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Trader Woes

And after having went to that popular New York supermarket Trader Joes, who can’t seem to keep their shelves stocked fast enough, I thought of this day as Trader Woes as the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Dow Jones economy seems to be tanking and going downhill on this day, so much that the Federal Reserve can not seem to print up enough money fast enough to cover it all. And is this the beginning or the end of a recession depression. And maybe everyone could squat the world, free the land and be free, or at least housing could be free. No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible? And in other thoughts, That “The Conscious Objector”, “Life, Liberty and…Is America Driving You Crazy?” article written by Amanda Park Taylor in this weeks L Magazine, that events magazine that is to be found just about everywhere in those corner boxes on the streets in that City of New York, is really interesting. And those Amanda Park Taylor articles are always really cool to read to me as they seem to be environmental related and seek to save the world and planet mother earth. And this weeks article seems to be an exception in that it mentions psychiatry and its hazards, and dared to go where no man has gone before, or usually goes before in the media, in speaking about psychiatry. And that is awesome to me. And her article went on to say something about one in four college students is now taking antidepressants, a quarter of the soldiers returning from Iraq are diagnosed with mental illness, a huge growing percentage of children are on psychoactive medications, for either depression, or, more commonly ADD/ADHD, and the overall incidence of “mental illness” has nearly doubled since 1987, when Prozac was introduced, and that the drug industry has a lot of power and are not into alternative therapies where there is no money to be made from insurance. And her article goes on to say many more interesting things about medication and the pharmaceutical drug industry. And I am against psychiatry. Psychiatry Kills. Psychiatrists and their treatments are mass murderers in white coats, as descendants of Nazi Germany where psychiatry and the mental death system was born, maybe. Abolish forced psychiatric treatment. For all things mental health human rights and alternatives to the mental health death system, MindFreedom is a good website to visit. And what, if anything does this have to do with a No Police State?
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