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777, Lo and Behold

Hey Bloggers, Lo and Behold. Today is 777. July 7, 2007. This day must be significant because I see it in the headlines everywhere today with the title “What does this date mean?” The Yahoo homepage says today is a special date for weddings and love and that a record number of couples will wed today because of the date’s alleged power. The MSN homepage says today you can watch the Live Earth global concerts for global warming and climate crisis awareness. What does 777 mean? Well, I have a bunch of wild guesses that it means 7, the number of completion, a holy number of God, the opposite of 666 with its dark meaning of Satan and the Antichrist. Astrologers may be having a field day with this number also. According to The Secret Language of Birthdays book, July seventh is the day of imaginative revelations. The zodiac sign Cancer. Revelations is a recurrent theme in the lives of July 7 people. So maybe it could have something to do with the book of Revelations and the end of the world? Those born on the seventh day of this month are ruled by the number 7 and by the planet Neptune, a watery planet. Is water related somehow, maybe as a blessing? The 7th card of the Major Arcana is the Chariot. Not sure what to make of that, maybe Christ in his chariot returns. What does the Wikipedia say, do they have an entry for this, what do the prophets say, do they have a prophecy for this? I must look to somewhere else to find the meaning of this day. Oh, I see something there now. The numbers 07.07.07 read upside down reads LO,LO,LO! Or OLLO, AL-OZ,Allah,OLOZ,0102,Yahweh,Jehova,JHVH, YHVH,YHWH,yoga,12.21.2012,part of the trinity. Lo and Behold. That is one of the secret meanings of the yoga guy pictured above. He depicts the progression of humanity and he is a recurrent theme to be interpreted in many ways that I like to use. Have a great 07/07/07 day.

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