A May Day

And according to that Gregorian calendar on the wall, tomorrow is May 1st, May Day. (Okay, actually the other day was May 1st. It’s just that this is one of those posts that was written on my other blog some time a while ago…), That socialists, revolutionary or some other ism, workers of the world unite holiday. And Linda Andre has written a book titled Doctors of Deception, what they don’t want you to know about shock treatment. I know because this flyer I have here before me that says “Meet the author: Book signing and discussion at Bluestockings Bookstore and Selis Manor says so. And tis flyer goes on to say “Shock treatment. They say it’s safe now, not like it used to be. They say it doesn’t cause brain damage or erase memory. But who are they and why should you believe them? In this groundbreaking book, Linda Andre exposes the claims made for shock treatment as pubic relations, not public science. She raises profound questions. Through the investigation of court records, medical research FDA archives, and other primary sources, Andre shows that claims of safety and efficacy made by doctors who promote and profit from ECT are not supported b scientific evidence. She reveals how the shock industry and organized psychiatry abused pubic trust and has waged a masterful, multi-decade public relations campaign to improve ECT’s image, deceiving the media, the government, and the public about its risks while exploiting negative stereotypes of mental patients to silence survivors.
And so I somehow found myself at that Bluestockings book signing and discussion the other day, and Harry Bentivegna Lichtenstein was there and he had this poem to read:

Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy? (ECT)

ECT is no more therapeutic than,
bashing skulls more,
or less forcefully (gentler?),
irrespective of gender,
with a sledge hammer,
Sledge Hammer Therapy?, SHT,
from here on pronounced, “shh…t”,
would be therapy.

Let’s try to imagine the victim’s experience
Nausea, discombobulated,
Painful static electricity like feelings causes enveloping darkness.

The victims are called, “patients”.
Serious injury and torture are called, “therapy”.
Mental dementia and brain damage are called, “side effects”.
Torturers are called, “doctors”.
The electric current goes on as bodies do shivering dances to it.
And the current goes on.

Is torture ethical?
Is it a civil rights violation?
Can scientific research be used to-
justify and reclassify torture as being therapy?
Are forced ECT and SHT legal?
Are new laws necessary?
The answers depend on the time, place,
and legal system we are living under.

ECT is like the emperor who wore no clothes!
Swindlers called themselves, “scientists
They dressed it in the big lie of it’s therapeutic value.
“Only the dim witted can’t see its clothing,” said the swindlers.
But, ECT is as stark naked as the emperor was!

Whatever it takes,
enforcing or changing laws;
stop the uncivilized use of forced ECT and SHT,
whether it is descried as,harsh” of “gentler”.
Flush the toilet full of ECT and SHT.

And Psych trickery Kills. Abolished Forced psych cia trick treatment. For all things alternative to the mental death system, Mind Freedom is a website to visit. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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