Bad Hair Day

So do you really want to live that fabulous life I just wrote about in that previous posting? If you are looking to be fashion conscious and trendy when you go out to those hottest places and events on the town, you can wear the fliest outfit there is on planet earth and if you are having a bad hair day, that outfit may just not be happening, maybe. What’s a bad hair day? Is it opposite a good hair day? Is it a lots of hair day or a no hair day? Is it a good mood day or a bad mood day? Is it all or none of the above? Long, short, straight, curly, kinky, wavy, frizzy, natural, permed; it’s all about the hair or is it all about the hair? Looking through the classifieds in the back of the weekly Village Voice newspaper, half of the ads seem to be related to hair, hair fashions, hair beauticians and hair help. Hair is strength, ones crowning glory, maybe. It can be a touchy subject. Can it sometimes be one of those features of yourself that you would like to swap with someone else? Or maybe not. How does one manage a bad hair day. Can all of the tying, frying and dying, caps, hats, wigs and scarves help a bad hair day? How long can one hide under rocks until the bad hair day situation is remedied, if ever. Do bad hair days really exist at all? What’s the answer to this question, if any.

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