Food Glorious Food

Food, food, glorious food. And I have seen whole books and novels written about the topic of food, that basic necessity in life we all seem to need at some point. And who doesn’t like food? As isn’t bread the staff of life, or something like that. And the list of recipes and articles written about food, and those colorful close up photos of those recipes and ads for food, well they seem to be endless. And then with the topic of food sometimes comes along the topic of diet, nutrition, weight loss, protein supplements, nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, food fads , how to eat healthy, how to lose ten pounds in ten days, super herbs, super vitamins, mega super protein drink meals, health rituals and just about every other health ritual one can think of relating to food and beyond. As we are what we eat, maybe, as that saying goes. And whole holidays have been build around the sharing and consuming of food, food and more food. And what would life be like without this substance we eat? And as I find my self blogging about this topic of food, all I can think about is food, food, glorious food.

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