March To Shut Down Rikers Island

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NAACP billboard - National

And even when that Google page rank update of yesteryear still wants to send me in search of a fifth full time job for when that get rich internet quick does not get rich internet quick, I still find myself attempting to blagh away in order to maintain content for this blagh and my other blagh whenever blaghers block possible.
And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street day one thousand and something, and Occupy Wall Street is still moving fast. And Black Lives Matter, that everything police brutality and beyond movement, is still moving fast also. And in between reading those current event headline news of the day about that #ChinaMeltdown, China stock market going under, thattake down the Confederate flag debate, #OccupytheNRA, and everything else in between, there was a march to shut down Rikers Island the other day, some place similar to Attica Prison. And I know that there was a march to shut down Rikers Island the other day, in that city of New York, because that Facebook event invite from Resist Rikers says so.”Today, we march to Rikers Island to deliver this scroll, demanding the immediate and unconditional removal of all the children from the island”. And that Resist Rikers description of that MARCH TO SHUT DOWN RIKERS – JUSTICE FOR KALIEF BROWDER! NO TO CRIMINALIZATION! Facebook event invite read something like:

March to shut down Rikers Island on Saturday June 27.

Gather to rally at 3 p.m. across the bridge from the jail complex, at 19th Av and Hazen St, Queens.


We demand JUSTICE FOR Kalief Browder, who suffered at the hands of Corrections Officers like so many others at Rikers,

We demand the city immediately STOP JAILING MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE and fund mental health services instead,

We demand QUALITY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES and healthcare to those currently incarcerated,

We REJECT Mayor de Blasio’s 14-point plan for “reform” at Rikers. We will not accept any more limitations on visits and criminalization of our families.

On Saturday June 27 march on Rikers Island with us, to demand an END TO THE RACIST PRISON SYSTEM and IN MEMORY OF THE FALLEN. We will not be silent.

#ResistRikers #KaliefBrowder #Justice4Kalief #EyesOnRikers #BlackLivesMatter

Bring noisemakers, banners, friends and family. Spread the word and contact us to get involved with outreach and planning.

And Here are 6 Companies That Get Rich off Prisoners. And then there is this Flickr photo, “We shall return to encircle and suppress the ability of the slave state to oppress the children. We must make our Long March to raze the slave state to the ground!!”
And then there is that NAACP photo that finds itself posted above.”The prison state. Welcome to America, home to 5% of the world’s people and 25% of the world’s prisoners”. And the list of articles about the prison state, the slave state of America, goes on and on.

#blacklivesmatter #shutitdown #wewillnotbesilent #alllivesmatter #handsupdontshoot #justiceforericgarner #stolenlives ##thisstopstoday #boycottblackfriday #wewantjustice #indictamerica #icantbreathe #Ferguson #Baltimore

Occupy Psychiatry. Psychiatry Kills. Abolish forced psychiatric treatment. No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.


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