A Fast Food Meal

Okay and so here I go with these YouTube video postings again. And I have been finding myself posting these youtube videos every so often when I get into that post a YouTube video on this blog mode because I guess, hey, it’s less writing sometimes in my blogaholic attempt to maintain content for this blog whenever possible. And so that above video titled Six months of the everlasting Happy Meal is from another one of those facebook posts on someones facebook page that I came across that was titled McDonald’s Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months, a photo of a McDonald’s hamburger and french fries that has something to do with that on day 180, the Davies Happy Meal Project still looked the same as when that person bought that meal from McDonald’s, as in that food had not decomposed, molded or changed its appearance in anyway when left on that table for six months. The only change that was noticed was that the food became hard as a rock. Now that’s interesting and it sounds sort of scary to me. Is that just plastic food or something? And so this has me wanting to do that experiment also and go to all of those fast food restaurants to be found here on planet earth and buy all of the Big Mac’s and Whoppers of the world and let them sit around for days and months and see what happens, if anything. Will they even attract insects? Have a great mystery meal day.
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