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The Whitney

Hey Bloggers, sometimes it seems as if life is falling down around me, especially when I turn on the world news and read the daily atrocities of the day, enough to make me think that these are the last days of something and that it is the beginning of the end of something else in my religious fanaticism thoughts. And yet I still find time to blah blog away. And maybe this is one of those 50 Signs You’re A Blogaholic in my blogaholicness, that even in the midst in chaos, I still find myself blah blogging away. And the Whitney Biennial 2008 is happening now, March 6 – June 1. I know because this weeks newspapers say so with all of their full page color advertisements. These Whitney Museum Of American Art Biennials always seem as if they are the end all to be all event of the year and art world scene. And this years event seems like it is worth checking out each and every year that it takes place. Participating artists include:
Rita Ackermann,Natalia Almada,Edgar Arceneaux,Fia Backström,John Baldessari,Robert Bechtle,Walead Beshty,Carol Bove,Joe Bradley,Matthew Brannon,Bozidar Brazda,Olaf Breuning,Jedediah Caesar,William Cordova,Dexter Sinister Stuart Bailey,David Reinfurt, Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn,Shannon Ebner,Gardar Eide Einarsson,Roe Ethridge,Kevin Jerome Everson,Omer Fast,Robert Fenz,Coco Fusco,Gang Gang Dance Lizzi Bougatsos, Brian DeGraw, Tim DeWit, Josh Diamond, Nathan Maddox, Amy Granat and Drew Heitzler,Rashawn Griffin,Adler Guerrier,MK Guth,Fritz Haeg,Rachel Harrison,Ellen Harvey,Mary Heilmann,Leslie Hewitt,Patrick Hill,William E. Jones,Karen Kilimnik,Alice Könitz,Louise Lawler,Spike Lee,Sherrie Levine,Charles Long,Lucky Dragons Luke Fischbeck,Daniel Joseph Martinez,Corey McCorkle,Rodney McMillian,Julia Meltzer and David Thorne,Jennifer Montgomery,Olivier Mosset,Matt Mullican,Neighborhood Public Radio (NPR),Ruben Ochoa, DJ Olive,Mitzi Pederson,Kembra Pfahler/The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black,Seth Price,Stephen Prina,Adam Putnam,Michael Queenland,Jason Rhoades,Ry Rocklen,Bert Rodriguez,Marina Rosenfeld,Amanda Ross-Ho,Mika Rottenberg,Heather Rowe,Eduardo Sarabia,Melanie Schiff, Amie Siegel,Lisa Sigal,Gretchen Skogerson,Michael Smith,Agathe Snow,Frances Stark,Mika Tajima/New Humans Mika Tajima,Howie Chen, Javier Téllez,Cheyney Thompson, Mungo Thomson,Leslie Thornton,Phoebe Washburn,James Welling and Mario Ybarra Jr.,

Have a great art day.
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