This Ache

Repair this tooth. What can I say about dental repair except that life can be full of aches and pains sometimes. Some of those pains can be mental and some of those pains can be physical. Or maybe sometimes life can be full of no pain at all. And what about that toothache if you have ever experienced one. Short of going to find a pair of pliers and pulling ones tooth out to relieve the pain, there can be an easier option. Nowadays, Dentemp OS can come to the rescue when you find yourself curled up in that fetal position to get to sleep after the pain has been so unbearable in your attempt to ward off the dentist as long as possible. Dentemp O.S. can provide a magic fix for temporary dental repair. And it sounds like the coolest product ever if you happen to be looking for instant fillings without having to visit the dentist. What an invention. If you lose a cap or a filling, Dentemp O.S. is right there. Dentemp is an FDA approved over the counter dental cement that is a perfect first aid product for fillings, loose caps and crowns. It comes in six repairs, requires no mixing, is resealable and stays fresh and you can even eat on it. Dentemp provides temporary relief of pain and discomfort for that tooth and it sounds as if Dentemp can be a great dentist on call and that you can have your own fix it yourself dental repair kit with their product. This is a sponsored post.

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