Occupy A Caravan

And if I must blogger say on this Occupy Wall Street day 278 of a day, that Eric Drooker photo that finds itself posted above as part of that Occupy Caravan, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy The World event sure looks  Occupy Wall Street colorful cool. And that Occupy Caravan facebook photo that I came across throughout my internet travels on this day reads something like:

Occupy Mississippi: Occupy Caravan will be coming through Jackson!! Great time to meet occupiers from all over the country and get involved (or back into) the movement! We will post more details as soon as they become available!”  And that text from that poster that finds itself posted above reads something like: “Occupy Caravan. Twenty days, one hundred cities, one historic journey. Thousand of miles across our nations heartland. June 11th.  Bring tents. June 30th. Occupy National Gathering.  Our final destination.  Our nations birthplace. July 4th, 2012. Philadelphia, PA. Occupy National Gathering. Five days of peace, love and democracy. #NATGAT.  Occupy Wall Street Worldwide.  

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