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Disney Kicks The Habit

Wow. I read this article in yesterdays AM New York and Metro newspapers that Disney has kicked the habit of smoking in its films. Disney will discourage smoking in its family oriented films. This is groundbreaking and that’s great. Now if only Disney could kick the habit of using the image of guns in its films, progress would be made. And not just Disney, every form of advertising. If only Disney and every other advertiser could ban the images of guns on their posters, commercials, films and television shows then maybe there would be hope for the state of this world. Apparently the Disney committee held some hearings about the effect of movie images on children and that the studio would place anti-smoking public service announcements of DVDs of any future films that feature cigarette smoking. Walt Disney shares your concerns regarding deaths due to cigarette smoking. That’s great. Now if only Disney, and not just Disney but other media companies, major Hollywood studios and every advertiser on planet earth could could follow Disney’s lead and share their concerns about deaths due to the use of the images of guns in advertising and kick the habit of using the images and depiction of guns in advertising and discourage the use of guns in their advertising campaigns and hold committee hearings about the effect of movie images and guns on children and place anti-gun public service announcements and messages on DVDs and in theaters everywhere, that would be great. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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