Big Brother Is Still Watching You

It’s George Orwell nineteen eighty four, minister of propaganda, miniplenty, surveillance state, telescreen time again. And as if to be a prophet himself, Big Brother is still watching you again as George Orwell might say if he were alive today. I got on the bus the other day and lo and behold, he is still here, watching you, or someone. There were cameras everywhere on this NYC MTA bus and it makes me wonder when will those Metropolitan Terrorize its riders Association prerecorded “If you see something say something if you see a suspicious package turn your neighbor in and all your bags will be searched messages start appearing. And what was the term for that in 1984, the spies who turn each other in to Big Brother? Is Big Brother all over the world now. Is that a technology thing. And who is Big Brother, what does he represent. And what is that book Brave New World about. Isn’t that a science fiction book also. That’s a whole another blog posting. And i read that somewhere in London that the streets are talking to you already. If you drop trash on the sidewalk, a voice from out of nowhere yells “Throw your trash away”,. And what is someone looking for with these cameras on the bus, and who is watching the cameras. No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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