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Drugs In The Water?

The news says there is another hurricane on this day toward the country of America, and many people have fled their homes. And what must it mean to leave ones home and to uproot ones self. And then there was a Yahoo News headline yesterday that read “AP Enterprise: Drugs affect more drinking water”. Hugh? Now that article sounds like something straight out of a George Orwell 1984 science fiction horror story novel. And this article went on to say something like different states in America have different trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in their drinking water supplies. Hugh? And is this the work of the American Psychiatric Association or the American Medical Association. Now I have heard of ozone in the water such as it is in Europe, and even that fluoride that has something not so good in it, but drugs? And I know that psychiatry kills, that the pharmaceutical industry is bigger than the war industry, that psychiatrists are mass murderers in white coats and that involuntary forced psychiatric treatment should be abolished, but this sounds like some sort of an extreme. And will the nation and all of humanity, at least in America at the moment, now be a pharmaceutical drugged up nation. And how is it possible to drug up all of the water supply and humanity and turn them into walking zombies straight out of the movie Night of the Living Dead anyway. Did someone accidentally drop a gallon of bug spray into the water supply, wherever the water supply is. And I am not sure if even the greatest historian, prophet, Nostradamus, astrologer or science fiction novel writer could have predicted a headline like this, maybe. And it could be a Prozac, Thorazine, chemical bug spray lobotomy, tardive dyskinesia tic nation indeed with a headline like this. And what does one do, not drink the water, or perish? Or maybe one could drink bottled water only, and then those plastic bottles seem to have their own environmental hazard horror stories going with those polycarbonate phyto chemicals leaching from that plastic bottle into its content. And those water filters can probably only filter so much bug spray and psychiatric drugs when it comes to filtering out drugs and working miracles, maybe. Oh, and there’s always the creaks, streams, rivers, lakes, oceans and the nearest body of water one could drink straight out of, maybe. And what could be next, could there be some sort of DSM III manual label created for this drug the water syndrome called “waterphreniaosis” or something to generate even more money for those treatments from that water for that mental death industry. And for everything mental patients liberation, human rights and alternatives to psychiatry, Mind Freedom is a good website to visit. And how do those psych trickery eugenics companies possibly benefit and profit from drugging the water supply I cannot understand or comprehend anyway, as the water supply does not usually discriminate as far as I know. And is there some sort of answer for this science fiction novel headline. And what does this have to do with A No Police State?
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