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A Film

And so I somehow found myself watching this interesting film titled “The Black Legion” the other day. And according to that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia, “The Black Legion was an additional organization within the Ku Klux Klan and operated in the United States in the 1930’s”. And the film could be a political film that seems to be about some disgruntled factory worker who did not receive that promotion because of a foreigner who took his job. And we wrestle not against the powers of the flesh but against the spiritual wickedness that lies in high places. And this seemed to be one heck of a race relations film that could have been written by the republicans, democrats, or some segment of society themselves straight out of the civil rights movement and even to this day, some sort of law and orderism. And it is that tower of babel. And this Hollywood film seems to be about race relations, power, authority, violence, corruption, mind control, hate, revenge, capitalism, conspiracies, money, war and life . And it could be Cain and Abel and much more to be said about it. And I thought this film to be fiction, some made up story, though this made up story actually seems to be based upon real life events of long lore times ago and who knows, even these days and times. And this film could be the Illuminati, that secret society that may have designed and measures the dollar bill, the statue of liberty the Washington DC capital area, charts, graphs, architecture, structures and buildings. And this secret society could be the seeing eye that sees all, the scull and crossbones, the tree of life, x and y, male and female, good turned to bad, that snake on the medical staff of mercury that flies away on the wings of love mysticism and some sort of religion. And this film could almost be George Orwell’s 1984, maybe. And it could be a depiction of life here on planet earth. And so I thought to add that interfaith symbol above as it is all the faiths and religions of a world. Coexist.. And what does a New World Order mean anyway. Does that have something to do with globalism and one world government, the upc bar code, RFID tag, the mark of the beast or something. And that could be a whole another blog entry. And who are these people in this film and who do they represent in the real world beyond film. Where is the world headed. And what if anything does this have to do with a No Police State.

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