Time, Father time. We all seem to meet him at some point as human being dwellers here on planet earth. And father time sees as if he can be a mystical figure, though he is also real. As who does not follow time sometimes, and who is not affected by the change in the time of days, week, months and years throughout life. And then there are clocks, the grandfather clock, watches and other time keeping devices that we seem to go by that tell us what to do at what hour each day sometimes. And there must be lots of other sayings about that word time. And one of them is how time passes us by so much that how often does one see those grandfather clocks anymore. And I remember those grandfather clocks from long lore ago, so much that they seem like a figment of my imagination. And to see one of those grandfather clocks today in someones room seems like it would be a trip back in time. And those grandfather clocks seem to be some sort of grand clocks, so grand that one can not miss them when they see them in a room.

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