The Land of Plenty

And while I am on the topic of food, is the earth really on fire? Literally it may be for there are wildfires raging in several states and countries now. Are forest fires the norm? I am not a scientist and I do not follow the weather pattens of history, only I do see the headlines of global warming everywhere now. And the food crops, the drying and browning of the earth is causing concerns. For feast or famine, the news has it that farmers are in an emergency crisis over the loss of millions of dollars from damaged, destroyed and lost crops this past year from freezes and frosts and farmers in the South are seeing the worst drought they have ever seen in the past thirty years with no end in sight. Yet the supermarkets are stocked to the rim, the restaurant and catering businesses are flourishing, the harvests are plentiful and milk and honey (at least milk) is overflowing freely.

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One thought on “The Land of Plenty

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