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Congregation Segregation Again

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And even though on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 146. And those global revolutions of a movement of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together are still moving fast, this blagh post seems to be about church, you know that holy place where one finds God, I think. And somehow I came across a conversation about finding a church to get baptized so one can be saved and not die and go to hell or something like that. And in that quest to find one of those baptize me and save me so I don’t die and go to hell churches it was discovered that one must be a member of a church to get baptized. Hugh? What’s up with that. A church bureaucratic loop? Church red tape? The one place that I would think would be inclusive and welcome all is exclusive with hoops to jump through. And so in that quest to find a church that would baptize non members it was discovered that there are no churches that baptize non members. And even if one is a member of that church, one must go to church classes before one gets baptized. Hugh? More church red tape? Does that internet bible Wikipedia have an answer for this? Has this be a member of a church to get baptized thing always been like this? Does one have to wander the earth the rest of ones days non baptized potentially burning in hell for the sake of not being a member of someones church. And so those find a church somewhere on planet earth that will baptize non members thoughts has me wanting to repost that Congregation Segregation blog post that was posted on this blog and my other blog some time a while ago in an attempt to maintain content for this blog whenever web 2.0 social media user generated content possible.

Easter must be coming up soon because the stores are filled with chocolate bunnies everywhere. And This Holy Week thing is making me wonder, are churches the most segregated places on planet earth? I just realized that every time I want to go to church I have to find a church mass, communion and religious worship service for my “Demonination” my nationality. For what reason can’t all churches welcome everyone regardless of your race, color or creed. The one place where one goes to find God and be free is not free, it’s segregated by nationality and denominations. It’s either all Christian, all Protestant, all Jewish, all Episcopalian, all Catholic, all Muslim, all Buddhist or all something else.
This Tower of Babel confusion of the languages, cultures and nations thing has got me confused.
And what if I want to go to church with someone who is not my nationality? We’d have to look around really hard to find a church that would accept both of our nationalities. I do believe there are some free, liberal, multicultural and diverse churches who welcome everyone such as Interfaith, Unitarian and Universalist churches who approach faith, religion and spirituality in a non traditional, creedless and non dogmatic way and have no creedal requirements imposed on their members. Times Square Church in Manhattan is an example of this. But for the most part, churches have always remained segregated.
I am losing faith in the churches for this reason, they seem Saint Hypocritical and Saint Elitist in their God loves you for who you are speeches. Where can I go to find God and not be judged by the color of my skin? Should I just become an Atheist? Happy Easter.
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