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Writers Block

Today I am having I guess what could be called writers block, the block of writers. What do I write about today? I am somewhere in between writing about all of the horrifying world news I see everytime I turn on the television or read the newspaper, or link building for this blog to increase my search engine optimization for advertisers and sponsorship (would anyone like to exchange links with me?) I’ve read that Google page ranking is all about link popularity for websites, and posting in blog forums, or that Entrepreneurs blog I see on MyBlogLog which is a really great blog because I think I would like to be an entrepreneur also. And what if I can’t think of anything to write, could I just copy and paste some other bloggers post to save myself time and thought? Is that ethical? There are lots of wonderful writings and topics out there in bloggerland. Or maybe I can ask someone to contribute content to this page to help with posts? Well what’s the purpose of starting a blog if one does not want to blog? It is Friday the 13th today, if you are superstitious be aware.
Also, I will have artwork in a group show. If you are in the neighborhood please come and support fellow artists in the next exhibition at South 4th Bar/Cafe’: Art and So4th presents: Home April 19 – May 24, 2007 an exhibition featuring artwork by: Joel Simpson, Arthur Kvarnstrom, Pedro Da Paz, Rene Mayorga, Tom Wilson, Carla Cubit, James Banta, Carla Torres.
Opening reception: Thursday, April 19, 2007 6-9 pm South 4th Bar & Café 90 South 4th Street (corner of S. 4th & Berry St.) Brooklyn, NY 718-218-7278



One thought on “Writers Block

  1. Anonymous says:

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