Movement is the voice of the survivors – Wordsconnect
11.  We are FAMILY!!
12.  Let’s all come together As All Lives Matter – Real people see all colors. Black Lives Matter….
14.  #Don’t Be Horrible Love always wins!
15.  BLACK Lives Are Sacred
16.  All lives matter
18.  I matter, my brother matters, my son matters, my father matters, my uncles matter, my nephews matter, my black  family matters.
19.  black people are beautiful, amazing, INCREDIBLE.  – Logic. PLD
20.  #BLM  Too much to say.  We all need to open up and create a community unafraid to face discomfort & stand up for another.
21,  Lets all come together as All Lives Matter – Real people see all colors. Black Lives Matter….
23.  Be Proud oF being BLACK – Ellie
25.  Equality by Force Dump Dump
26.  Equality for all
27.  we are not free with discrimination
29.  should be a f*ckin no – brainer! LOVE U
31.  Brown & Black people should unite as one to defend racism together!  Together we will can be one.
32.  De Segregate the NYC schools Be TOGETHER! LEARN TOGETHER
33.  Black Lives Matter!
34.  Everyone deserves the same thing
36.  Everyone should be treated like human
37.  No individual can be truly, fully happy, free and at peace until every single person is.  We are all more united, more unbreakably one than cultural systems would have us believe.  Thank you, thank you for your heart – ful work, BLM, for fighting the good fight.  for not just POC, but for the soul of humanity.
39.  White people stop being afraid.  Your lives matter but you’re not getting killed because of your skin tone!  This movement is important. NEEDED
40.  White silence is violence.  Madelinefiorio
42.  ALthough racism exists, so does LOVE, HONOR, Respect and acceptance.  We need more of this to conquer hatred!  #LOVE
43,  Maylin not racist
44.  My life, your life, our life.  We share the f*cking earth.  It’s not your’s.  It’s -OURS-.
45.  Diversity is what makes the world wonderful.
46.  Close your eyes and you will see we are all humans.  One Love xx
47.  Yes!  THEY HAVE ALWAYS MATTERED (Peace, Justice, Love to all people!)
48.  Let there be peace on earth.  Let it begin with me.
49.  MISSY
And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street day one thousand and something, I think.  And those global revolution Occupy Wall Street and all things police brutality and beyond Black Lives Matter movements are still moving fast, I think.  Have a great Black Lives Matter Art Show @ Northside Festival day and more.

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