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Save My Assets

I find myself on the topic of money again in this post. The stock market is falling from delinquent credit and loans and mortgages are still being given away. The mortgage process seems to be electronic these days and one can now get their loans in an instant. Encomia’s electronic evault software works very closely with MERS, the Mortgage Electronic Registration System, the independent eMortgage registry that ensures viable investor documents will be registered automatically, saving you time, paperwork and money. And try and remember to pay back your loan before the creditors start calling your telephone nonstop, if your telephone has not been repossessed by that point. This is a sponsored post.

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Get Rich Internet Quick?

This internet Tech stuff is taking me everywhere on the internet these dayze and I am losing sleep over it. I should start an anti internet get sleep soon routine. All, or at least most of the pay per blog post and review sites have rejected me, all for the same reason…new page, try again in 90 days or Google page rank 0? What’s that Alexa ranking? I have learned to view my site statistics and in all honesty it looks awful. So with this I realize I will not be blogging for bucks anytime soon and I kannot quit my day job. And trying to increase my page ranking has taken me everywhere on the internet also, first it started with the linking and backlinking, inbound and outbound linking thing, what do I do, what does that mean, create more websites? Oh, another Google search for domain name registration and webhosting… , or etc, there are endless sites and they are all too confusing when trying to figure out the best deal for cheap or no money. You can see the result of my do-it-yourself domain name registration at . And how do you get these links to appear without the www extension? And then there are those directories again, that could take a whole year registering one by one for those things just to get a link back. Isn’t there a way to register your site with every single search engine and directory in one simple click? And then somehow I discovered Social Bookmarking as a way to improve your page ranking but that’s a whole another job also but maybe it will help. And as usual I get sidetracked with a whole another topic, this time it was , a site for media professionals that I sent a ton of resumes for writing jobs to with my blog page link and I am not sure if it was to get a job or just to promote my blog. And now back on track with the page ranking thing, I guess it only matters if one wants advertising sponsorship so I have read from all of these endless online tutorials. Do any of these make money online blogs know something I haven’t tried yet? Let me know. I could sure use a get rich internet quick link building fast, increase your page ranking fast tech guru scheme. Any ideas? Please share your thoughts.