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A Receipt

And it is Sunday again. That sabbath day of rest day of the week. Or is that Saturday? And yet I find myself blogging again. And even with those California wildfires going on, and those North Carolina tornadoes happening, and what seems like the world spinning out of control and falling down all around me, I still find myself blogging again on this Sunday, a day of rest. And there is a food receipt sitting here before me that I have been staring at for a while now from someones birthday party that they choose to have in one of those overpriced expensive restaurants in that City of New York that was not exactly some fast food joint, or was it. And I have been staring at this receipt for a quite a while now only because I find this receipt for a night of dining out in that City of New York sort of a outrageous, some sort a joke I am unable to comprehend. And the bill for this meal of what amounted to $246.00 that automatically tacked on a “20% service charge of 38.40” without even asking anyone, as I guess it’s supposed to be some sort of automatic tip or something, for six people is so out of order to me that I just thought to blah blog about it as follows. And I can think of a what seems like a million different things to do with this $246.00 for what seemed like one glorious $3.00 Chinese dinner. And I found this meal so overpriced, that I could not even enjoy the food. And it is this reason that I find myself on a diet of rice and beans sometimes and not being able to afford to eat out or eat anywhere besides the dumpster diving, in that City of New York sometimes. And even rice and beans seems to be out of reach with affordability these days and times with the price of food going through the roof:

1 PROSECCO 32.00
1 Avacado Tarta L (basically a small cup of guacamole) 11.00
1 White Bean Soup (a cup of beans….) 7.00
1 Yam & Yuca (some french fries) 6.00
1 Spinach Wonton (3 tiny, tiny spinach raviloies) 7.00
1 Risotto (a plate of rice with cheese) 18.00
1 Malaysian Curry 12.00
1 Iron Skillet 11.00
1 S & Konnyaku 17.00
1 Viet Noodle (a bowl of one dollar Chinatown rice noodles) 15.00
1 Sliced Seitan ( a one dollar can of Chinatown wheat gluten) 20.00
1 Edamame (a small portion of a one dollar fifty cents bag of edamame) 5.00
1 (GL) Prosecco 9.00
1 Chocolate Cake L (don’t even remember ordering) 7.00
1 1 Scoop w/Choco 1.00
1 Mango Tapioca L 7.00
1 Fruit Crisp L 7.00
*20% srvchg 38.40*

food 151.00
liquor (the cheapest bottle they had) 41.00
Tax 16.08
service chg (what is this?) 3.40
10:43PM Total Due (and this is where the scary part starts..) 246.48

Voted Best (did they mean most expensive?) Vegetarian Restaurant, 2008.

Have a great food day
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One thought on “A Receipt

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