Anarchy in a No Police State World

When justice ends, tyranny begins. What does Anarchy mean? What does Anarchy mean to you? This question has pondered my mind for a while. According to Wikipedia, Anarchy is from Greek: anarkhía, “no authority”, it has a popular meaning of disorder. However it has a more precise meaning in political philosophy to describe any human society which exists without a state. Three circumstances have been identified for this:
societies where no state has ever existed;
societies where an existing state has collapsed;
societies, whether real or speculative, where the state has been consciously abolished.
Well, what does Anarchy mean to me? To me Anarchy means the colors red and black, images of people in the streets with flags on fire, masks on faces, Molotov cocktails and disorder and chaos everywhere. It could also mean being able to wear cool clothes; combat boots, black everything clothing, living for free in squats, living in communes, paying no taxes, dumpster diving for free food and living outside of the system in general. And it could also mean peace, free love, free spirits, sharing and caring, and flower power.
And so I did a survey today and I asked a few friends what does Anarchy mean to you? And here’s what they said:
Friend # 1: There is no Government, no leadership you know, no rule, that’s what it is.
Friend # 2: What? An what? Spell it again. I don’t know what that means, do you? Energy? I know what energy means. Ana-what-rchy, I aint never seen that word in my life, what is it? I don’t know what that word means.
Friend # 3: Energy? Oh Anarchy, yeah that’s what it means, it meant No Police State, that’s a society without government or lawlessness. Like Somalia would be a good example of that or Sudan.
Is Anarchy that, the rules are there are no rules? What does Anarchy mean to you? And what does this have to do with a No Police State. Have a great day.

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