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A Green Wood Awakening

And so I found myself at the Greenwood Cemetery the other day, following Kenny Wollesen and his marching band group, The Himalayas around. And wow is that an impressive cemetery to behold, one of those attention getting everyone, or at least a lot of people who are famous, this is the place to be, see and be seen cemeteries. And that photo of of their main gate in that photo above is a most beautiful photo in all of its Gothic style. And if I remember correctly, the inscription on that gate read something like “Weep not, for we shall all rise again”. And one of their most beautiful brochures describes their cemetery as a peaceful oasis in the heart of Brooklyn, A National Historic Landmark. Come visit, stay for an eternity. And that cemetery seems almost as big as Prospect Park, that other park to be found in Park Slope in that city, borough of Brooklyn in that state of New York. And according to their map of the Green Wood Cemetery, some of those people who seem to be staying for an eternity are Jean Michel Basquiat, that way cool artist, who possibly could have been called an outsider artist goes mainstream, whose grave I was hoping to see though for some reason it did not happen on this day, Samuel Morse, telegraph inventor, “Boss” William M. Tweed, that symbol for New York politics and all of its corruption, Leonard Bernstein, whose grave was a part of this marching, singing, dancing, puppeteering tour with the Himalayas and The Puppeteers Cooperative that I found myself on, DeWitt Clinton, another person who was on this tour the other day, Peter Cooper, the founder of Cooper Union, Charles Ebbets, Owner, Brooklyn Dodgers, the Brooks Brothers and the list goes on and on. And those crypts, mausoleums and statues to be found there were some the most beautiful statues and monuments an eye could behold. And I could live in one of those mausoleums and catacombs as an apartment if they had a room for available for rent, as hey, it could give me a view of the highest point in Brooklyn with panoramic views of Manhattan, quiet neighbors, and hey, I would not even have to worry about burial when passed, as that mausoleum apartment could be that all in one final resting place. And so back to this event the other day, that event billed itself as the “Green-Wood Awakening”, Giant Puppets Tell All, with the Himalayas and puppeteers cooperative, in some super special performance of “Green-Wood Awakening”, a springtime celebration. And their giant puppets procession that led everyone around with that Himalayas marching band music, on that singing, dancing and historical tour seemed to be lots of family fun for kids and adults alike. And they brought the stories of Greenwood Cemetery to life with music and puppets. And this event seemed like one of those one of a kind events to experience indeed, as where else can one have the opportunity to visit the dead and dance on graves, maybe in New Orleans I hear. And this event cemetery rocked. Have a great grave yard day.
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