Welcome to e the age of technology and computers, computer and more computers. And those personal computers seem to be all the rage these days and times where it seems as if every person has one of them, or at least every other person has one of them. And then there are those Dell computers, and I have seen those Dell computers around in coffee shops, businesses and homes everywhere. And those Dell computers rock. And then there is the maintenance of those printers that can come with those computers if one finds themselves using a printer to print out something from ones computers at some point or another. And then there are stores that sell those Dell Ink Cartridges. And it is great if one can find discount printer ink for replacing the ink in ones printer. And it can be even greater if one can find a store that sells different kinds of brands of ink for different kinds of printers. And what was life like before the invention of computers and those printers that go along with them. It seems hard to figure out how humanity managed to get along without these high tech devices. And what could life have been like a hundred years ago before the age of these modern electronics and devices we find in this world.

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