Hey Bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. Now I understand that chocolate can be the gift of love, though can chocolate also be the gift of hate? And a friend of mine received the above chocolate in that photo as one of those chocolate gifts, break up chocolate, as I guess as in chocolate that one breaks up to eat or cook with. And that friend of mine received what seems like a ton of chocolate in great quantities, or pure sugar, from a friend of theirs. And who on earth could eat what seems like a million pounds or a ton of chocolate and still be standing. Or at least still be standing after eating all of this chocolate in one day. And I thought that this person should give this ton of chocolate to another friend, who should pass it along to another friend, who should give it to another friend and so on and son on and so on, until that chocolate is eaten by someone, anyone. And what a beautiful photo that photo is above is to me, and what a beautiful image the image of chocolate can be. Though is this a gift that one gives to someone they like in great amounts, or is this ton of chocolate a gift for enemies? Have a great chocolate day.

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