Bushwick Open Studios

And I was walking around that neighborhood Bushwick, Brooklyn the other day, one of those New York City neighborhoods that seems as if it has a lot to be said about in regards to gentrification, poverty and the ever changing New York landscape. And there was a sign taped to one of those light poles that read “Bushwick Open Studios”. Now that sounds interesting, as I read that a lot of artists have infiltrated, populated that area in recent years as exiles from the East Village, then Williamsburg, and now Bushwick as far as the L train can see on the Jefferson Ave stop. And I am always looking for some great art to see. And even though this event is not until the end of May and June, if you happen to be in that area, this art event looks as if it is great to check out. Here are a few special festival events that are listed on their website so far:

-BOS 08 preview and sample sale at Lumenhouse featuring works by Bushwick Open Studio 2008 artists.

-Bushwick Open Studio 08 Music Festival at Goodbye Blue Monday

-Bushwick Open Studio 08 Cabaret, a night of non-theatrical performance knit together by our in-house band.

-Neighborhood Sustainability Forum at Bushwick Impact, mural and garden unveiling at BUSHWICK IMPACT

Have a great art day
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