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Water Water

Should I stop drinking water? I mean bottled water? I have been asking myself this question for a few months now already. What are the pros and cons of buying that bottle of Deer Park and jug of Poland Spring on a regular basis? Besides going further in debt, I am not sure. Of course those plastic jugs and bottles are filling up the landfills a mile a minute, but then there are recycling programs that are now in place for that very reason. And how much waste is that preventing of plastic, a non biodegradable item? And is bottled water really any better than the tap water that comes out of the kitchen sink that is full of fluoride which actually is not good for the teeth in some sort of way I hear, rust, and who knows what other chemicals I probably can’t even pronounce. Well, can you boil the chemicals away to a better health? I believe in Europe they put ozone in the water which is much healthier. Is bottled water a status symbol also, does it mean that one is better or healthier than another because they drink bottled water? Can bottled water actually be tap water in disguise? Who knows. And the idea of paying for water, a basic necessity of life that should be free I still cannot comprehend. When did the idea of buying bottled water even start? And bottled is everywhere. Does that mean that if one could sell the air they would? Oh, air rights in real estate are already being sold. I foresee in some science fiction movie where water will be auctioned off and rationed as a valuable commodity in exchange for ones life, save the oceans and rivers. And filtered water, is that any better than tap, what is it actually filtering? Oh the choices, the choices, the choices.

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