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Jazz Comes to the Bowery

And so I wandered outside last night with this digital camera I have to play around with to take photos of my friends band, Funk Monk at this really cool restaurant and lounge called Mannahatta. My friends band gave me a really good excuse to dust off the camera and use it for the night. Digital cameras are awesome and I find technology amazing these days. And so I took the above photo of my friends band just for the purpose of posting it on this blog. They are all jazz and hip hop and have played around the city at Nublu, Knitting Factory, the Williamsburg Jazz Festival, and even the New York City subway as part of the Musicians Under New York Program. And I am also taking my friend gig as an excuse to experiment with YouTubeing. How does one YouTube? Well, I made a video of them there also with this digital camera, low light and all and just posted it on You Tube with trial and error. I can now possibly become a YouTube addict to replace all of my other Internet website addictions I have going on at the moment. And that Mannahatta place is awesome with their new Summer Jazz Series and Funk-N-Flava Jazz Wednesdays. They have an open Jazz Jam session every Tuesday in July if you are in the neighborhood. Jazz, Jazz, Jazz. Play Jazz away the day.
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