This Is Goodbye

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. This is goodbye. Okay it’s not really goodbye in bloggerland, it’s just that Go Daddy sent this email the other day that read something like,

Important information regarding your discontinued product(s).

Dear such and such,

We’re always asking our customers what they need, and then creating products to help them achieve their online goals. Our products and services evolve to better fit you and your business.

Sometimes we discover there is no longer a high demand for certain products. This is the case with the product(s) listed below. Each will be discontinued on June 25, 2014. For more specific details, select the link next to the product.

Quick Blogcast – More information

For Sale and Starter Pages – More information

We’ll continue working to make your web presence better than ever. We apologize for any inconvenience and want to make this transition as easy as possible. Please contact us with any questions.



And every since then, No Police State Girl, nopolicestategirl.net and nopolicestate.net are impending hosting homeless and have been looking for a home in internetland, or something like that.
And with this impending goodbye that GoDaddy blogcast is going out of business next month and No Police State Girl will need a home in internetland, I had no idea I was stuck in the stone age and GoDaddy stopped selling this blogging platform years ago.
And how am I gonna post on my other blagh when this seo up this blog post link that I just posted may not exist or be found a month from now. And then there is this GoDaddy Shutting Down Podcast Service Quick Blog Cast article that I came across. What’s that all about? And what about that get rich internet quick of yesteryear. Well that’s a whole another ode to blogging post in itself. And what if anything does this have to do with a No Police State.  
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