Missy’s Blog

The blogosphere is all the rage these. There are so many blogs out there too read that you just can’t read them all in a day, or a week, or a month or maybe even a year, unless maybe you were to read non stop and nothing else. I like reading others bloggers blogs and I can just read them all day long and then some. One good blog that comes to mind is Missy’s Her blog is really cool. Missy’s blog are the writings of a twenty something from Orange County, California, and California must be a really great place to live with lots of interesting things to write about. Missy’s Blog shares her personal experiences and writes about everything under the sun. Her blog is a no-holds-barred blog. Her blog is really creative and funny and she addresses such topics as sex, politics, relationships, race, religion, feminism, music, celebrities and much, much more. It’s quite extensive, the topics she covers. Her article Mysticism and The Secret talks about the new book The Secret, this article addresses spiritualism and really interesting and topics about Wicca, herbal remedies, meditation and visions, healing and other eastern and western philosophies. So next time you want to read a really great blog visit Missy’s Her blog provides for hours of entertainment that will have you coming back for more. This is a sponsored review. Have a great day.

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