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The Trash Guy

And I just read an article on todays Yahoo homepage that had a title that read something like “Guy does not throw his trash away for a year”. And that title caught my eye. And sure enough when I went to go visit Dave’s Blog, 365 Days of Trash, sure enough there were photos of trash that was filling up the contents of his basement posted all over his blog. Now this gives new meaning to the word sustainability and helping to save planet mother earth. And his blog is really interesting to read and look at, as it seems like it could be an environmental save the world blog. And I would want to be one of those Sustainable Dave’s of the world. And I wonder, as his blog says that there is two weeks left of his not throwing away his garbage, what will happen to all of that garbage he has not thrown away? Will it become a permanent installation in his home? I should read his blog again to find out. And some interesting tips and advice he has on helping to save planet mother earth he has indeed, as I could sit there and read his blog all day. And he is going green, it’s the new thing. And looking at all of his trash neatly arranged in his home, it gives a different of the amount of garbage the average person consumes. And it all seems to be about composting and recycling. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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