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Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street day one thousand and something, I think. And Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, that all things police brutality and beyond movement are still moving fast. And so in an attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible, I found myself at a Conversations, Puffin Celebrates Black History Month art exhibit just yesterday in that city, or is it a town, of Teaneck to be found in that state of New Jersey. And as one of those all things #blacklivesmatter people and #occupyart people, this art show and opening reception seemed to be all things Black Lives Matter and more. And what a great day it was to venture to this exhibit throughout my travels here on planet earth.  And some of those photos from this event that I got out of that camera before it decided that it wanted to fall to the floor and break, find themselves posted above,  And according to that Facebook event invite that was created for this event, it read something like as follows:

Hi everyone,

I will have #blacklivesmatter artwork and also a “Your Thoughts On Black Lives Matter” banner for your thoughts on Black Lives Matter as part of Puffin Cultural Forum’s “Conversations” exhibit for anyone who can make it.

Conversations, Puffin Celebrates Black History Month at Puffin Cultural Center, February 19th, 7pm. 20 Puffin Way, Teaneck, NJ 

The participating artists are: Lehna Huie, Ify Chiejina, Carla Cubit, Andrea Cauthen, Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki, Patrick Dougher, Kern Bruce, Michael Markman, Curtis Grayson, and TAFA.

We take a hard look at the tumultuous dialogue on race, progress, and lack thereof through the visions of contemporary Black artists. Curated by artist and curator Lehna Huie and Puffin Cultural Forum’s Andrew Lee, Conversations presents a mosaic of expressions, ideas, and emotions embedded in the social issues, news headlines, and political movements of our time. Exhibition features many artworks newly created and exhibited for the first time. On view February 19 to March 31.

Free Event
Reservations Not Required

Doors open at 6:30pm.

There will be a brief panel discussion with the artists and a musical performance will close out the evening.

The Puffin Cultural Forum is an intimate art and performance space located 10 minutes from the GW Bridge in NJ. We are a project of the Puffin Foundation, which is a family non-profit foundation that engages in funding projects to promote the Arts and Activism. The Forum is the local community face of the Puffin Foundation. We hold concerts, lectures, film screenings, and on our walls we install exhibitions that
convey meaning and touch on social, historical, political issues.


And Puffin is having more events throughout this month of Black History, many more and beyond according to their calendar. And one of  those events that seems to be all things #blacklivesmatter and beyond is:

Mark Engler


February 27, 8:00pm.

Puffin presents a new series of talks and presentations by authors from the Nation Institute. Co-author of “This is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt is Shaping the 21st Century,” Mark Engler explores the “craft” of uprising and how they change the world. From protests around climate change, Occupy, Arab Spring, & #BlackLivesMatter, a new generation is unleashing strategic nonviolent action to shape public debate and force public change. Uprising shows how nonviolence can be deployed as a method of political conflict, disruption and social transformation. Mark Engler is an author and journalist based in Philadelphia. He is an editorial board member at Dissent, a contributing editor at Yes! Magazine, and a senior analyst with Foreign Policy In Focus, a network of foreign policy experts.

$10 Suggested Donation
Reservations Recommended- tix@puffinfoundation.org

Doors open at 7:30pm. Reservations held until 7:45pm.

Have a great Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Art day and more.


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